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♥MiSs StArBuCkS♥
What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
Give lots of details!!!! also, how long were you off school or work? the person who gives the most details will get best answer!

Mr. Know It All
It wasn't as bad as I imagined. The worst part was when I woke up after they were pulled. I was out of it and I almost hit the floor. I missed 3 days of work due to the swelling. I was sore for about 4 days.

not bad.
they put you to sleep or they numb your mouth & you cant feel a thing, but when you wake up your mouth will still be numb. & then later it would be sore for couples of days

You swell up like a chipmunk XD

Guess, You won't be quite as wise as you once were, Just kidding. Your Dentist will give you a shot,and you shouldn't feel too much pain.

William W
For me it wasn't bad. I went in on a Friday, and by Sunday I was pretty much back to eating the softer kinds of real food. However, other people I know have taken much longer to heal due to a concurrent illness.

So here's how it went. I had a pre-op consultation with the oral surgeon, who asked me about my sedation preference. I could be totally aware with local anesthetic, totally out, or an in-between option where I was semi-conscious. I chose the semi-conscious middle option, but I couldn't remember anything from shortly after they gave me the gas to the time they finished up. It was kind of like a time warp. I remember saying, "wow, that was fast" because it felt like it was over in just a few minutes, although it was much longer.

After the surgery, I was given enormous Ibuprofen pills (like horse size) and some narcotics if I needed them. I took the Ibuprofen but skipped the narcotics. The pain was totally manageable with the IBU horse pills.

One thing I did that I recommend was going to the store the day before surgery to stock up on soft foods. I really liked the fancy Bulgarian yogurt. It's going to be all you can eat, so splurge on the expensive stuff!

Connor B
When i got mine pulled it ddint hurt, just really nurvous. they drugged me up a lot. my sister tells me i stole rubber gloves from the dentist and ate green jello in them :P.
Yah but dont be nervouse at all, its not bad.

well i can tell u it makes u alot dummer

older mom
I don't remember as the dentist put me out. I remember counting backwards for about 2 numbers , then I woke up in the other room. 40 years ago when I had mine out I had to go back and get the stitches out that didn;t fall out. Now I think they use the ones that dissolve themselves.

It really differs on the person, so if you are looking for a definite answer I don't think that exists.

It really differs on the person, so if you are looking for a definite answer I don't think that exists.

Don,t think i had any wise teeth.

for me it was very painful.

they had to use an impact tool to split my wisdom teeth. they'd place the "punch" in the middle of my wisdom tooth, then hit it with a hammer to split the wisdom teeth vertically. then, grab the left over pieces with pliers to remove them.

i was out of school for 2 days.

total hell!!
my doc jacked up my jaw...forever.

I got mine taken out during summer vacation - it wasn't bad at all. Within a minute, I was completely knocked out, and before I knew it, it was all over. I'd say that I didn't fully 'recover' until 2-3 days later.

wisdom teeth hmmm. i had mine out oh about ten years ago. because of me being a workahaulic and not being willing to trade in down time due to discomfort i took no time off, and did not get knocked out. basicly i went in, the nurse gave me many shots of novicane. i hate that needle. from below my nose to my chin was completely numb. i was only given 3 of my wisdom teeth by the big guy upstairs. thank you btw, less to pull. the two on the top were easy. the dr just grabbed them with the pliers (don't know what their real name is). he broke them free then with a little wiggling and work they came out. the lower rt one was not so easy. as the four roots developed they had partially merged and corkscrewed in my jaw. he started with this tooth since the exrays showed that it would be the most difficult. when he couldn't budge it he went to the top two. he had to use some tool that seemed to be like a chisel type of thing with a small hammer like thing. after several solid taps he was able to get it to wiggle then he had to twirl the tooth as he took it out. i could feel everything he did in sort of a second hand indirect way. i could not feel him directly working on my teeth. i could feel the force of him pulling and doing what he had to do on parts of my face and jaw that were not numb. for example as he pulled on the lower wisdom tooth i could not feel him pulling on my tooth but i could feel his force on other parts of my face. i could not feel any pain after the needle. the extractions were clean and he did not have any complications so i did not get any stitches. the nurse packed the areas with gause pads and the gave me a perscription for an antiseptic Mouthwash, pain killers and a perscrition for antibiotic pills and an angled syringe in case something got cought in the holes. a squit of water and it would just pop out. after i left i went to work. i was a fork lift operator and i did my regular shift. if i had opted to be knocked out i would have had to have taken a day off of work because i could not legally do my job. there was some discomfort as the novicaine wore off, but then i took a pain killer and just went on. im a tough buzzard so i only used a few of the pain killers and in a few days the pain was all but gone, and shortly i was back to eating as i did before.
don't let what i went through scare you because every one has a different experience because of how their teeth develop. if you are not up to feeling them working and are willing to not go to work or school then you should be knocked out. my cousin said that he was knocked out and he didnt feel anything at all. he went to sleep then woke up with the packing in his mouth and his face numb. make sure to check out the dr. my sister had to do hers without being knocked out. her dr did not have an easy time with hers and dislocated her jaw. it took a few weeks before she could open her mouth properly to talk or eat. the benefit was that things were quiet for a while lol.
the one thign that has not been mentioned yet is that when they are done keep the packing in your mouth and change it as the dr tells you to. otherwise until the novicane wears off you will not feel your mouth. your bottom lip will hang there unless you make a concious effort to keep your mouth closed. you will not feel this. also the first night make sure to wear something that you wont care about too much because of the surgery you will have a lot of fluids collecting in your mouth and you may quite possibly drool all over yourself and pillow as you sleep.


i have known 2 friends who have recently gotten their wisdom teeth taken out.
they told me that it hurts for weeks after you get it taken out.
as for missing school/work, they only had to miss it on the days they had to go to a doctor appointment. the pain you get afterward isn't bad enough so that you can't do anything.
i mean, you will still feel it, and bother you lots.

My wisdom teeth were taken out but they had no room to come in so they were cut out. They gave me laughing gas and I started laughing. The nurse said 'funny?' in such a way that it made me stop laughing. I think I had a shot too. It has been 20 years ago. The doctor started getting my teeth out and he had to really struggle with it. I felt nothing. They gave me a bottle of pain medicine and i went home. My mouth stayed numb for a while and i could not eat anything except soup or jello . i took my pain medicine for a few days because it was giving me a buzz. I don't remember having any pain.

little red
okay, it varies person to person. My mouth was sore for about a week and a half. I couldn't open my jaw all the way. For two weeks I could barely sleep because the Vicodin didn't work for me, I have some type of resistance to it. My cheeks were swollen for about a week too. Anyways, it gets better in about two weeks max.

PAINFUL depending on how old you are. I waited until I was 24 to have all four pulled, they splintered on extraction, and I was out of work with infections for almost 6 weeks

but that's the worst case scenario

If you're about 15-18, not too bad.

Phoenix: Princess of Cupcakes
You're completely out almost before they get the IV in you (via nitrous). You wake up still pretty out of it. You keep taking the drugs and hardly feel anything. I was out Thur. & Fri.

I chopped wood on Saturday.

It used to be that wisdom teeth were automatically extracted if they began to hurt. However, recent studies indicates they can be left in when the hurting is corrected by a dentist. No need to carry 1 or 2 holes at the back of your mouth. They provide the support to keep the rest of your teeth straight.

It is no more painful to extract wisdom teeth than any other tooth. Talk with the dentist and find out "why" the teeth must be removed. Ask "why" can't they be saved.

You can return to work or school the next day. Dentist recommend a liquid diet for 3 to 5 days to prevent food particles from entering the wounded area and causing infection. Rinse well after each meal. Don't sleep on the side where the tooth was pulled to not encourage bleeding.

I wish my would have been left in. Every now and then I get food (especially meat and nuts) particles lodged in the hole where one of my wisdom teeth was located. I begin to feel pain and have to really brush deep and hard plus floss very well to remove the food then all is well again.

Keep your dental hygiene 100% and you'll have no problems if they MUST BE removed. Good luck.

Grown Lady
I hd a oral surgon do mine. I remember him putting the needle in my arm ....next thing he was asking me was I ready to go home. No pain whats so ever. No other memories of it.

I only had 3 done at once. It took 45 minutes, never felt a thing, went back to work the next day, but had to eat mushy stuff which always got stuck in the gaping holes. You gotta find a way to pick it out. It's not that bad if they're already poking through.

Brittani H
i dont know but it sounds painful!

andrew k
not bad

Puzzle Box
Well I had 6 wisdom teeth (yes...SIX), so they had no choice but to knock me out completely.

Here was my experience:

I was sitting there in the chair, watching the doc shoot me full of the medicine through an IV...and by the time I counted to 2 I was out cold. Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room.

Luckily, you don't feel a thing for a couple of hours. They inject your gums with plenty of numby stuffs, so you don't wake up in pain. I was a bit dizzy but otherwise ok.

When I got home I went right to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, I began to feel a throbbing pain so I took a vicoden (prescribed by the doc). MISTAKE! Anestetic + vicoden = vomiting. After a few rounds of throwing up (the pill came up too) I learned NOT to take a full vicoden. Instead, taking 1/4 of the pill, then another 1/4 about 20 minutes later (and so on until you get a whole pill down) worked much better on my tummy.

I went to work the next day. HUUUUGE MISTAKE. I perform at animal shows and I did 3 school and boy scout shows that day. I threw up before and after every show and was in a fair amount of pain (headache, extreme nausea, that general "ew" feeling).

I took the following day off to recover. I was MUCH better. I was able to eat semi-solid foods by then, such as pancakes, pasta, and soups with potatoes/noodles. The stitches were an annoyance but weren't painful. I wasn't swollen at all (from Day 1 actually...mildly puffy but not chipmunky).

It took a whole week before I could eat real solid food (pizza, sandwhiches, ect.) without cringing. Overall the experience was no biggie. I never had electric pain or crippling pain, only some light throbbing (pain pills killed that though) and mild pressure-pain if I tried eating something too solid within the first few days.

Its not scary, not at all. :-) Plus you get happy time pills!

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