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Additional Details
mkae it pretty detailed and give lots of ...

 Is it possible to get diabetes when I'm normal weight and young?
Well, I'm just having some suspicions. I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible but often I can't because of my eating disorder. I'm exercise bulimic. I binge on sweets, then ...

How about Diabetes?
Hillary Clinton asks about breast cancer. What about finding a cure for diabetes which has been killing more poeple since the beginning of time. If there was something I could do, I would. But I believe you need to have lots of money to even be heeard when it comes to things like this.

Hi beauty, you are right in a way.

Breast cancer is something that you cannot prevent and in some cases you can cure it completely or partially.

For Type I Diabetes that effects young kids, we need to do more research and find ways to control their sugar levels, so that young kids do not have to spend their childhood taking injections.

Type II Diabetes is something that is preventable, controllable but incurable. There is no cure yet for diabetes. But you can definitely control it without spending much money. The remedy is in your home.

A teaspoon of feenugreek seeds boiled in a glass of water and kept overnight. Drink this water daily. Along with dietary control this will definitely help in controlling diabetes. Increase the use of bitter gourd, Fenugreek seeds and leaves in your diet. The living examples are my mom, aunt, mom-in-law and bro-in-law. So much so that my bro-in-law was involved in a research on the benefits of Fenugreek seeds here in US. He has moved out of it as he had to travel out of the country. But the research is still going on. You can google it and see.

My mom had a level of 324 around 10 years ago. Today she is normal. For the past 8 years she is normal with fasting sugar level at 85-90 and post lunch at 100-110.

We need to spread awareness amongst the people about this disease and its harmful effects. My uncle has just a month ago been diagnosed with diabetic macular edema, a disease of the eye. He never took care of his diet, though he was on regular medication.

You can consult your doctor on Fenugreek, it is a natural herbal treatment with no side effects.

I agree...i have juvenile diabetes...
go here and help my team raising donations for a cure...please?

<a href="http://walk.jdrf.org/walker.cfm?id...

a penny? nickel? dollar? 20 dollars? anyone?? please

Stephanie B
I agree with you. People should take a more active role in what they are putting in there bodies for starters. They need more information out there. Not when its to late but starting with the kids and teens. I agree with you.

Eddie H
They can cure a lot of things but I believe the drug companys and the government in general don't want to. They want to keep the age you live down as to not pay you SS and the medical field makes a lot of money on sick people. That is a sad thing to accept.

David W
Diabetes, like cancer, can be cured.

kidney cleanse

Just me
I believe you're right. There is more money in the treatment than in the cure. What would the pharmaceutical companies do it there was a cure?

Doris D
i agree with you. me my daughter and my mother in law all have had it. My mother in law passed now its only me and my daughter but we are hping for a cure before the nexy generation gets here.

It takes one person to stand up and fight for a good cause like breast cancer. And, then others join in the fight. What we need is someone to stand up and fight for Diabetes, and others will join in this fight as well. You are right, it takes a lot of money to promote something like this. But, I think they are working on a cure. I know of a machine that can be surgically placed into your abdomen and administer insulin as you need it. This would help a lot of people whose blood sugar goes so high. I hear your frustration...soon...soon...

There is something you can do...go to diabetes.org and become an advocate. It doesn't cost a penny. You can also encourage your friends and relatives to the same, and have them encourage their friends and family and so on. It's mistake to believe you can't do anything. That in itself is a problem. October is Breast cancer awareness month. Next month is Diabetes Awareness month. I'm sure you'll hear more about diabetes next month.

Go here to get started...http://advocacy.diabetes.org/site/PageServer?pagename=AC_reg_long

Get involved!

Neal J
Unfortunately you are to right.

There are a lot of things that cures need to be found for

yep i also agree with u

sadly, I have asked myself this question many a time.

Cancer is a very taboo word. Its a shock factor. You think of cancer and you think of death and fear and sickness and lack of hair etc. It can be a very visable thing for a lot of suffers and it's a known killer.

Diabetes on the other hand, isn't so visable. And despite it affecting more and more people each day, it's still not taken as seriously as one would like, because too many people are still ignorant to it. You say diabetes to someone and they think of someone who has diabetes who is healthy and gets on with life. However what they don't see, is the dry lips and the dizzyness because you forgot to take your insulin, the look on the dr's face because he can't get a line in because you're so dehydrated after being up vomiting all night and trying to bring your blood sugar down because some infection got hold of you. They don't see the looks on peoples faces as they look down at you in the restaurant because they think you're 'shooting up'. They dont see the bruises on your fingers because you had to test you blood sugar a bit more in the last few days because you weren't feeling too well. They don't feel the want to die because your so riddled with ketones during the infection that you just need it to stop. The embarrassment after everyone fusses around you because your blood sugar dropped at work. (yeah, that happened to me, and it was a bunch of nurses who were fussing over me aswell!)

So if the so called 'famous people' wont give us the recognision for need of support, then we need to stand up and be counted. I've always supported Diabetes UK, I got on charity walks, I do fundraisers, facepainting at diabetes awareness fundays for kids. Get involved. It's not about what other people are doing or not doing as the case may be, it's about what YOU are doing.
Maybe you think because you're just one person you wont count, but you will. Get your friends involved, aunties, uncles, cousins, the neighbours dog, it doesn't matter. Just do it.

And have fun, take pictures and share them online :)


Check out www.hufa.org. HUFA is a small charitable organization regarding hypoglycemia - which is one of the pre-diabetic conditions. It is trying to get the word out that if you know what the pre-diabetic conditions are - and control them if you have them, then you may never become diabetic. Even if you just volunteer for a local diabetes research fundraising support group, you will be doing something that does not take lots of money, that will be helping to work on the cure.

There are methods of preventing diabetes, but as they don't involve a pill or something quick and easy, motivating people to "do" what it takes is an uphill battle. As a very wise person (whom, I don't know) said, "if you care, you will do the work." Some people, despite what they say, don't care enough to do "the work" to stay healthy.

Your caring enough to want to do something is wonderful.

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