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Chloe H
Please help me?
please help me i'm only 11 years old. i've got a hole in my tooth it's been there for a while but i was scared to tell my mum incase she got angry with me for eating sweets too much. but now the hole hurts all the time, i was sent to the school nurse and she says i have a cavaty and i should tell my mum but i'm too scared to tell her. please tell me how i can fix the hole in my tooth and stop it from hurting.

1st you go to BDS and takew madicine? the regular clean yr teeth three times. Don/' eat chocolate. avoid sweets .

you need to tell your mom so she can take you to the dentist. If your cavity is not repaired an infection might set in. It could make your teeth and gums hurt, it could even reach the brain! There is no other way to fill in the cavity, but by a dentist. Take care of it now, before it's too late.

Tell your mother so that you can go to the dentist. It could get infected and then wit will hurt even worse. Take care of your teeth while you are young because you only get that one set of adult teeth once they are gone they are gone.

you need to tell your mom so you can go get it taken care of if you put it off it will get worse

Will you can just fix I yourself, but what you should do is tell your mom that you have a hole in your tooth and maybe your mom would not be mad at you.She propable go to to you to the dinsices.

u r reatared. Just tell ur mom and get it over wit! its not like she gonna be mad b/c u dont have good teeth!
My sister has had like 4 cavities and they got filled in and are ugly now but thew longer u wait, the uglier the cavity is going to be, and the more mad ur mom is gonna be when u FINALLY tell her.

Your mom loves you and she would not want you to be hurt nor in pain.

I'm sure your mom has had her share of cavities in her day. It is a very normal thing to have cavities, so just let her know that you need to make a dental appointment and then you'll problem will be fixed.

Feel better soon!

screams without lungs
go to dentist

You get your teeth from your parents. My daughter has four fillings in her baby teeth, that were open pits and grooves. Weve brushed her teeth ourselves since she was 7 months. Shes 3 1/2 years old now. A lot of people just develop teeth with open pits and grooves, those teeth rot very quickly and many times it can't be seen by the X-ray until the cavity gets bigger.

Dont sweat its part of growing up.

Now would you rather the nagging pain or a little lecture. Tell your mom, cavities arent that big of a deal, just about everyone has had a cavity before. You can eat what you want you just have to brush your teeth a lil more if you wanna be a candy monster, That's all.

I don't think your mum will be angry, LOTS of kids get cavities and really should go to the dentist MORE OFTEN.

Tell your mum you discovered a hole in your tooth and if she would take you to the dentist. That is the only way to get it fixed properly.

You can't fix it yourself. You have to tell your mother or it will get bigger and hurt more. Then the tooth will give you an infection and you will get very sick. If she finds out then, she will be mad at your for TWO reasons; that you got the hole in the first place AND that you that you kept it from her. Better tell her now while you only have ONE secret.

Hun you can not fix that hole in your tooth only a dentist can do that and he will fixed it with what is called a "filling". Don't be scared to tell your mom because if you wait to long you may not be able to save your tooth. Your mother loves you and she will take care of you just tell her you need help. Good luck.

You really should tell your mom. ALL kids get cavities sooner or later. There's no way for you to fix it yourself, you will feel much better after you go to the dentist.

A cavity isn't always caused by too many sweets or lack of brushing. And I know your mother wouldn't want you to be in pain. Tell her so that she can take you to the dentist. The cavity will only get worse if not attended to!

Going to the dentist is the only way to make it stop!! Good luck : )

I am more worried that you are afraid to tell your mum you have a problem than I am about your sore tooth.

Is there another adult you can go to about this? Your dad? An auntie?

You need to see a dentist, and if you're afraid to tell your mum, you must find someone else to take you. You really should cut down on the sweets you eat, or at least brush after you eat them. That way, you won't have these "holes" in your teeth as often.

everybody loves chris!
the best way would be for your mum to be told
or buy bonjela, or Clove oil and take Aspirin and Ibuprofen for a week or so

Marine Girlfriend <3
there is no way to fix it yourself unless ur a dentist and ur only 11 so tell ur mom and go to a dentist

ask the school to invite your mother in and talk with her with the school nurse. And ask ths scholl nurse if she can help set up the appt.

You need to go to a dentist. It's the ONLY way to fix the cavity.

Your mom might be a little upset with you, but it's only because she wants you to be healthy. You have to tell her so that she can help you get the right treatment.

If you're going to eat sweets, you need to be sure to brush and floss regularly, or you'll get more cavities.

sorry sweetheart, the only way to fix the hole in your tooth is to go to the dentist who will put a filling in it. That will stop it from hurting as well. I know you're scared to tell your mum, but you need to, because the tooth will not get better, it will just get worse and hurt more. I'm sure she won't be very angry with you, lots of people get cavities in their teeth, and if you're in pain I'm sure she'll want to help you by taking you to see your dentist.

You have to tell her, so she can get you to the dentist. She'll nag you for a little while, probably, but would you rather have the pain to get worse? You HAVE to tell her.

Tell mother and go to the dentist unless you want more holes.

[email protected]
You really need to try not to be scared and tell your mom you need a checkup with a dentist. You don't want things to get worse or infection to spread inside your mouth. I will pray you find the boldness and strength to tell her. Prayers =)

Hi Chloe,
Sorry honey but you need to tell your mom. And just in case you don't, believe me the pain is going to get WORSE. And I mean a lot worse. You need to tell your mom. Now just for your info, there are many reason for cavities. And sweets is only ONE of the reasons. And to be truthful I don't think ANYONE including a dentist can say OH, this cavity is from sweets. But tell your mom, or be ready for some more pain. Good Luck.

u have to tell ur mom or ur tooth is gonna rot and fall out of ur mouth.

TELL YOUR MOM! Right now before it gets bigger and infected. Tell her you are afraid to tell her something because you don't want her to be mad at you first, she will be all ears then.

It's going to be OK!

well I'm 11 too and I've had this done to me before. lucky you i saw this. well this is what i did. i just told her and she actually took it pretty well but yet your mom is different than mine is.well just tell her and if you get punished and get grounded, just sit it through. if anything goes wrong, blame me for everything.

They're all right. You gotta tell your mom so she can take you to the dentist.

~~ it's best to be honest with your Mum, not all cavities are caused from sweets... there are some people who never eat sweets and end up with a mouth full of cavities, and some like me that eat many sweets and never end up with cavaties. Unfortunately there is no way to fix a tooth on your own... if you try to mask the symptoms it will just get worse, and you will end up with more problems, so tell your Mum you need to go to the dentist, then besure to brush and floss regularly and also drink lots of water, this will help to keep your teeth strong. ~~

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