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jady jags
I have done reseach and I am preety sure I have type 1 diabetes but I am afraid of needles what should I do be honnest ( I am highly highly highly afraid of needles
Additional Details
I have let me parnets know but they said they will only take me If I really feel like I want to go to docters

Interesting....another 13 year old who plays volleyball and goes to your school asked the same question, ultimately was diagnosed as diabetic. Maybe you got it from her? Hmmmm....

Yep...volleyball....devil, the jig is up girlfriend! What kind of game are you playing here? People are geniunely trying to help you. Why are you pretending here? And aren't you the same person who asked how you can give yourself diabetes??? Don't know what is up with you but I promise you, you don't want diabetes.

Jennifer Dalpe
type on is for children it is not for adults. How old are you? you can be type 1 juvenile, or 2 adult onset or gestational, and I take it that you are not pregnant. You must be thinking hypo-glycemic or hyper- glycemic

Type 1, as you have read, is when your pancreas is unable to produce insulin to break down your food into energy. Without insulin, everything you eat will turn into sugar; your blood stream will begin to get clogged; you will be thirsty, tired, and irreitable all of the time. You will also start to lose weight very quickly and will urine all of the time. If this is the case, make your parents take you to the doctors!!! If you do not take care of this now, you could become very ill very quickly.

As for the needle issue, unfortunately, Type 1 diabetes as of right now is only treatable with insulin shots. Type 2 diabetics use pills for insulin, but that's only because it is a very small dosage. Type 1 diabetics needle synthetic insulin and a lot of it to live. Companies are trying to work on things. A pump made for diabetics can be used instead of daily shots. You still have something inserted, but only once a day. However, since you may have just developed type 1, your doctor will want you to start out on daily shots to help control your blood sugars. Once everything is within the normal range 80-120, you may be able to start on the pump.

I've had type 1 for 20 years. I had the pump before, but I didn't use correctly and I got really ill. Some people like and others prefere daily shots. I prefere the daily shots, it makes me have to really take care of my self. Some people think that the pump is a cure-all; it isn't. If you have a pump, you need to take really good care of your self. However, once you start getting shots, it may not bother you so much. The best way to get over a fear is to face it. If you have type 1, you're going to have to face it no matter what.

Take care of your self and everything will be fine. Many of us go through a period of time as to "why this happened to me". Just understand that its not the end of the world. There are many groups out there to help. You will be fine. Besides, you have us on Yahoo Answers. If have any questions, just ask it here, there are tons of people wanting to answer your questions!

All the research in the world can not tell you that you definitely have Type 1 Diabetes - only a blood test administered by a doctor can give you that diagnoses.

I truly cannot believe that you parents would tell you that they will take you to the doctor only if you want to go. Ridiculous! Who is the parent in that house?

If you do, in fact, have diabetes either Type 1 or Type II, you MUST get medical attention immediately!

Diabetes is like having termites in your house. You never see the damage it does until it is to late and the house is ready to collapse.

Your fear of needles may be very real to you - however, you should have even more fear of the damage that diabetes is doing to your body - every minute of every day!

You need to see a doctor - the sooner the better.

God bless you - do not be afraid. The doctor may tell you that you do not have diabetes - then all your anxiety will have been for no reason at all.

Please, go to the doctor about this. Diabetes is not something to play around with. The sooner you find out, the sooner you can get an upper hand on this. <warm hugs>

Type 2 diabetes myself.

i manage mine without any medication. but is very difficult. you have to excersie frequently and watch (EVERYTHING) you eat.

Just so you know how serious this disease is (and that you need to get over your fear of needles) my son was 81/2 months old and was drinking juice like it was going out of style. He was throwing up and I assumed it was a stomach bug. Well within 2 days he was having labored breathing (from these nasty things called ketones - from untreated diabetes) so I took him to the ER and w/in 2 hours he was in a coma. Diabetes is nothing to pass off. It is a very serious disease and left untreated it could mean death. I almost lost my little boy that day. I can only imagine how your parents would feel if something like that happened to you. You can go to Walgreens, CVS, Wal Mart...any place that sells medicine and get a cheap meter and most have about 10 test strips and lancets w/ them. Try testing in the morning and see what your # is. Try testing a couple hours after you eat. A # of 80-120 is a good range. If your sugar is higher than that GO TO THE DR!

If you are diabetic you will soon realize that the needles are not all that bad. They are very small and thin and really are virtually painless. You do not adminster insulin in your veins...just in a fatty area. Insulin Pumps are another option...while the needle is a little bigger you only have to change sites every 2-3 days. 1 needle every 2-3 days.

Please do not mess around with this. Diabetes is very serious!

Kunwar Singh
In order to keep your blood sugar level under control, you need not to panic to visit a doctor. There are no Allopathic medicines available in the market that will cure the diabetic conditions of humans but they will control the disorder up to certain levels. The disease is developed due to eating disorders and hereditary. In the first place, I have never accepted diabetes as disease but considered it to be a disorder. The medicine is readily available at home in the form of natural products and you need not to go to market to purchase expensive medicines. To keep the sugar level under control, follow my suggestions and see the difference. Drink the juice of one bitter gourd, one cucumber and one tomato on empty stomach in the morning on a regular basis (drink this juice twice a day if you are insulin dependent) until you start feeling relief and your blood sugar level starts decreasing and continue further for a very long time until your sugar level reaches border line. The sugar level will certainly come down. Eat plenty of cucumber before meal to quench your thrust and to fill your empty stomach. Cucumbers are considered and proved to be very good for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are always hungry to eat but can not eat all. Avoid banana, mango, custard apple and sweets like ice cream, pastry and cold drinks totally. If you are insulin dependent, even eating rice would be very harmful. You can eat fruits like guava, pineapple, Pomegranate, papaya, muskmelon and watermelon. Taking one tea spoon Fenugreek powder and quarter tea spoon Cinnamon powder on empty stomach before breakfast daily would be beneficial to diabetic patients. Regular brisk walking for one hour daily would be the best ideal medicine for diabetic patients. Cut down on non-vegetarian, fast, spicy and oily food, aerated cold drinks and foods rich in calories. Correct your bowel movements if constipated. Avoid alcohol and tobacco also. Tea and coffee are also bad for health because the Caffeine promote Calcium excretion from the body and results in Calcium loss from the bones. Drink plenty of water daily. Take one tablet of Diabecon (By Himalaya an Herbal Health Care Company in India) twice a day if available in your country, as a maintenance dose. Take care and be in good health.

[email protected]
you had better get to the MD right away You might do much harm to eyes, kidneys, liver, arteries

Just go to the docs. The longer you prolong it, the worse it will get.

Good luck

You need to go to the doctor. Diabetes can do serious damage to your body. Some people with diabetes don't need shots.

Pfizer came out with a press release a couple of months back of a pump type insulin applicator similar to those used for asthma.

You have no choice. See a doctor right away.
If you must have insulin shots the good news i have for you is that the
needles now are very fine. I'm using the BD brand and its micro fine, only 5mm long - that's half a centimeter and not those long ones you normally see
in hospitals. Believe me when I say that they are practically painless. An ant bite will hurt you more.

You will be able to resolve your fears when you see your doctor.
Sorry, there is just no other way.

Try the links in http://www.thequickinfo.com/diabetes/

resimc 2
if you feel like sick or worried, u better c a doctor or simple do the simple glucose test ( glucometer available in pharmacies).
If it turned that u have diabetes, then u have to chose between needles or risking your life with no treatment.
after all, its all in your head, some people may enjoy giving themselves needles,
why u r afraid? they r painless anyway, & they r saving many people's lives.

As a fellow diabetic. Do Not Wait! Plz! Go to the Dr. and you will tinkle in a cup and maybe get a little insite as to your condition. No one likes needles. And there are pill medication and many many diffrent drugs to use out there now days.

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