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 Very urgent question about Type 1 Diabetes?
My boyfriend has Type 1 Diabetes and he's having his first diabetic reaction that I've ever seen. I gave him sugar, but I'm afraid that he can overdose on sugar because I don't ...

 How do you bring down high blood sugar levels fast?
I checked it afore breakfast and it was 246. Two hours after I ate it was 326. I am thristy all the time and have to go to the bathroom all the time.

I would like to know if there is ...

 What do they do to test for diabetes, and should I be tested?
My mother and grandfather have diabetes (not the kind where you take insulin). I don't think I have it, but I'm not sure.

I tend to get really sick if I go without eating for a ...

 Metformin 500mg?
Dr started me out on Metformin, 1 a day for 2 days than 2 a day 500 mg each, this is the third day after checking my sugar levels, they have been low, today after my meal I got a reading of 59, ...

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 Ok I've got my meter down to 103 am's, so Am I needing lower scores?
I read in Isreal they think after a study of normal men your blood sugar should be 85. I just got mine down from 535 and the diet is tough but doable. I was hoping I wouldn't have to add ...

 Hello, my son is type 1 diabetic. Does anyone know other foods besides peanut butter to stabalize blood sugar.
Peanut butter is very fatty , but it is great for stabalizing his blood sugar. I would really like to know if there are any other foods that can do the same thing, so I can give him a variety....

 Can diebetes attribute the following symtoms.?
Low blood sugar can it cause you to zone out and feel like your knees are buckling.

Sometimes I get lightheaded and visual disturbances.

Very moody and constant sweating as well ...

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 I have a fasting blood sugar of 150..does this mean I have diabetes? Have not seen doctor yet?

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 Am I diabetic?!?
I have been feeling dizzy for about 2 months now(it started all of a sudden one evening), I can not focus, I have these crisis of diziness where I barely resist on my feet. The doctors did a CT, MRI,...

 How to get Diabetes?
can i get diabetes from eating alot of sugar? im 15
Additional Details
Oh yea and I also dont excersise very much :P the only time i ...

 Does a diabetics' breath a particular odor to it?

 How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in them...help please?

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Thanks for your answers...
i'm not trying to get diagnosed.
i was just looking for people that have ...

 Is soy harmful?
I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia.I have been advised to take high protien diet and complex carbohydrate.
I am a pure vegetarian.My dietician suggested me to take soybean in the form of ...

 If you are diabetic can you see the sugar in your urine?

 Diabetic and belly piercing question.?
I am diabetic and i was wondering if i it was ok for me to get my belly button pierced? Can someone please help me with this. I dont have medical insurance. So i cant go ask a doctor....

 How low of blood sugar can a Type II diabetic have before going into a coma?
My husband has type II diabetes, he is on Metformin and Glyburide. He is now getting far more excersise and eating healthier, but has not adjusted medication. The other morning he woke up because he ...

 Type 2 Diabetes?
Hi,quick question,my grandfather had (using the term had because he passed away) type 2 diabetes,I also just found out that my aunt has type 2 diabetes too.Maybe more people in my family have ...

How did i get diabetes?
ok so i ve had type 1 diabetes for about 3 years know and im 16 and i got it in the 7th grade and my whole life ive been really healthy didnt drink regular soda or eat candy. and then i started to loose weight and drink alot of water ya know the usual stuff and there is NO one in my family with type one diabetes on my moms side or my dad so how did i get it? the doctors said i "caught" it but i know you cant catch diabetes can you?

please helpp


I don't know how you got diabetes, and I am sorry to hear that you did. But from what I have learned in the last while it may have been something that your body is actually intollerant to. Apparently when you eat or drink things that may be fine for others but your body doesn't like, as a result it fights back by attacking your body's weaknesses. I would strongly suggest if I were you to get food intollerance testing done by a liscenced Registered Naturopath. It is not like an allergy test, it is done painlessly with electronic waves, they test for about 130 different things. You may find out you are lactose or Whey or sugar intollerant. Than I would suggest you drop whatever food you are intollerant to. Or you may be exposed to a high amount of free radicals somehow. I have also read that different pure vitamin suppliments especially the ones from www.antioxidants.mypharmanex.com help to maintain blood sugar levels as they are so pure and free of toxins (even approved by the International Olympic and other professional sport committees) and they way they balance the ingredients make them "work". G3 is also an excellent antioxidant builder and promoter of wellness. I wouldn't give up to thinking you have to live with this disease yet. Work on getting yourself and your cells healthy from within. You must be getting something from somewhere into your system that your body doesn't like and is spitting it out in the form of diabetes. I Quote this Q & A for you from Why Do I Get sick? info: How do cells age, get sick, and get diseases? Atoms missing an electron are not just "bad" they actually destroy surrounding atoms by stealing their electrons. An atom missing an electron is called a Free Radical. Free Radicals alter or destroy cells. Cells that die, and cells that replicate in a damaged state are the cause or contribute to premature aging, sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and many others. Free radicals: (the bad) come from (examples) smoking, stress,sunlight,pesticides,pollution,air... travel,medications,foods,food additives, xrays, exercise,chlorine in treated water,mercury in seafood and teeth fillings, and many more. I hope this helps you to keep searching for answers and getting healthy again. You have age on your side, don't throw in the towel. I have heard many remarkable stories in this business - it would be great for you to be the next wonderful story.

Brenda K
yes your right you didnt cough it your glucos werent strong enought but some how it was there for some reason

Jared S
Type I diabetes is a very random thing. I have it and my dad has it. When I got diagnosed, my doctor said that heredity likely plays some role, but there is currently no way of singling people out who get it. I have diabetes, and my sister is naturally hypoglycemic.

If you want a more bizarre case, look to the school I teach at. I know a girl there who has diabetes, but her identical twin sister does not.

My doctor told me that the most accepted current theory is that there is a viral infection of some sort that causes your immune system to attack the pancreas. But they also feel that you have to inherit the vulnerability to the virus from both parents.

You should also know that there are tons of cases where type I diabetes appears out of nowhere with no family history whatsoever. The hereditary factor has been much more clearly established with type II diabetes.

I sympathize with your question, as it is one I too would like a definitive answer to.

its just the luck of the draw. you hae to beaware. that is the trick of the trade you got it. sadly we do not know if you didn't have it on your family it could have been generations back and didn't know that time what they had. its very sad bu t you don't just catch it from someone. it is in the genes and your make up. you didn't have to do much and bang you got it. now you just take care of yourself and you can outlive some of the relatives. just watch the diet and eat lots of veggies and stay away from sugar. take care it is the insulin in your body is gone take care.

Ana P
That is the same with me. sometimes if you have had a virus or just being sick that can bring out diabetes.

kuku kachoo
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I even asked the same question.The answer that I got was that the possibility of diabetes was in my genes,and I was just unlucky.The same goes for you.And you're right, you can't "catch" diabetes.But it's all good. I've had diabetes for 6 years(I'm 14)and as long as you keep it well managed,you'll be alright.If you want the answer I got check out the link below.

i do not know much about diabetes but i do know that in some cases its in a way hereditary like if your mom or dad had it then its likely that you might have it or maybe its one of those odd one out genes like the genes that make you a small person .. (midget but that sounds kind of mean) like maybe your parents didnt have the problem but they mightve carried the gene probably the same thing with diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is not hereditary!! It is usually the result of a viral infection that kills the pancreas.

You can't "catch" any type of Diabetes! Stuff just happens and we have to make the best of it.

You can actually "catch" type 1 diabetes in a sense. Certain viral and bacterial infections can cause your immune system to attack the beta cells on your pancreas. Your body can destroy the beta cells, which produce insulin, and then your body can no longer make insulin. Then you'll have type 1 diabetes, all because of an infection. Genetics obviously plays a role but it's believed that infections play a bigger role in causing type 1 diabetes.

talk more with your doctor... he/she probably can clear up your understanding. Type 1 diabetes is basically when your pancreas is no longer working and you are completely insulin dependent... but bottom line is there is a big gap in our understanding of exactly how diabetes develops. You certainly don't "catch it". Do your best to manage it and you will do fine... you are young and technology today gives us some good ways to manage the disease. Best wishes to you!

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