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[email protected]
Can anyone give advice on early symptoms of alzheimer's?
Have a relative that i am concerned about

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Chillin w/ the rich peeps of vmk
I'm a nurse so as far as I know if you are coughing up blood that 's a sign of the sickness.


i,m here if you need to talk.
you tend to lose stuff or you for get to call a friend or you get dis tracked by needing to go some where fast and you for get your keys also you for get apointments like the doctor it,s when your brain has too much imfomathion at the same time or some one is telling you too much to fast the the brain is faster then the understanding or the speach ask your doctor for more imfo.

rami k
accourding to my experiences just confusing

It is an awful yet interesting disease process. I am so sorry for your relative. Sometimes people think they have this when all they really have are the natural signs of aging-it is normal to forget where you put your keys---if you did not know what the keys were--that would be a sign. Driving in a car and not remembering where you are--what is a fork? what do you use it for? They slowly lose themselves and in the end-can't remember how to walk or eat.
Most importantly they must be evaluated by a Md and have an MRI of the brain-there are also new meds out now-like Aricept-to slow down memory loss..
Until a doctor has given the person this diagnosis I would not worry--go to the doctors with the relative-tell them what you are seeing as far as changes in this person...they will let you know and point you in the right direction.
I hope it is all just old age,,,keep the faith...

With my Mum she started to forget that she had done something like feed the cat or made a cup of tea, leave a tap running or the hob ring left on. My Dad now has taken over the cooking as she was hurting herself or forgetting that she'd put something on the hob and it burnt or dried up
Sometimes she forgot that she had already paid something like a bill

forget fullness loosing things getting lost. I will tell you what one of my Dr. friends told me once. he told me that you know how you get plaque on your teeth and they can scrape your teeth to clean them well you obviously can't scrape someones brain but it is like a plaque buildup in front of the brain and once it gets to much they cant express their feelings any longer they can't tell you that they really know who you are most people think that they don't know(the victim) who you are or that you are there. they Do know they just can't tell you anymore hope this helps you

please go to www.alzheimers.org.uk
you will find nearly everything you need to know.please ignore the piss taking comments as they only want the points.may i also suggest that if they are ex-forces,navy,army,airforce,as long as they have served 24 hours this organisation might be able to help.www.ssafa.org.uk

Kirks Folley
My mother has got it and the first thing I noticed with her was her inability to count her money correctly plus a great deal of confusion phoning two or three times saying the same things, she has now lost being able to tell the time, she will ask is it morning or evening.. It is horrible watching a family member suffer like this but she is unaware that she has a problem and gets very angry if it is mentioned. She did not thank anyone for the presents she had bought her for Xmas seems to be in a world of her own, completely out of tune with other peoples feelings it is all I and me. Hope you cope better than I have as I have found it very hard to deal with all the extra work she has needed doing for her.

Loss of memory is a prime one like forgetting their keys often.

Loss of memory, losing objects,lack in ability to plan

Forgetfullness - usually short term memory is poor but they can remember childhood things easily. Also mood swings caused because they get frustrated. Sometimes these people get very clever at disguising the fact they cannot recall names. xxx

My father was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. My mother took him to the Dr. When I visited a few months ago I didnt really notice anything, to me he was just getting dithery in his old age (76). But my sister has since foned and has started to notice things. He will repeat the same question about 6 times in a short period, gets fretfull when left alone as if he is scared. Forgets simple things that we take for granted, misplacing items, takes a long time to do things as if the concentration span has gone. I was told that the younger the person is when they get alzeimers the quicker the person deteriorates, i will have to check on that.

You have had some really great answers to this question, so i will keep it short. I am a nurse who specializes in Alzheimer's Disease and you have been given a couple of misconceptions that need to be cleared up. 1st of all, "coughing up blood" is NOT a sign of this disease process, but of tuberculosis. And 2nd, Memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging as others are trying to lead you to believe. There are many reasons people lose memory function and aging just isn't one of them.

To let you know what Alzheimer's is, I will tell you that it is a build up of plaque in the brain. Because it is not supposed to be there, it has to make room for itself by compacting good brain matter, causing it to 'shrink'.

There are many medications out now to treat alzheimer's but none are a cure, they only slow the process, or enhance existing memory function. Aricept is the most popular, but it doesn't work for every one. Science is working hard on a vaccine for this horrible disease.

You need to know that a person cannot be diagnosed with Alzheimer's with just one visit to the doctor. Because there is no definative tests (except for autopsy) they have to narrow down or rule out all other possibilities.

If you have any questions at all, you can ask away, or contact your local chapter of an Alzheimer's support group. The groups are made up of people who have loved ones who suffer from this disease, and most times, there is a very knowledgeable nurse or doctor on hand to answer any and all questions.
Sorry, I didn't keep it so short after all, but I do hope it helped

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