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Is it really possible to get drunk off mouth wash?
i know it has alcohol, but i kinda find it hard to believe they'd put alcohol in something kids can use to rinse their mouth daily. what is the alcohol content in mouth wash anyways?

and can you really get drunk off mouth wash?
Additional Details
lol i'm not stupid enough to do it, i'm just wondering

Yea, but you have to drink A LOT, and you would get very sick first.

no but you can fail a breathalyser from it. There were a couple incidents when teens were pulled over and failed the breathalyser after rinsing with Mouthwash. If you're a parent or something, you're worrying way too much. The alcohol content is almost nothing in Mouthwash.

riddlez da clown
no just go get beer

Ack It's Zack
Try it and find out.

Not that I know of but my friend had failed the breath test and got a DUI right after they use some mouth wash.

a. lynn
yeah actually you can, but that is also why there is a warning label and an age limit.
It's common for bums to drink Mouthwash for a buzz, it is really bad for your stomach however. Some elementary schools now are actually banning teachers from having hand sanitizer, because kids can get drunk off of that as well.
Hmm, if they're just looking for a cheap buzz, mad-dog is cheaper ;p

yes, it is. It's not meant for kids either btw..

no, many kids talk about it and some have tried it. you are going to throw up before you get drunk! the alcohol % is soo low that it is not even worth it! it is like people saying you can get high if you smoke a pound of banana peels.... why bother?

Bill Blanks
yes, you can can get drunk off Mouthwash. You can also die from drinking it. They contain 6-27% alcohol.

Not unless the mouth wash contains Alcohol and unless you drank the whole bottle. Even then the substainces in the Mouthwash would kill you before you got drunk. (Although some how some patients don't die.) Listerine contains 26.9 % alcohol.

You have to drink A LOT of it...but yes, its very possible. It's harmless in small doses, and besides...the kids aren't DRINKING it..they spit it out after.

Homeless people use it, aftershave, and even shoe polish to get drunk

Yes you could get drunk of the alcohol in the Mouthwash, however, since the alc is mixed in with these other chemicals, you would throw up before that would ever be remotely possible. Thereby defeating the purpose of trying to get drunk on Mouthwash.

Mike P
You'd get seriously ill before getting drunk on Mouthwash. Bad idea.

Drunk Turkey
you can get really sick....

Yes, it is possible - however - you would have to drink ALOT of it in order to do this and it would probably rip your stomach apart and damage your gums in the process. It's not meant to be swallowed, so it is not compatible with acids in your stomach. It's a bad idea to try it.

Ted P
the only problem with getting drunk off Mouthwash is that you have to drink a beer to cover up the smell

Yes, you can. Some Mouthwash has very high concentration of alcohol. I have seen as much as 27%. These are not drinkable kind of alcohol but nevertheles, you will get drunk if you drink enough of it.

Many mouthwashes in the product now are alcohol free.

It will make you sick so do not try!!!

Yeah! There was an episode of Intervention where the lady was hooked on it. She was would buy it by the case.

Wow! Why would I get a thumbs down for stating the facts? People are stupid.

Wounded Duck
Yes it is!

no i think you would get sick before you would get drunk

well even cough medicine has alcohol--so does Vanilla

You'd have to drink an awful lot to get drunk...likely it'd make you sick before you could ever GET drunk!

it could be possible if you drank a large amount of it

Miranda ! :D
the alcohol amount in Mouthwash is so small, you'd probably have to drink several bottles...if you could go without getting sick first.

Loves Van Halen
you'd have to drink a LOT. you'd drink so much, you'd probably throw up before you're even considered drunk.

i went to a party once and people were taking shots of it but all that happened was they got really, really reallllly sick. it was gross :/

If you drank enough of it maybe but that would be extremely gross.

if you drink enough of it then ya you can. its just that the directions say to only use a certain amount. which is why it is safe for kids. but if you actually drink a lot of it then yes you can

confused and dazed
yes but u have to drink alot of it and itll make you very sick! thats why its not meant to be swallowed.

John M
yes, it contains about 20% alcohol(check the back of the bottle to see), but its very unsafe

jackie under the moon!
yes you can. poor people buy that and hairspray to get drunk its horrible like why would anyone want to burn their insides like that just to get drunk.
i went to a store in a rough part of the city once to get hairspray and they almost wouldnt sell it to me they thouht i was going toget drunk off it i was like wow... look at my hair you can tell i use hairspray. but yeah so they told me all about people getting drunk off that and mouth wash

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