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can i get diabetes from eating alot of sugar? im 15
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Oh yea and I also dont excersise very much :P the only time i ...

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Thanks for your answers...
i'm not trying to get diagnosed.
i was just looking for people that have ...

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I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia.I have been advised to take high protien diet and complex carbohydrate.
I am a pure vegetarian.My dietician suggested me to take soybean in the form of ...

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My husband has type II diabetes, he is on Metformin and Glyburide. He is now getting far more excersise and eating healthier, but has not adjusted medication. The other morning he woke up because he ...

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Hi,quick question,my grandfather had (using the term had because he passed away) type 2 diabetes,I also just found out that my aunt has type 2 diabetes too.Maybe more people in my family have ...

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Ok, so I went to the doctor she says I am borderline or pre-diabetic. I bought a blood tester (sorry not sure the actual name for it). Ive checked my blood sugar first thing in the morning it can ...

 I am 54 don't drink not o weight i have type one dbts i cant give up sugar how bad could this be?

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my friend had type 2 diabetes, was very fit and healthy, was not overweight, and took good care of himself, but he died at christmas last year, in his sleep, and i was wondering could ...

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From my understanding hypoglycemia is common in the evening for diabetics and long acting basil insulin side effect is hypoglycemia. So why would labeling recommend it be dosed in the evening?...

 Life span for diabetes people?
I have diabetes ,i am 30 years old .I take insulin shots .Doctor told me that the cells of my pancrease dont produce insulin anymore .
I would like to know the life span for diabetes people like ...

 Are these symptoms of hypoglycemia?
Okay if I don't eat for 3 hours I get REALLY tired like I just took a sleeping pill even after having a vente starbucks drink. And I feel nervous and anxious, shaky, difficulty focusing, ...

 What to order at a restaurant if your a diabetic?
My grandmother is a severe diabetic. However, her one joy is to eat out at restaurants. What and where can I take her that she will enjoy and not put her blood sugar through the roof!...

 What is a low blood sugar level?
I am getting sick any my blood sugar levels are under 100 all the time. two hours after a meal the range can be between 70 to a little over 90. i tried to talk to my doctor about it, but she didn'...

kbdb m
Can anyone make a concept map out of this?
John Rocke is a 45 yr old divorced man with no children. He has a history of diabetes mellitus and poor control of blood glucose levels. Mr. Rocke is unemployed and currently receives unemployment compensation. He lives alone is a second floor apartment. Mr. Rocke had developed gangrene in the toe and failed to seek prompt medical attention; as a result, a left below the knee amputation was necessary.
Mr. Rocke is in his second postoperative day and his vital signs are stable. The stump is splinted and has a soft dressing. The wound is approximating well without signs of infection. He has not performed ROM exercises or turning since his surgery, complaining of severe pain. When the nurse goes into the room, he yells, "Get out!" I don't want anyone to see me like this" No one has visited him since his hospitalization. He is tolerating an 1800-kcal American Diabetes Association diet and is using a urinal independently.He is on blood glucose with reg. insulin subcutaneously.


Maggie N

the turbulent period of human race.

idk how to.
what is a conept map?
lol sorry. no help :[

nope lol, i didnt even read the first sentence and i gave up... sry

da d
I can do that but I can't draw it out in here. You are talking about a Cognet concept map right?

A concept map is a learning tool that is similar to a paradigm or flowchart.

You didn't say if you were a nurse or med student and there's a significant difference in the information one would put in a concept map. Based on your presentation, I'll hazard a guess that you're a nursing student, so the emphasis is going to be on psycho-social issues and ADL. Here's an excellent site that might help you construct yours: http://cord.org/txcollabnursing/onsite_conceptmap.htm

i checked on the internet for this john rocke that has any
history of diabetes there are about 35 john rocke living right now in all of them married in have chikdren you need to check your info out more better geez but none of them have any diabetes at all ever

Concept map is foreign to me. However, I see problems to be solved in the fact he is now an amputee on a second floor apartment. I see he has no support structure in place. I see he will get pneumonia and die if he does not start moving and turning. He will become more stiff if he does not do range of motion exercise. Pain management needs to be looked at, and possibly social services intervention if not for the above things to see where his thought processes are....suicidal, depressed, pain??? Post hospital placement needs to be addressed. He needs his resources evaluated as far as just being on the workers comp. Was it an injury to the toe that caused the gangrene? Hope that helps. And I would just find a nurse that will hit him head on with these issues.

he is very depressed and if he doesn't let someone help him soon, it will be over for him...nobody can survive all alone...

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