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Diabetes symptoms ? PLEASE HELP !!!?
I felt quite thirsty these few days after recovering from my gastric flu. I didn't really cared so much but every time after i pee, my urine seems to be yellower than usual but there were no ants. On the other hand, the frequency of me going to the toilet did not increase, it actually decreases. Can someone tell me whether this is diabetes symptoms?

they can be symptoms in increased blood sugar, you need to get it check out. Get a blood glucose monitoring machiene.

nah you need to be drinking alot but actually dehydrate is the first sympton of high sugar levels.

Please conduct urinalysis in a clinical lab. If urine contains sugar, please check fasting blood sugar and post prandial blood sugar (2 hours after taking food).

john n
From my own experience, diabetic thirst is like no other. I wanted to put my head under the tap to drink, i was so thirsty.
Yellower pee means that there is less fluid available to flush out the toxins that are eliminated in the urine.
Usually when you are diabetic and have high sugar levels, you drink a lot and pee alot to eliminate the sugar. In these instances, the urine is usually clear or only slightly yellowish.
From what you describe I wouldn't think your symptoms are diabetes-related.

b a
Sounds more like dehydration to me. Especially because of the darker yellow urine. Drink lots of water and your problem should resolve.

Sure I can everything increase: increase thirt, urination, and eating. But continue to lose weight. For type 1
type 2 experience different symptoms then goes back to the symptoms of the Type 1 but may not realize they are a diabeteic until they seek medical attention for a severe complication such as kidney involvement, eye problems and gangrene.

bradpitts g

Sounds like you might be a little dehydrated after your illness Your pee will be more yellow if you were dehydrated. Drink plenty of water.

Tim B
sounds like you are getting dehydrated watch it or youll end up with a i.v. from er been there done that

sounds more like dehydration. if you just got over the flu that would be my first guess. dehydration will cause a concentration of urine which will make it dark and usually have a bit of a strong smell. if your frequency decreased that is another clue to dehydration. i would make sure to drink ALOT of water, gatorade, etc. try to stay way from teas and colas. if you are worried about diabetes talk to your dr about a glucose screening. but it sounds just like dehydration to me

Steve C
You can obtain a glucose testing meter at any drug store, and you will know more than any determination from those symptoms. Many of meters are extremely cheap, as they make most of their money on the test strips.

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