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What r some of the things u can't eat w/ braces?
I have to get them soon and I'd kinda like to know exactly what I won't be able to enjoy in life anymore:(

almost everything has a caution flag on it --- be careful at the beginning with gum, caramel, and other chewy things that can rip your brackets off....which hurts by the way

sticky food, gum, anything with butter and sticky candies like taffy. popcorn must be butter-free.

chewing gum

popcorn, chewing gum, chips, pretzels, caramels... the list goes on, my daughter had them.

Sticky stuff, gum, fruit roll-ups, some other candies, it might stick directly to the braces. And things that would normally get stuck in your teeth...corn on the cob, apples, foods that are on the harder side. But there are always ways around things, you just got to be creative. Good luck with the braces!!

Stay away from chewy candy. I once tried to eat a Starburst...it popped a band right off a back molar with no problem.

Also, other then just sticky candy and gum, it's mostly just stuff that would obviously be trouble. Corn on the cob was one...we had that with dinner soon after I finally got mine off. lol Just use common sense. And if you mess up, well you are the one who pays by having to go get them fixed and you learn. Hopefully they will give you some ideas of what to avoid.

j r
SugarDaddys the candy.

a '56 Packard, helicopters, giant panda bears, steel-toed boots, the packing material in the carton I had delivered today, ashtrays, the list goes on forever........

everything basically except gum

You will be able to enjoy life, and then look forward to very nice looking teeth, we women (and them men) look at that a lot. You may want to keep away from any gum other than Freedent (freedent doesn't stick to the braces). If you eat something that has sticky stuff in it like bbq, you may want to dedicate some time to brushing really well even inside the braces. Otherwise, when you go to the dentist to get them put on, ask him/her. glgl ;-) future hollywood smile!

I always had a hard time with roast beef.. got caught on my braces and I would swallow and it would half go down and choke the crap out of me.. And No way to gum..

every one says gum and braces but every one i know that has braces do chew gum and you can have popcorn as long as you don't eat the center! or the hard part

i just got mine about 3 weeks ago, and my major eating habbits have barely changed. they make a huge deal about it, but its not that bad. u can't eat for 5 hrs after they put them on & when u do, itll feel wierd, but it doesn't hurt untill day 2. then itll hurt to eat basically anything 4 about 3 days. once ur past the jello stage, no gum, carmel, etc. don't chew ice or hard candy. be heasitant of hard pizza crust, (i popped a bracket) otherwise, nothing changes. i just had popcorn at the movie. NO CORN ON THE COB!

An apple, when I had braces I bit into an apple and one of my braces broke

bubble gum,nuts and other sticky foods!


corn on the cob for sure!!! When you smile after that your braces will be full of it (from experience). If you want to have some fun go for it.. depends on your personality!! lol!!

corn on the cob is pretty much the only thing you can really eat. that and chewing gum

gum, popcorn, candied apples, corn on the cob

okay no applesor fruits that require biting into them (sometimes precut into chunks are ok)- or something you might get them stuck in- no jolly ranchers - and NO gum- and be careful of anything like blow pops where u might bite into them....

eva b
Stay away from nuts.

Debbie, Debbie S
Corn on the cob,taffy,caramels,bubble gum not suggested.

chewing gum and caramel are big no- nos. Corn on the cob can get really messy really quickly! I avoid it still, and all I have is a permanent retainer!

Some things will be hard to eat initially while your mouth is sore and adjusting to your new metal. But rest assured, this is only temporary. I remember having a hard time eating carrots at first because it hurt. So some really hard foods will be tough initially, but you will adjust to the metal.

Popcorn gets stuck often, so it is annoying.

But, shush... don't tell my ortho - I did eat caramel and chew gum with braces... sometimes it got stuck, but I got lucky that it never popped any of it off!! It's really not a huge deal... you will be able to eat most things once the soreness wears off.

Basically, don't eat anything that has tension like caramel, taffy, that sort of thing. FYI, brush REALLY WELL with braces. I didn't, and now my teeth are partially decalcified, meaning that I lost the protective enamel on my teeth and am doing my hardest to keep the damage from accelerating.

Corn on the cob

towel 42
I had braces, and the only thing that I couldn't eat were really hard, sticky caramels. I broke one bracket with a sweettart, but ate them anyway. I ate everything. Gum, jawbreakers, corn on the cob, whatever. In my opinion, you can eat anything, but the frustrating part is getting sticky stuff off of your brackets.

ok i got braces last month so taake this from me.there's two different classes for what you cant eat.

I recommend dont eat this cuz it gets stuck in your braces and makes em look bad:

very very colorful thick drinks like a smoothie or smething because it makes your teeth very dull and ugly colors.
Chocolate cuz it makes ugly colors.
Thin pasta cuz it gets stuck between them really bad.

Eat all the stuff ya want cuz nothing brakes your braces except faulty wiring.And I carry a tooth brush in my purse btw just as a tip.And for the first week of having braces it hurts like hell so i recommend soup even though they tell you to eat hard food.I was Crying when i thought it didnt hurt and i bit into a piece of steak.And while you cant chew DO NOT eat pasta.You have to swallow it whole and it chokes you a lot.Trust me i know.Other wise eat whatever you want.It just depends on if you have a toothbrush on ya or not cuz if you dont some foods can really REALLY make your smile look bad.Hope ya make it through the first week cuz that's always the hardest =)

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