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 I had a tooth removed 5 days ago n im still in as much pain as i was about 12hrs after it was removed?
the pain is mainly in my jaw tho, and radiates to my ear. ive been taking anti-b's as precautionary measure as have a heart murmur so dont think it can be an infection. My partner seems to think ...

 Is it best to floss your teeth after or before brushing?
i usually floss after i brush.. however it seems like it makes sence to do it b4 i brush.. not sure... if you know for sure please tell me.. the more answers the better......

 How do you cure a toothache without seeing a dentist?
HELPP!! Ive got a terrible toothache and I DO NOT want to go to the dentist (that place scares me). Any tips of easing the pain for the short or long run?

Wb thanks ...

 Bad breath trouble. please any tips?
i tend to brush normally, but still i can sense bad breath coming from my mouth. others are complaining as well. what to do??...

 My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?
For some reason it throbs while I sleep. When I bite into something first thing in the morning the tooth feels sore at the root. Like the feeling that one would have if they were punched in the tooth....

 Do you always brush your teeth twice a day?
I sometimes go to bed without brushing my teeth. Is it bad?...

 How to make your teeth white?
I heard many people say by brushing everyday will eventually make your teeth white, but I don't get to see the results...

Are there any ways that can help?
Additional Details

 REALLY bad toothache - please help?
I've got a really bad toothache, it started this morning and it's got worse through the day. It's there all the time and it's really really sore. I've already taken ibuprofen ...

 Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?
Should you use mouthwash then brush, or vice versa? Professionals?...

 I brush for about 15 minutes on an average.is this bad for my teeth?
everyone keeps telling me to do something about ...

 Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?
I take my toothbrush and toothpaste with me and clean them before I go in....

 Do you have a beautiful smile?
Just a simple yes or no please and if no why not....

 I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?
My right molar tooth has cracked open alittle and now anytime my tounge touches it it hurts... it hurts and its throbbing which keeps me awake at night =( there is a cavity on top of the tooth to. A...

 Ive just been told I have to pay £700 for a brace for my 10 year old daughter. whats happening to dentists!?

 Can you actually die from tooth absess?
My friend said u could die if your tooth abcess leaks out poison. Is this true? I think I have a tooth abcess, so could i drop at any moment or is there a warning sign or something?...

 How can I get my 2 year old to let me brush his teeth?
Everytime I try to brush my sons teeth we go through a battle. He cries and pushes me away etc. I have to literaly hold him down everyday. What do I do?...

 I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?
im 16. i got braces on a few months ago and do monthy checks. i just went in for one today - i drive. the tops of my bottom front teeth seem to be wearing down a bit and they arent in the greatest ...

 Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?
I'm on antibiotics and Vicodins and as many Advils, Aleves and aspirins I can swallow. Can't get into dentist until Tuesday! What can I do to get through this? Any suggestions? Please ...

 What r some of the things u can't eat w/ braces?
I have to get them soon and I'd kinda like to know exactly what I won't be able to enjoy in life anymore:(...

 Getting Braces?
My two front teeth are uneven and i have an overbite and i have a tooth so far in my gum that i have a bump in my gum. Do I ahve to have braces?
Additional Details

Should I get Braces?
Thinking about getting braces. My teeth are not very crooked at all but I do have one impacted tooth. I plan on living in this town for exactly two more years. Then its off to another state. Should I get them? If need be could I go to a different orthodontist to finish treatment?

It usually only takes about two years for you to wear braces. So I would suggest getting them. But also comes the fact of money. My braces that I have cost ed my mother $7000. But if you can pay for it go for it if not, maybe wait.


Yes you should and yes you can get another orthodonist. =]

my teeth are alittle bit crowded in my mouth, and i would never get braces because i'm 15. i'm thinking about getting invisalign.

Myo ♥
Braces are an a good idea if your teeth are messed up or if your mouths not big enough. I had braces and they worked wonderfully, i do have t worn you though they do hurt and the retainers hurt as well but a little pain for perfect teeth is ok xD

social butterfly
i hate my braces. but if you are willing to pay all that money and have a metal smile for a year or more then go for it, but i sometimes wish i hadnt gotten braces. maybe you should try invisilines i wish i would have. :)

you should see a local orthodontist today. they will tell you if you need braces or not. and if you need braces but don't finish your treatment another one should be able to finish. usually braces take >2 years so if you get them soon, you should finish at your current location.

if your teeth are crooked yeah. If you do what they tell you they come off faster too!! it was definitly worth it. I love my teeth now and I look a zillion times better!!

I have braces, if you have a problem with your teeth or tooth maybe you should get braces. I think you could finish the treatment, but i'm not for sure, maybe you should ask a orthodontist. If you have any other questions like how braces feel and other stuff just email me.I'm getting them off this year.

it really depends on you. If u feel that braces might help you live life happier, then why not? My front teeth are a little forward, i have to get braces too, but i cant, cos my family doesnt have much money now. And i think i will only get them when i'm working in the future. Braces are cool btw, so just do it!

jessica a
if your teeth are crooked


it shudnt be that long either if u need a minor change
..but it doesnt hurt btw..

gud luck!

I wouldn't let the potential move change my opinion.
The techniques in orthodontia are pretty standard; you will be able to find an orthodontist in another state who can finish your treatment.

Kelle R
Yes, you seem to have been thinking about it, meaning that it will always be on your mind, even years from now. Better to just get them, get your teeth corrected, and never have to wonder "should I get them?" again. If you are worried about the "embarassment" of the braces, seriously; think to yourself: you are moving out of your state in two years, who the hell cares what these people will think of you, you'll never see them again anyway!

It's always a good idea to just braces and get the procedure over with sooner rather than later.

It pays off in the end. Good luck to you.

sure you can get them, ask your dentist about it, he knows what's good for you ^_^

yaya our avatars are look alike!

maybe it usually feels like you have cement in your mouth and its too much money so use it if you need them. note i don't have braces i listen to my friends

Yea I think it is good to get braces. I heard it hurts and dosent look very good but it is good in the long run when u have perfect teeth.

don't get braces unless they are necessary, cuz they're a pain. but if u do, u could most likely switch to another orthodontist

Yeah, you should get them. You might regret not getting them later.

Smilin Babe
I would... its just to make sure ur teeth dont get worse, its nice to know that they are being perfected, and they arn't as bad as everyone says

*nicegg jonas*
yeah even though the hurt sooooooo bad and have a nerdy look, yes becuase in the end you will look a lot better
Good luck though ;)

Yes, the sooner you get them the sooner you get them off.

the truth
yessssss you should

also look into invisilign for a more discrete way to straighten your teeth/tooth

Riley W
Yes, get your teeth straightened. It's best for this. And here's a plus: Your braces may come off a little quicker than others since your teeth aren't that crooked right now

Joey J
If they're not all mangled and it is just one tooth I highly advise you to get Invisalign rather than braces. You sound like a perfect case! Go to your dentist and find out more about it.

Mary B
Absolutely. If you can afford it, go see an orthodontist and he can advise you about a plan of action.

Yes you would get a fresh new start in your new town looking so much better.

if you don't like your teeth the way they are, then go ahead. they're not that bad, and since your teeth don't sound too bad, you shouldn't have them for very long. You can finish at another orthodontist if you need to tho.

I would... I did and I'm so glad I did!

Yes, you can always finish braces with another ortho!

☼simply beautiful☼
maybe a picture would help?

DonT BE tOO ScaRED tO LOve ã‚·
I would.
I am getting braces, but my teeth aren't that bad. I just like to look my best, ya know?
But don't get them if you don't really need them and are broke.
And you can always start them in one state with one orthodontist, and then end in another state, with a different orthodontist.
Good luck!

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