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Tell the truth.
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Gross!! None of you flossed or used mouth wash....

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would you try it if put under pure ...

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 Is it really possible to get drunk off mouth wash?
i know it has alcohol, but i kinda find it hard to believe they'd put alcohol in something kids can use to rinse their mouth daily. what is the alcohol content in mouth wash anyways?


 How do I remove mouth odour when regular use of mouth wash and toothpaste have failed?

 Is it bad for your teeth......?
if you chew on ice?
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Well crap!!!! I love to chew on ice....

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 I am 30 is too late for me to study for dentistry degree?

 My breath always stinks?
ok before i go to school i brush my teeth tounge and mouth wash! then my breat starts to stink at school all day long i have to keep popin tic tacs in my mouth i hate! i dont eat at school nor ...

can you drink soda if you have braces? explain please....

brendan d
Is the tooth fairy real.?

At one time in Europe, there was a tradition to bury baby teeth that fell out. The most commonly accepted belief by academics is the fairy's development from the tooth mouse, depicted in an 18th century French language fairy tale. In "La Bonne Petite Souris," a mouse changes into a fairy to help a good Queen defeat an evil King by hiding under his pillow to torment him and knocking out all his teeth.
This combination of ancient international traditions has evolved into one that is distinct in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and other Anglophonic cultures. Folklorist Tad Tuleja suggests three factors that have turned this folk belief into a national custom: postwar affluence, a child-directed family culture, and media encouragement.
Rosemary Wells, a former professor at the Northwestern University Dental School, found archival evidence that supports the origin of different tooth fairies in the United States around 1900, but the first written reference to one specific symbol in American literature did not appear until the 1949 book, "The Tooth Fairy" by Lee Rothgow. Dr. Wells created a Tooth Fairy Museum in 1993 in her hometown of Deerfield, Illinois.
The modern image of the Tooth Fairy has been shaped by depictions in various media. The fairy's first major appearance in popular culture in the United States came in the Peanuts comic strip. In a March 1961 strip, new character Frieda asks if the prices are set by the American Dental Society. The character of the Tooth Fairy has also appeared in several children's and an adults' books and films, as well as an eponymous radio series.

sorry but she not real :(

Yes your parents are real!

if your 4...lol

paula c

Jared L
Are you asking if the fairy tale toothfairy is based on a real person?

Hee hee... of course. How else would your parents put money under your pillow? Unless they are your imagination....

I hope your parents are real...

Brady W
Um let me think if im called a tooth fairy i guess so

is santa real?
is the easter bunny real?
is the boogie man real?

It depends if you are "experienced" or not.

I have seen the tooth fairy before.

Of course!

It depends on if she is in your heart. :)

♥ Amberlin ♥
depends if u believe in it or not. lets just say if u stop believing u stop getting money :D

Well, if you think about what the tooth fairy is, then you have the answer to your question.

Every night thousands of children put their lost teeth under their pillow and when they wake up in the morning, their tooth is gone, but they have a gift in return. NO ONE can dispute that, so their absolutely is someone coming into the bedrooms of children at night to take their teeth...that person is the tooth fairy!

Of course she is! :D

ellimay oh
What do you think ? All's I know is I stuck a tooth under a pillow and presto Wow money..

of course the tooth fairy is real

who else is leaving money under your pillow!

what are you gonna say santa isnt real?

ofcorse he is!!!


well you're adorable and yeah the tooth fairy is real as long as you believe in her. have fun losing baby teeth.

dr. T
Yes...I love the tooth fairy...it brings me money...i dont like living off of welfare...

ya, i get a quarter under my pillow every time i lose a tooth

Pimpin John
We'll never tell...

Don't be so silly - of course she is.
Who do you think put that $67,000,000 under my pillow?

You would say so if you knew my dentist.

I really hope so because if it isn't where did all my baby teeth go? haha
Merry Christmas

Hi. Funny, I don't FEEL rich.

The Tooth Fairy is no less real than Santa Claus. Perhaps more real, because I see lots of Santas, most of which didn't give me presents... but every time I lost a tooth, lo and behold, a coin under my pillow.

PS: What is the going rate on teeth these days? I'm thinking this may be why they keep on inventing new dollar coins...

Voice of Reason
Yes!!! I put money under my pillow at night.
When I wake up there's a tooth there.

hello :)

Southern Girl
yes....the tooth fairy made a mistake when my daughter was 8 and left her $10.00 instead of $1 since it was dark and the tooth fairy did not have a night light . LOL
So is SANTA in case you wondering about that one as well ;)


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