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ruth c
My friend has bad breath and realy nasty green teeth how can i tell her with out hurting her?

It sounds like she is on drugs (the green teeth). That's touchy, no matter how you choose to address it. Leave her alone, but be her friend. She'll come to you when she's ready.

develop a teeth hygiene obsession...the more you become obsessed with your teeth the more she will start to consider her own....maybe she will even try competing with you

Pull her off to the side. "Friend, you know I love you and always want the very best for you. Take better care of your mouth. Brush often, so I don't ever have to have this conversation with you again. Besides, you have such a pretty smile, it'll just make it that much better. Hey. I'm a clean freak...what can I say?"

someone has to tell her, and that seems like you, take one for the team, be Gentle and inform her of good practices and what products she should use to get them looking good again..

give her a gift with toothpaste toothbush floss and tic tacs!:D

buy a pack of teeth- whitening mint gum like 'trident' and ask if s/he wants one. make sure its their fave flavor and then tell them they can have the pack. maybe they'll get hooked on it.

just tell her " Hey your teeth are glowing is that a new tooth paste your using?"

tell her that she has a swamp stuck in her teeth

try not to hurt her feelings but try to convince your friend to go to the dentist try to be polite

if your her friend then it's your place to tell her, i bet you would hope she would tell you, better coming from a friend than someone being nasty

There is no nice way of doing it - but don't have to be
hideously impolite way of doing it either.

You can simply ask if her teeth hurt - because you've noticed
a slight smell that may mean she needs to go to the dentist.

No, its not going to be painless - but it is in this persons
best interest to at least understand the hygene issues going on.

i think im going to be sick

Know It All, your answer was well funny! : )

Terry S
Maybe you can tell her about a new product: a toothbrush and toothpaste!

She may get hurt, but you still need to tell her. Your friend should know how other people see her. Better she hear it from someone who cares about her than getting cruel remarks from strangers. Just be nice about it. If she gets angry at first, she will probably have time to think about it and get over her anger. More likely, she will thank you for telling her and ask you for advice.

Just tell her nicely, it's no use beating about the bush on such an unpleasant subject. If she respects you she'll be thankful that you pointed it out.

That sounds really bad... she must have a clue about it or a fear of dentists. Get the name and number of a good dentist and give it to her... say you just went to this dentist that is very good and you felt more people should know about that dentist and hopefully she will take a hint.

Ms. Denton Lone Star â„¢
It's best to not tell her. Just stay a few feet away from her.

tell her that you want to try the whitening strips and ask her if she will do it with you. Then every chance you get ask her if she wants a piece of gum or mint. eventually she'll prolly get used to the feeling of a clean mouth and will want to keep it that way...i hope cause thats just nasty

Buy her a toothbrush and toothpaste and just put them in her bag without her knowning it was you. But if she asks if it is a problem you have to be able to say yes.

there is no easy way to break down the truth, just be honest to her and try to find a solution

I would start telling halitosis jokes and see if she even knew what the word meant.

give her a tic tac n white out

a friend of mine had the same problem, but eventually all her teeth fell out so she got false ones, but at least they were not green!
just tell her straight, "you have bad teeth, you must do something before you lose them all" or something like that, no need to mention the breath, the dentist will do that!

its hard telling some one close to you a bad thing about them. say somethin like" please dont take this the wrong way or in a funny way but ive notice your teeth have become yellow. ask her if she noticed it aswell. and tell her that there are some good products on the market that will sort it out. buy whiting tooth paste, month wash and dentel floss. use twice daily. tell her that you'll go shopping with her to buy it. and just tell her that you was abit concerned cus you dont want her getting problem with her dentel health. and if she does all that them the bad breath will be no more...

good luck.

know it all
tell her that those green teeth really don't go with that outfit lol

Oh my gosh! I have the same problem! It's horrible, she has....well I wont go into detail...Let's just say sometimes I can't stand to look at her or be near her when she's talking. I've never found a way to tell her, sometimes I'll hint....but not obviously. Maybe if we're at her house getting ready to go out I'll say something like, "Well you ready? Need to comb your hair or brush your teeth or anything?" Sounds mean, but she never catches on anyway. I don't know what to do otherwise though. Deal with it is what I always end up doing...

Danays is so kool *oh yea*
ummm say no offense before you tell her.... or you can give her a whitening kit and tic-tac, mint, gum, etc

A good friend will be nice about it and say nothing, but a great friend is honest even if it would hurt her feelings. She'll thank you for it later if you just tell her what the problem is, even if it'll hurt her feelings right now. You should tell her, and be nice, but keep in mind that if you don't tell her, who will?

Put a mirror in front of her and tell her she has some "things" on her teeth. LOL J/K but seriously, if this is a friend of yours, then tell her. She should appreciate having a friend in her life who feels close enough to her to tell her to the truth. Whenever me and my friends see someone in a ridiculous outfit, with an awful hairdo, or a bad make-up job, we always look at eachother and say something like.."that poor thing aint got no friends". LOL

Ron Mexico
a good punch in the face is always effective

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