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Q&A; Queen
About diabetes and drinking alcohol?
Hello. I am a diabetic taking glucophage twice a day. Now, my prescription bottles always have the warning, "do not take or avoid taking with alcohol." NOW, there are all these new studies, including one out yesterday that says wine is good for your cardiac health could, STAVE OFF diabetes (too late) etc. I like win but rarely, VERY VERY rarely drink it because of the medication issues. Thoughts on this problem?

Don't drink !!!! Alcohol turns into sugar in your system very quickly ! If you really very, very rarely drink, change that to not drinking alcohol, AT ALL !!

All medications advise you not take them with alcohol. Diabetic shouldn't drink because of the sugar content in the alcohol. What those studies fail to tell us is that you have to have that glass of wine for years before you will reap any benefits, and you have to have good health habits like a proper diet and exercise plan.

I like to inject myself right before enjoying a good quality bourbon.

Patricia M
it has nothing to do with the sugar content in the alcohol it's how your liver processes it. wine will make your blood sugar level go way down and you have to make sure to eat plenty of food with it.

The reason your meds say not to use alcohol is because it may cause a LOW blood sugar.Alcohol LOWERS your blood sugar.

If you chose to drink, make sure you eat with your drink and there is another person around increase you become ill.Measure your sugar before drinking and again after. Even one more time two hours later.It kinda ruins the buzz but you need to be aware of how your body reacts.

Paul K
If you will not follow the directions, why are you taking the medicine? It is best if you do not drink alcohol if you have diabetes. Take care of yourself.

Your body cannot tell the difference between a potato or a candy bar. It turns everything into glucose. Therefore ii is imperative to follow as strict diet. My late husband was a diabetic and a heart patient. Now the heart association diet is not necessarily diabetic friendly. If you are checking your blood sugar regularly, as you should, this will give you a good meter to assess your diet. If your readings are always in the normal range,I don't think a glass of wine once in a while should hurt. I think this advice is more for older folks though. See, my husband was in his early 70's when he died. Had always kept good control over his sugar, didn't smoke or drink. So going off his diet once in a while didn't hurt. If you are younger, it is real important to stay consist ant just because of the nature of the disease. Eye problems,kidneys, etc.

I was diagnosed diabetic 5 years ago. I am a social drinker, occasionally heavy, and was extremely worried about my lifestyle changes that would be necessary in order to control my diabetes. HERE are some surprising things I found:

1.) Consumption of a six pack of beer in the evening results in a 30 point REDUCTION in blood glucose levels the next morning!! This is dependable and has been proven by evening/morning blood samples on myself!! REGULARLY, over a period of several years!!

2.) Stress causes blood sugar levels to rise on a SHARP curve!
REASONABLE consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces stress levels, and thereby is conducive to lowering blood glucose levels. When I 'go on the wagon', not drinking for 14 days or more, my blood glucose levels 'creep' ever higher. Probably because I have more of a tendency to 'snack' when under stress.

3.) The ADKINS diet ( Protien ONLY, 0 carbs the goal ) drops my blood glucose levels BELOW 100..WITHOUT MEDICATION!! ( My prescription calls for Glucophage and Glymeperide daily . ) I consumed moderate amounts of alcohol during my trial of the Adkins diet for 90 days. Another 90 days of Adkins while NOT drinking at all showed NO DIFFERENCE in blood glucose levels comparing the two periods.

4.) YOU are NOT a number!!! You are a human being, an individual, and you should treat yourself as such! Don't blindly take your physician's word for anything THIS important. Experiment and build your lifestlye around what works for YOU!! Keep the HA1C below 7!!...Daily's no higher than 170!
It will take a change of lifestyle, including diet, exercise and stress management, but you can do it without denying yourself the things you love in moderation.

I am on exactly the same drug... although a different brand, and some time ago I found out the hard way that it can have dreadful side-effects with alcohol (off the planet). The brand I was taking did not carry any warning regarding alcohol at the time.

I sought medical advice regarding consumption of alcohol and Metformin at the time, and was advised that a two standard drinks limit, consumed at a steady pace... would be ok. I was also advised that when there is an occasion where I may consume more than that (not all the time)... it was ok to skip the doses for that day, and resume medication the next day. I have found that really I need to skip the dose from the night before as well.

I'm just letting you know the above as it might be something you wish to ask a medical professional about. Do not do that with seeking medical advice... as that advice my apply to my situation and not yours. I am not currently a diabetic, I have insulin resistance as a symptom of another condition... and in my case I can get by ok without meds.

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