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What can and can't I eat with braces?
Can someone give me a list, or redirect me to a website? Thanks!

no candy,gum, anythan that will stick in them! lol how old r u

they tell us to eat almost no junk and gum which i love so i eat it any ways and yes they have already broken 3 times but junk food is all eat basically

don't eat anything sticky, sugary, apple carrots (uless sliced or cooked), popcorn, too much soda, hard candy

you cant eat corn on a cob, gobstoppers and chewy lollies. also you cant eat singapore noodles, as it will bleach the braces and you cant drink coke also because it will dye the braces a darker colour.

Princess Kay
u can't eat corn on the cob, apples, gum, anything crunchy, popcorn, anything gummy and anything sticky.

u can eat anything soft, chips, pasta, burgers, fries, and foods like those

Kara Homo.
u cant eat
apples that are not cut up
hard stuff like that
u can get cookies
soft stuff
chicken stake ribs...normal food

I find hard apples tricky and crusty bread is a nightmare - I cut my lip on crusty bread at the start of a holiday in France and was in agony every time I ate after that.

make sure not to eat any of those oversized gumballs you can get at the mall for 25 cents - I know from experience

Dont eat food that will stick to your braces like chunky meat eat thing that wont stick i know this cause i am gettig braces.

You're not supposed to eat popcorn, carmel, taffy (and other chewy candy), and no gum! No fun, huh?

this is a really good question yo ask tour orthodontist. Ya think?

Don't eat sticky and stringy stuff. It will get stuff with your braces.

actually you can eat whatever you want, you just have to eat it in small bites and not get too careless. Life's too short for you to not enjoy food. haha..

eat nearly everthing.
don't eat carmel
don't eat vegtable with loads of fibre

whole apples or candy apples or corn on the cob

Here is a link about what you can't not eat if you have braces.


Can - Ne thing not Sticky or Clingy to ur teeth
Can't - Gum and Cady and sticky stuff

don't eat hard candies or food, or really chewy food/candy... you'll be ok...

actually for the gum thing, you CAN chew sugar-free gum, when I had braces, I chewed the sugar-free, and it never stuck to my braces

the wise one
you can eat almost anything as i did, but i would advise against to much hard candy for obvious reasons,
the teeth should be brushed aftyer every eat in all cases to keep your teeth happy and healthy many years after the braces have long gone
good luck

Jack P
Do not eat anything that will stick to your teeth, you will wind up with cavities under the braces, ouch.

I've had braces and stuff like that my whole life. With braces it doesn't really matter what you eat. Just make sure what you're eating isn't really hard. But what ever you eat you can brush it out. Also get a WATERPICK! those things are the best. But you should still brush your teeth. But gum is fine even though they say it's not. If you chew gum try to stick to sugar free. you can chew sugar gum it's harder to get out. Also if you're in school bring a little toothbrush and tooth paste, just in case you can't get anything out of your teeth.

It's nearly impossible to give you a list. But use your common sense. Don't eat anything that might get stuck to the braces - like gum or taffy. Really thinking back, I think the only think I was prohibited from eating/chewing was gum and even that I used to chew the gum that was safe for denture wearers - it didn't stick as much.
Just make sure you really brush your teeth after every meal. Stuff does get stuck in them and can get really gross if you don't.

** and in the future, when your braces are off - take my advice - wear your retainer. I didn't and my teeth are all moving again**

Corn on the cob

Orthadonist say no:

Cracking nuts with your teeth
Corn on the cob
Whole fruit (Apples, peaches, etc.)

Etc., etc. Basically anything that get's stuck in your teeth. But from my personal experiences, you can eat that stuff as long as you're careful. (I.E. if you're chewing gum and feel it get strung to your braces, remove it ASAP.) Everyone I know eats popcorn, gum, etc., and never has had problems.

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