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Does sugar in the urine need medication?

IT DEPENDS ON WHAT TIME THE URINE SAMPLE WAS TAKEN.also the diet taken before that & how much time had lapsed before u gave the urine sample. also was there an ongoing illness at that time or u were under some kind of bodily stress when it was checked.get a recheck done & if still it shows sugar,get blood sugar checked & consult a physician.

Spartan Total Warrior
It depend how much sugar you are having in urine. Are you having dry mouth, going through loose motion, feeling tired and loosing weight any of these symptoms is there then you must go and have blood sugar level done, fasting and none fasting both and get it repeat at least twice. Three times we recommend. Once you have result then you can consult you doctor. As having high blood sugar is dangerous as well as having low blood sugar so do not play around take it seriously. Spartan

Jolene R
Yes, Yes, Yes

panneerselvam s
To start with ,urine sugar may be checked frequently and under Doctors advice medication may be started.

Sugar should NEVER be in your urine! At any point or anytime. Glucose is made in the liver, and should NEVER leak out into the urine. Please, see a doctor right away!

Good Luck!

·will¹ªm ºn vacation!
yes. go to doctor quickly.

i had one episode like that in childhood, and i didn't go to the doctor. when i became an adult, my blood tests showed normal. but don't wait too long like i did. i have no family history of diabetes, but who's to say ten or twenty years from now? i try not to worry, though. most diabetes are NIDD (non-insulin dependent diabetes) but if you tend to get dizzy today, it means you should've been to the doctor yesterday.

Go to your doctor immediately because this is serious. Your diabetes is out of control and you are damaging many parts of your body if you do not get it under control.

Harinder S. Johal
Yes, but check your blood sugar count also before coming to any conclusion. Blood sugar test should be when you are at fast, means without eating anything before the test

spiritual healer

medication & meditation both u need if u r diabetic

[email protected]
if you are a diabetic whether it be borderline or otherwise you should talk to a doctor to have some tests run to make sure youre ok as far as your sugar levels

If you've never been diagnosed as a diabetic, that's a sure sign that you may be. If you are diabetic, could be that your glucose levels are just high.

you ought to see the doctor quick!!!

Yes. That is a bad sign. But then again didn't your doctor tell you this when they ran the tests on your urine. If not your doctor is a quack. Sounds as though you are a Diabetic. You should go see a specialist.

Yes- may mean you're diabetic

Tony Q
not accurate. should check blood sugar contents while fasting.

Radhakrishna( prrkrishna)

it is a sign that you should go to a doctor and get fully examined.
the sugar in Urine indicates, probably you are a diabetic.
If the blood sugar levels go beyond a certain level then it shows in urine too.so it needs medication by competent doctor after thorough examination whether it is Diabetes , if so what type (Insulin required or tablets will do etc ) .the physician and dietitian will decide correctly.
Please kindly approach a doctor and ,BE ASSURED THAT THERE ARE Medicines affordable ,and you can lead a NORMAL LIFE, provided you follow the instructions of the physician.
Please do not NEGLECT.
Some times, the urine sugar may show up, for no apparent reason, perhaps stress may the reason.Then even doctor will determine it.

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