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 Bad Breath Cures serious answers only please?
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 Was your day good or bad today?
Just wondering
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Mine was dandy. And why is this question in the dental category? Maybe its to remind people to brush ...

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 ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

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oh dear

would he or she tell a parent?...

 What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it....

 Do you brush ur tounge?
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 Braces color???????????????
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 Is it better to pick a dentist closer to where you live or where you work?
i ask this because i have to be at work at 11. dentists dont always have early appts. so if i have a 10:30 appt near my house. i will end up being late to work. but at the same time. on my off days, ...

 Braces Colors?!?

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i am getting braces soon, and i will have the braces for ...

 What color braces should I get?
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 Americans, can you tell me how you all have such perfect teeth? to be honest mine are a disgrace yet?
I clean them almost everyday, I use mouth wash once a week.
I go to the dentist once a year
what more can I do? yet they look yellow, they not straight, one fell out last week.
I know I...

Ive just been told I have to pay £700 for a brace for my 10 year old daughter. whats happening to dentists!?

If youre in the UK it should be free on the NHS surely?

thats funny i'm thinking somewhere like hawaii...
that includes the whole service-
putting them on
check ups
tightening them monthly
and a retainer at the end of this process

They are all trying out for roles as the next Bond villain. Novel ideas i know but hey, theyre dentists....what did you expect, laser beams in the kids stickers? Actualy, id watch out for those too.....

That's all??? I paid €4050 for braces for my child - she was 10 when she got them too.
On the upside, she's now thirteen, has beautifully straight teeth, and is done with them (apart from a night retainer).

quit your job its free

Lori K
My daughter's orthodontia cost over $10,000 US. Feel lucky. Thank goodness my insurance covered most of it. (2 sets of braces and an expander). Of course, it was cosmetic, not really a "medical necessity".

Ouch! they are going insane

no id
That's cheap! It costs $6000 without insurance in the US. If you are lucky, your insurance might cover $1500.

Just making lots of money at our ex pence, they seem to have forgotten who paid for their skills, us, again, tax payers. Write to your M.P. and complain.

No free healthcare in UK :-)

Come to france lady

Cant you get them on the national health ,,,under 18,,,? .

-sometimes dentist's tend to reward the public with free services, find out more,.?

it used to be free to get braces.


when i was a kid they got paid per filling which is why we all had so many - and didnt need them most of the time now thankfully that has changed so they grab money where they can...

kev l
they are getting richer...but if she needs them it save lots of money and misery if its done now rather then when she gets older

there trying to rip people off!

rie 83
Below is a statement from www.dentalhealth.org.uk. Your child is allowed free NHS dental treatment up until the age of 18.

You can have orthodontic treatment under the National Health Service or as a private patient. National Health treatment is free for children up to the age of 18 and students up to the age of 19 based as long as there is a clinical need. Other people entitled to free treatment are patients on a low income, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Everyone else has to pay the NHS charges. There is no charge for treatment in hospital departments.

You will only be entitled to treatment under the NHS if your condition is serious. Minor problems may be classed as cosmetic and would therefore be charged privately.

If you decide to have treatment privately, the orthodontist will be able to estimate the cost of your treatment and give you details. It is always a good idea to discuss the cost fully before treatment and, if necessary, have the cost confirmed in writing to avoid any confusion.

£700.oo!!! What happened to the NHS?We are all paying a fortune into that each week!! and theres BILLIONS in it, where does that money go??????

I am sure is their insurance bill, also the location is very important if you go to a rich neighborhood you'll get charged more, because people are willing to pay more.

He thinks is will straighten her teeth while in the growing stages. It is not necessary for health or eating. You do not have to pay for the brace. The dentist will obviously not reduce the price so it is affordable... If your daughter is healthy what more can you ask??? Go to another dentist --

if her teeth are really that bad then she should get them for free....I got mine for free and I am 15 my dentist referred me to an orthodontist that do both private and NHS work..

Elaine C
I go to France i think but unforuately ryan its not free in the uk not anymore anything for the goverment to get more money from us!!!

♥ Etheria ♥
Happening????? It has already happened Friend

[email protected]
most likely have become infected with that terrable humon decease greedeites

There a scam, Thats what we pay our taxes for (The NHS). I thought if you was under 16 it was free but when you are over 16 they charge you. But they see it as a good earner as people have to go a couple of times a year, and you dont go to the hospital that often (Hopefully).

But remember the whole of the tax system in the uk is to screw over the hard workers and give it to the people on the dole who cant be bothered to work.

gotta put there kids thru college somehow now dont they

Their crazy

They are going to Barbados for their hols.

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