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My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?
For some reason it throbs while I sleep. When I bite into something first thing in the morning the tooth feels sore at the root. Like the feeling that one would have if they were punched in the tooth. It is not loose. Throughout the daytime it feels better. Could this possibly be a cavity or a deep gum problem? How long should I wait before I get it checked out. I do not have insurance and I am poor. So I am cautious here. I have noticed this nighttime throbbing for about three nights now.

christine k
you should go see a dentist

I think you have enough validation on this question. GO SEE YOUR DENTIST!!!! It sounds like an infection. You may need a root canal. But allow your dentist to take an x-ray and determine for sure! Goodluck!

Lindsay D
You might see if there is a dental school or college in the area... a lot of times you can have dental work done pretty cheaply...

I would suggest going to see your local dentist, and getting it checked out

I would go to the dentist, I had a similar problem and they fixed it with a root canal. Wish you the best

you could be on the way to a root canal, which is what people compare everything bad in life too ("l lost both my legs, better than a root canal though.)

Could be an absyss. It most likely won't get any better, and it will likely get a sight worse.

Possibly you grind your teeth at night. The fact that it's getting better as the day goes on seems to indicate that it's not a serious problem--but this is what dentists are for. I know it's tough without insurance, but there are dental clinics around that don't charge too much. If this is a problem, better to catch it now before it turns into something expensive!

Go to the Dr. It's best.

Ken S
you need to make an appointment with your dentist

Lax Angel
i would def go to a dentist because it sounds like it could cause a problem. i would go as soon as you can.

Being poor or not, I would call around to all the dentists and see if they will take payments, as you NEED to get this looked at right away!

If you need any type of surgery, or tooth extraction, then you need it now! Also, you may have an infection in your "root", so that can be cured with antibiotics...

What ever you do, do it quick, or you may have more problems then you are prepared for and may lose more teeth and possibly gum disease.

I wish you well..


have u seen a dentist yet? use sensodyne toothpaste twice a day. may ur teeth are sensitive

Hi there,
I understand your position but you must go to a dentist. An xray should help find out what the problem is. But in the meantime, try to be Gentle to your teeth. If you like, you can wait for a day or so to see if the pain subsides. If you think its the same, visit a dentist right away.

Also before you go, check out some dental plans that can help you for some time.

Run to your dentist!

Go to your dentist, he will show you the best way.

it's not too serious of a problem, it sounds like you're gonna have to have a root canal. go see a dentist.

Do a little research. I have a friend in MA that used to get his work done once a year when they had a free clinic. You may be able to find something like that. At a minimum, you should spring for the cleaning and have someone give a cursory glance - its the preventive maintenance that means the most.

i go loony
Well that was my problem 2 weeks ago.. My third molar tooth on the upper left started to get hurt. I ignored it but it became worse as time went by. It became painful that I couldn't eat well because everytime I chewed, it was even more painful. I consulteed a dentist and told me that the problem was with my gum because as time went by, I could feel the pain from one part of my mouth to another until the said tooth became loose. The only way to get rid of it and for the gum problem not to be felt continouosly is to get rid of the tooth. It was sad... Better have it extracted especially if it gets loose because the gumproblem might affect the other teeth and create the same problem...

Or that could be gingivitis...Research on it....

You'd rather consult a dentist for this...

shih rips
go see the doc

I'm not a dentist, nor do I play one on TV. Your health is extremely important; spend the money to see a dentist. If there is a problem with the tooth, catching it sooner, rather than later, can save you a lot of money. Having a cavity filled is a heck of a lot cheaper than having to have a cap made for the tooth or a bridge if the tooth is not salvageable.

Little bitty 1
it is definitly something. I see lots of people ansewed just how I would so I guess, I am saying another vote for go to the dentist just as soon as you can.

it can be serious..i also have a tooth problem on one of my side molars..a filling popped out about 1yr ago from eating a frozen skittle!past 4 months..daily pain,i have no insurance..but did end up going for checkup...and of course.need a root canal.very painful at base of gum and tooth throbs...i use Benzocaine oragel as temporary relief.i still have yet to go get it done.

Ever hear of a DENTIST?

Go to the dentist. I had a toothache like that and needed a root canal (which aren't that bad if you keep up on your pain meds afterwards, but they're expensive!).

There could be serveral problems, to start with the less threatening ones, you could just be clenching your jaw to hard, and to often, sometimes this will cause that discomfort, or you could have sinus problems, often times it effects your front teeth...sometimes my front teeth hurt from my sinuses something terrible..sinus medication should help with that. you could also have a cavity, or gum disease, or an abcessed tooth, if it is only really bothering you in the morning and at night, it's probably sinuses..it gets worse when you lay down. after you check the easier ones and it doesn't feel better, get yourself to a dentist..the least they can do is check you out and tell you what the problem is, just a single visit doesn't cost much and can often be payed over time.

cavity or gum disease. check it out right away before you have to get a root canal, which is very painful.

brush your teeth more gently, or you may have a rotten tooth. do see a dentist.

go to the dentist, it may be serious and it may not be, you dont want to wait until it is serious though

You asked this yesterday and it was suggested that you go to the dentist.

So go to the dentist. No one here can diagnose what you have.

Blunt Honesty
Could be the beginning of an abscess. You should go to the Dentist ASAP. When it turns in to an abscess, it will hurt so bad that you can't think straight.

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