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 I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?
I have to get them can you please tell me what they do and if it hurts.

And I'm scared that people are going to make fun of me with them on, do you think they will?

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What do you think when you see a sophomore girl with braces?
i just got braces and will be an upcoming sophomore. but it seems like everyone already got there braces off. do people really care and does it change how they think of me because i have braces? and is it a turn off?

I <3 Elijah Jordan Wood
no. ive seen adults with braces. its nothing to be ashamed of

no who cares but when you are like 30

thats weird

I think man in a few years she is gonna be HOT!! and then usually proceed to flirt with her. at least that is what I did in high school

if any one thinks less of you than the heck with them your just doing what you have to do . these days people of all ages get braces , for most people its a part of life . Don't let it get to you , be proud of yourself and glad your getting the problem corrected now . keep your head up and dont worry. best of luck

Sophie H
umm, i am a girl, but i dont think it matters.
like honestly. some college students have braces.

Kathleen H
Braces are so cute... Just flaut them girl!!!!! I had braces all through out highschool and I hated them. My 13 year old neice has braces and she is so pround and is always smiling. I wish I could of had that attitude when I had braces...

Keelo Lulu
I would think how beautiful her teeth is going to become when she takes them off.

What matters is how you feel about yourself and how you'll look after they come off. They are there to help aesthetically and health-wise, so think about the future. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." You know what you're doing is making you better, so try to turn any negative comments around and make a joke about them.

My mom got braces on at the age of 39 and she's now 43 and still has them on! I think if she can do it at her age.. You are going to be just fine! My sophomore year was a blast, don't let something like braces bring you down!

Nobody cares..They won't be on for more than 2 years anyways

haha i know alot of ppl (girls) that are in your place too. i have braces and im going to be a sophomore in the fall. when i first got them (8th grade) i thought i looked really bad!! but now i dont feel the same about how i look with them. you'll get used to it and you wont look as bad as you think. :D

no way i think ppl woll b like wow u have braces and thel get use 2 it and NO ITS NOTA TURN OFF AT ALL !?!?!?!?

Alot of girls at my school that are sophomores have braces. Not a turn off and its pretty normal.

I think braces are cute! You'll be fine and have an amazing smile when you go off to college! =)

Tristen. S
Its fine. Dosnt matter really.

I would run away screaming because I am a superficial fool who is obsessed with physical appearance. But that is just me I guess.

ṉïсølε[loves silliman& redbull!]
A sophomore girl with braces..Thats what I think.

Why should they think anything? As for it being a turn-off, well,
I wouldn't let it bother you. There must be more to you than braces!

people who are in their 40s have braces its normal for all ages and it can be a turn on or a turn off

~*Bride 2 Be*~
So you got braces.. BIG deal..... No ones going to give a rats *** if you have braces.. Its your personality that they will care about.. you need to chill

I think she will look very pretty by her Senior year.
Straight teeth, nice looking features and all.
The heck with what other people think, you do what you want and you will be better for it.

I think "she's gonna have a GREAT smile soon!"

The time will go fast, don't worry about it!

Julia B
Well to me it seems like everyone is just now getting braces.

But Don't worry about it. Everyone gets them at some point.
And of course they get taken off at some point.

Nothing to get too worried about.

Don’t worry plenty of people now have braces. Just be your self.

i think..."Hey! there's a girl with braces."


it will make you seem younger. I had a friend with braces while i was in hs who had them from like freshmen til junior yr.
it will be harder on you romantically. sorry

nothing your fine, no one cares about braces

Is someone suppose to think something? NO! I would think wow she is taking care of her teeth.

no i used to have braces when I was a sophomore...our friends will get used to it..and boys well..if their shallow and ignorant they'll care..if they really like you its no problem

Ghost Rider
Not a turn off. Beside you can get cool colors as well. They will be off in no time.

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