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What Color Braces Should I get?
well.......I'm getting braces.....SOON......I'm really scared, and I don't know what color braces to get. So what color braces do you think is the best.

Please Help!

- pan
school colors (:

You can either go with all white to not draw attention to your braces. Or I'd go with a red and blue or green and blue.

Anything but yellow or gold.. they make your teeth look yellow :/
I find that blues and greens look the best normally

transparent. but you have to brush your teeth 2 times a day remember cause it'll show up if u dont. ive used braces befor and i used white those little rubber band u know and yeah

I think darker colours make your teeth look whiter

Avoid yellow because it makes ur teeth look more yellow and looks like you have stuff in ur teeth,

White you dont even notice rlly and it makes ur teeth look yellower.

Pink, it looks okay but you already have pink in your gums and it doesnt rlly stand out.

I tried pink , white, teal, green and black. And i have been getting black ever since.

Silver Petal
You don't need to worry too much because you get to change the color every month - but I like pink, silver, white, light blue and purple. Or, you could do the color of a holiday that's in the month that you're getting them. For example, in February, you could get pink and red, for Valentines Day. Don't get transparent though, because if you eat something like pasta with all the sauce it's going to get caught in your braces and look like blood.

Hope this helps :)

Ok, colored wire may cost more. Stick to colored rubber bands.

White and clear is something you should AVOID - it looks like plaque, and shows up the plaque accumulation even more.

The orthodontist will show you, and you can pick. It's up to you, not us. You might want to start with something standard or basic (black, grey), or something that "POPS".

hilary m
Clear, because they're not as noticeable and it looks more like you've got a retainer than braces.

Ashley A
im getting them soon too, this site is awsome....

your very favorite color! something out there that says "yah, i have braces and im friken proud!" hhaha dont worry, and remember--beauty means pain!!

orange or yelllow or maybe black

trust me there hot!

On my braces I just get silver to match the color of the brackets. I find colors (especially patterns) to be very distracting.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your braces!

XXHollister HottieXX
well i got pink and orange and it looks cool also black and pink or pink and green

Jose S

black and pink thats what i always get its subtle yet fun so thats what i would go with i hope i helped!

Roxy girl
I have braces and i was a little scared at first but it dosent hurt too bad. for me and got pink and blue then pink and green so it depends on what colors you like or what colors u think will look best on you im sure any cute color will look good it might even be better to choose when u get there but its always good to have an idea of what you want.
good luck!

Anything but white!
I had braces and i had white for a while...
it made my teeth look really yellow!

I suggest going with a light purple or a light blue!

try dark colors.
dont try to many different colors. it makes your face look cluttered and messy!!!

i always get all dark blue. it looks neat, and matches almost everything cuz its pretty unnoticeable.
but you get 2 change colors like, every month or so, so dont fret about it. :-)

Plain old silver. They're not as bad as you think.


My friend had braces and she really suited them. She got blue ones. Personally I'd go for pink, or clear. :)

Match the color of your eyes, or Go with clear.

NEVER get the see threw ones
when you eat things like curry and stuff
it discolours the see threw bit and it looks disgusting

i had almost every color...but the colors i found to be very nice/cool are black/pink/ and white. white looks like if u have diamonds in ur mouth. especially if ur teeth already look straight. and pink looks really nice too.

Rhianna M
Black. (:

The contrast will make your teeth look whiter.
And black matches everything.

i would say clear, anything else is tacky and just looks like you have food stuck on your teeth or lipstick...

I have blue right now...

But don't stress cuz you can change it every month.

Maybe do your school colors or think of holidays that are coming up.

no red and black


Hollie :)
Pink look nice:)

Blue look good too,, and green

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