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Diabetes question?
when you Drink alcohol do you loose weight I have notice two close family members who have Diabetes that were once over weight and now are very skinny what could be causing this?

What a maroon!

ur mother
yes u lose weight if you drink

Diabetes type I or II? In type I of course the diabetic loses weight and becomes thin. But generally drinking alcohol makes people fat.

Diabetics should not drink alcohol at all.

kidney failure, not a good idea.

No No
The food they eat is not metabolized properly because the level of insulin secreted, which should be helping in the process, is low. Unburned and unused, a good part of the food one ate is thus simply discharged as waste. In effect, those family members are experiencing famine even amidst plenty. And losing weight.

If they could confirm that their waste discharges have been remarkable, voila!

First, you should not be drinking with diabetes. It can affect your blood sugar level, as well as interact with some of the medications you take.

If they are losing weight, I hope it's because they are getting their blood sugar under control, partly by diet. A proper diabetic diet will almost always cause weight loss, especially in an adult onset diabetic, which is almost always combined with obesity.

The other possibility is that their blood sugar is wildly out of control, which will also cause weight loss.

The only way to know is if they are monitoring their blood sugar regularly. I hope they are. If not, they should definitely see their doctor to help them set up a monitoring system.

Hope this answers your question!

Mr. Babu
When you drink, most of the time you eat too much and then gain weight. Repeatedly eating too much over along period say like years can cause your insulin making organ to get tired and your insulin to become less effective and you become diabetic. Being a diabetic and not knowing can make you to lose weight, but before that you have lots of urination, thirst and get hungry and irritable due to sugar changes. So take home lesson not to start drinking.

NO if you drink alcohol it dous not make you lose weight it actually gives you a beer belly and makes you gain weight. The only reason why your family members lost weight is because people that have diabetes cant eat surtain things so thats what puts them skinny trust i should know allot of my fam got diabetes.

You don't mention whether or not these two family members drink so I'm not sure what that has to do with it. Diabetics generally lose weight because they start eating properly after they become diabetic.

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