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 Getting Braces?
My two front teeth are uneven and i have an overbite and i have a tooth so far in my gum that i have a bump in my gum. Do I ahve to have braces?
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 Well answer me now plese?
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 I'm so scared..Wisdom teeth removal?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this friday and I am FREAKING out.

I'm probably going to have a huge panic attack right when I get in the little operating room..(i'm having ...

 How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?

 Bad Breath Cures serious answers only please?
I constantly have bad breath, I brush 2 times a day, floss, use mouth wash, I use a tongue scrapper and everything, I've even taken pills that claim bad breath is caused by something in your ...

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I chipped a upper front tooth two days ago. Its not too bad, and you might not notice unless I pointed it out, but it is then pretty noticeable. It is also hurting a bit-how urgent is getting it ...

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I hear horror stories about root canals. Do they really hurt. I need to have one but dreading it....

 How can I take stuck chewing gum off my daughters dress?

 Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?
It's so unfair, my second fang hasn't grown meaning I couldn't get my braces on, so my question is, is it abnormal to have say your braces on at 15 and off when you're 16 and a ...

 Was your day good or bad today?
Just wondering
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Mine was dandy. And why is this question in the dental category? Maybe its to remind people to brush ...

 Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth? It's true about a British Smile, but why?

 What is the point of having braces?

 Does anyone know any tricks to stop a tooth ach until i can get to the dentest?

 ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?
Ok i am going to the densit,i have to have a tooth pulled.what should i take befor i leave?...

 Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

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oh dear

would he or she tell a parent?...

 What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it....

 Do you brush ur tounge?
do you brush ur toung when u brush ur teeth? i do.. :)...

 Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?
I saw on TV the other day where this lady gargled bleach to get rid of bad breath and i was wondering...could you use it to whiten your teeth?...

 Why do I feel a severe pain in my teeth when I have something chilled, any remedy plz...?
It was not so earlier... for the last one month I have got this problem..plz help.....

Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?
Should you use mouthwash then brush, or vice versa? Professionals?

brush ur teeth frist thanx 3 da 2 points

The Wunder
u def need to brush, then floss, then mouthwash

Use PLAX Mouthwash, it is seriously the best Mouthwash ever.

You use it before brushing, and it loosens the plaque on your teeth so you get more of it off when you brush.

It is also not super-strong like Listerine. It does not have tons of alcohol in it and has a Gentle mint flavor.

Brush first then rinse with the mouthwash

Miss U
I admit, I'm not a professional, but I do like to brush first to get any food particles out of my teeth, and then after rinsing with water, I rinse with Mouthwash to get that extra clean feeling!

Crystal Kaye
brush first...
the mouth wash will get any of the bacteria left behind from the toothbrush.

brush first!

Whilst I am not a professional, I would reason that brushing teeth would be a better choice before mouth-wash. After all, Brushing your teeth gets rid of the main plague and food stains on your teeth.

I view mouth-wash as a refinement, as it cleans up germs that brushing your teeth would miss between your gums and teeth.

Why not Mouthwash first and then last? Try it. It loosens up particles and then coats your mouth after you brush.

mouthwash then brush. Mouthwash is like a pre-brush rinse (seen it on a listerine commercial)

simply cleaning your teeth can be done in 2 steps
* mechanical by using your tooth brush & floss , this should be done first to remove as much bacteria & food debries as possible
* chemicaly by mouth washs, this kill the rest of bacteria, althougth some mouth washs have mechanical effect, yet they also should be used after brushing

Indigo F
Brush teeth first. You should use Chlorophyll Mouthwash, because Listerine, and those types of mouthwashes only kill bacteria short-term, in a way that makes them return plentifully.

♥W!f3y [email protected][email protected]
Vice versa

brush then wash!

If you are using a tarter control mouth wash use it first. Regular mouth wash can be used anytime but most people use it last.

FLOSS then brush then Mouthwash!!!

mouthwash first

brush teeth, floss, and then mouth wash.

brush first....or else the Mouthwash will just get brushed away

brush then floss then use mouthwash

I am not a professional but I can say.. without reservations.. that you brush first and then use Mouthwash..

[email protected]
brush your teeth first

xXPolitically IncorrectXx
I brush first and then I use Mouthwash, though I don't use floss...I'm a baaaaaaad girl.

brush teeth first

Actually, you are supposed to floss, brush, then rinse. Or if you use the listerine whitning, then you do it in reverse because it is a pre-brush rinse

Not a professional: brush first, then floss, then I swirl Listerine.

I like the two answers above me from MistiMi and 7Mada. If you want to be a fanatic about it, rinse vigorously for 30 seconds before brushing. Even if you use plain water instead of Plax, Consumer Reports says that it loosens plaque. Follow this with at least 2 minutes of methodic brushing. Rinse with a Mouthwash after brushing to get rid of anything still floating around in there.

Teen Talking2teens
Brush to lossen and remove plaque and food than Mouthwash to freshen and cleanse the lose stuff away.

Kathi F

:)*taurus tease*(:
brush 1st, you clean your teeth and get all of the plaque off. After your done brushing you use wash to kill all of the grems you just brushed off your teeth.

well think about the function of both of them.
i would brush before you Mouthwash.
in restaurants you get the food and the big stuff of in the soapy water (brushing) and then you make sure the germs are gone by sanitizing(Mouthwash)

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