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*im beautiful in blue*
Is this ok?????
Ok so my teeth were hurting really bad since I just got my braces adjusted. So I took 2 Ibuprofens that are 200 mg and the an hr later the pain was still there so I took one more..is this ok???? How many can I take without passing out if my teeth and head still hurt???

i wouldn't take any more than 3. if you still feel pain consult your orthodontist.

depending on your weight, you could take 4 ibuprofens at once and not hurt your body.

take Advil its good for pain but do not take more than 3 in a day becuse they are strong

Ibuprofen may hurt ur stomach, it's ok with 3 but take it after eating and try to reduce the dose it's better to ur stomach.

3 200 mg. is probably fine. 800 mg. is the prescription dose so don't take more than 4 total in a 6 hr. period.

That guy you hate, for no reason
um why are you taking that you are suppose to take an Aspirin not that and on the bottle it should say how long you should wait to take the next one and it will tell you what is the limit

while in the military, i benefitted from the 800mg ibuprofin that they handed out like m&ms. It is nicknamed "military Motrin" by the G.I.s. I wouldnt reccomend taking that much on a regular basis...it can tear up your stomach. But 600mg of ibuprofin isnt gonna land you in a hospital. Just remember...pain is the body's indicator that something is wrong. Seek medical advice if the pain continues more than 48hrs

600 is probably max for you, and no more for a good 6-8 hours. Contact your local pharmacist for more information. THey are happy to answer such questions.

yaya t
well it should say dont take more then 4 or 6 pills on the package within 24 hours

don't take advice on here.... go to the drug store and describe your situation to the pharmacist and they will tell you the proper over the counter meds to take and how often you should take them!!! trust me, they are there to help!

You should be fine, but I wouldn't take another. You should probably go back to the dentist or call & see if they can prescribe something for the pain.

You will be fine. But you should have a prescription if you are hurting that bad. Call you dentist.

Your teeth will hurt for about three days. it's normal! i remember when i put them on and i couldn't even eat bread soak in milk. But do not over do it with the pills. if it is intense go to your doctor

Rock Goddess
normal prescription Ibuprofen is 800mg. you can take up to 4 of the regular to make it 800.... but don't take any more.

Go rest. give the medication time to work. If they still hurt, you might need to talk to the ortho to see if maybe they tightened them too much.

Whatever you do, take the Advil with food. It is VERY tough on an empty stomach . I've been told that I can take 3 at once, ny my doctor. HOWEVER, that is just ME. I would check with my doctor if I were you. The doctor should know your weight and medical history. I work in a hosp and even as a PATIENT I know it is of the UTTMOST importance that your doctor know your medical history. You are obviously not sure what to do . That is understandable. Please tell your doctor. I hope you feel better,sweetie.

um yea hi
well read the label on the medicine. you usually have to wait for some amount of time before taking more, and make sure you are taking the right amount for ur weight/age. i took childrens Advil when i had braces (i can't swallow pills so i needed a liquid) and that helped a lot! (trust me. i had a pallet expander, then i had braces. i had a lot of pain) if this doesnt help you can call your orthodontist and he/she may write a prescription for Tylenol with codine (something like that) which is extra strong and may cause drowsiness.

trust me braces are worth the pain
good luck!

take the whole bottle

It is usually ok to take 800mg every 6 to 8 hours.

you won't pass out. but if you want fast relief try Advil liqui gel. i have braces too and i use them .. they are better than the rest. just take one 30 min be4 your appointment and then take 2 after your appointment. thats what i do each time.. speaking of which my appointment is in 45 min .. wish me luck :(

It sounds like you have a death wish. trust me, you don't wanna die because of an overdose of advils. people would laugh at that obituary.

Daddy James
read the direcftions printed right on the bottle perhaps ask the dentist for a pain killer that is stronger ?!!!!

Matt C
The maxinum of Ibuprofen you can take within a 24 hr period is 2400mg. So for you to take another 200mg after the first of 200mg, it is alright, given that you do not exceed the 2400mg. If you are in so much pain, you should take no more than 800mg every 4-6 hrs or call your dentist get a stronger pain medication such as Vicodin or Tylenol with codiene. The rule of thumb is not to exceed 2400mg with Ibuprofen, OK.

It is not uncommom to experience pain right after you get your braces on. Your teeth will feel like they are floating and loose, and like someone is pulling on it. Yes, someone is pulling on it meaning the wire on your teeth is active in trying to align your teeth. This will go on for sevreal months. Good luck.

Be careful with Ibuprofen. It can also cause serious stomach irritation. Be sure that you eat at least a couple of crackers with them.

Sorry about the painful braces. It will all pay off in the end.

don't take more than 2 in 4 hours. THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED DOSE, DO NOT TAKE MORE EXCEPT ON ADVICE OF A DOCTOR, it will make your stomach bleed. take Paracetamol instead, you can take it at the same time.
don't take Ibuprofen and Aspirin at the same time.

Stacy W
Take something else, because Ibuprofin isn't working. Try BC powder, or Advil. Aspirin is good too, as long as you aren't allergic.

Coo coo achoo
Try Aleve- it's naproxin sodium. Did your dentist recommend anything?

Your fine, 200mg is not that much but I wouldn't take anymore. Read the bottle to see how long you have to wait in between taking them.

take about 37 more

i know that 1,034 is the overdose point

and you're a little ***** if you have to take ibprofen when you get your braces on

doctor asho
no more,take after 8hours 400 mg.just take antibiotic like Erythromycin 500mg or Ciprofloxacin 500mg

anyway, i think u should go to find a dental as soon as possible.....

Don't take any more medication! 600mg is enough, possibly more than enough Ibruprofen. Drink something warm and get some Anbesol for you tooth ache. Feel better!

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