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Does anyone else think people with type 2 diabetes are just lazy and don't bother eating/exercising properly?

Additional Details
How could it happen to me, if I eat healthy and stay active? I also have no family history of (Type 2) diabetes.

I am a type 2 diabetic and I take offense at your question. I am not lazy, but I do happen to be unlucky enough to carry a gene that says I get to deal with it. I have several family members who are diabetic and not one of them are lazy. So stop thinking that way, research the diabetics and learn. Some people are lazy and let themselves get overweight but not all of us are like that.

Very judgemental on your part.

We are all human. Even you.

As to the causes of Type 2, it's more complicated than you obviously know.

Diabetes can happen to anyone of any age at any time.

Being overweight is one factor in developing type 2.
There are many others.You need to have a certain amount of these factors to get diabetes.

Both type 1 & 2 are autoimmune diseases.Our bodies attack themselves.Stress of any kind, medical or emotional, can bring this on.

So stay ignorant little girl and blame others for illnesses rather than living your to it's fullest.

Tzarina 22
That is not true. Sometimes even stress causes diabetes or else it might just be auto immune. Exercise regularly now that you have it.

One cause might be your race. Although it's unclear why, people of certain races — including blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and Asian Americans, Indians — are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Watch the video here for more explanation

John B
No I don't agree:
Lets hope that you never get any medical problem, regardless of how it comes about. The fact that you mention no one on your family has had it does NOT mean that you will not get diabetes. Sure there is a better chance you will not if it is not in your family. You should research diabetes better before making such derogatory comments.
There are also a lot of 'heavy' people with diabetes who would take exception to your 'lazy' comment since they probably work harder than most its just they don't go jogging.
As for eating, with diabetes you must take care over what you eat and by the way, what a diabetic eats is 'eating properly' to them. Keep fit fanatics probably eat less healthy foods!
By the way there are many thin or average size people who have diabetes they just don't know it yet. Underlying diabetes can be with people for many years.
Perhaps your next question should be " I have diabetes, how do I get people to stop labeling me as lazy"
Hope that you have a good, safe and illness free life.

My brother ate healthy, lived well, ran a mustang rescue ranch in Nevada and had no apparent indicators (risk factors) for type II ...it killed him in April '07, after taking a foot, a leg then half the other foot, his sight, and kidneys...
All within 5 years...
He was NOT lazy, nor stupid.

Even if I did agree, when I don't, how are you going to explain type 1 in children?

Sure, that is why everyone that takes over -the- counter (OTC) medicines for heartburn & acid indigestion, etc. have to do that because they indulge in only eating fatty, unhealthy, spicy foods all of the time.
Not because they have a serious Gastroentestinal problems like Gastroperisis, or GastroEsophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) aka Spastic Colon,
or other problems.
We are all just a bunch of hypochondriacts who take these drugs because we LOVE milking the system.

I have IBS, I have GERD, I have Gastroperisis, I have Colon Polyps. Type 2 diabetics go for years & years before they even realize they have it, by then the damage to their bodies is soo severe... that it is too late. I know because now more of my family is coming down with it. You go to their face and tell them it's because their lazy and don't bother eating/exercising properly.... they'll slap that goofy-azz grin clean off your f face...........

No... Diabetes can be very serious and even people that eat a healthy diet and exercise can get diabetes. If someone is telling you that then they are not aware of the things that cause diabetes.

i know many people who are diabetic and they are no more lazy than the next person! they eat far healthier and get plenty of excercise so your theory is shot all to he!!. what a idiotic thing to say and who the he!! are you to place labels on people.
what if i asked "does anyone else think sarah is a moronic ****** with no life of her own because she posts such stupid questions in matters that she has no clue about?

like on of your other answerers,my husband has type 2 diabetes and also is permanently disabled from work injuries, so it is really hard from him be extremely active, however he does do what he can do to help himself. He tries very hard to stabalize his blood sugar, some days are better than others, so please do not generalize. hope you never get any chronic illness, because you would not like to be told you were lazy, or that it is was your fault you got it , now would you?

I am 100% ddisabled and have type two diabetes. Because of my disabilities I cannot exercise enough to lose weight. I have to do it through diet, and that's slow. So don't group all people as lazy. I cannot exercise properly. Please think before you open your mouth. Walk a mile in my shoes.

A significant number of obese non-insulin type 2 diabetics could be considered extremely lazy! They won't even make dietary sacrifices . . just pop the pills to compensate.

Tim Br
Yes and no. Many were not taught the importance of healthy eating habits.

No I don't think that's true. Poor diet and exercise can be a factor, but not necessarily.

Steve Redgrave, 5 times Olympic Gold Medal rower developed diabetes while still an active athlete. He was in excellent physical condition and had a good, professionally supervised diet. And had been fit with good diet since starting rowing in high school

Not all obese people have diabetes. Not all diabetics are obese. So it can be only a factor, not a cause.

Not necessary, I am 45, I exercise daily and have always eaten the right foods. Most diabetes are really inherited, if you check on family history you will find the gene in there.

Not necessarily, but most adult onset diabetes is due to poor diet and lack of exercise, resulting in obesity. I don't think you should go around labeling people with diabetes as lazy, as it could happen to you as well. There are certain contributing factors, but don't think you're immune.

Mr. Peachy®
There are a variety of factors that contribute to type two. I wasn't particularly lazy, ate fairly well, and wasn't obese.

The research I've read points to fat buildup in the cells as being the primary cause of insulin resistance (the precursor to type two). Read these two articles and see if any of this helps to solve the puzzle:

BTW, I've been researching type two diabetes for over two years and have yet to find any credible evidence whatsoever of type two diabetes being an autoimmune disorder or having anything to do with stress (other than stressing the body with fat, perhaps). So, don't believe everything these people post. Research it yourself. Cammie and Tzarina 22 are just plain wrong. Type two diabetes only occurs in those with a genetic predisposition and is due mainly to dietary issues, sedentary lifestyle, and/or weight issues. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the immune system or stress. I invite either lady to show me evidence to the contrary. In fact, I politely invited Cammie to do just that two weeks ago and she won't. (Polite email available on request). She even blocked her email after I sent her the note. Therefore, I can only assume that she is imagining this ridiculous autoimmune thing and false pride is preventing her from openly (and politely) discussing the issue.

I'm not sure where all the defensiveness from several answerers came from. I don't see your question as being particularly offensive.... just curious.

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