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HELPP!! Ive got a terrible toothache and I DO NOT want to go to the dentist (that place scares me). Any tips of easing the pain for the short or long run?

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 Getting Braces?
My two front teeth are uneven and i have an overbite and i have a tooth so far in my gum that i have a bump in my gum. Do I ahve to have braces?
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 Well answer me now plese?
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Is it better to get braces now i'm 16 or later when i'm 40?
my teeth arent that bad but wut should i do?

manda l
Now... you might not have ANY to brase when you are 40 ;-)

Sara Green
if they arent bad, then dont get them.

who said u should get them, the DENTIST or ur bf???

listen to the professional if they said so, otherwise, don't bother.

tom cruise got braces only a few years ago and he's old, and he's still hot, it doesn't matter.

as long as you're happy with ur teeth.

Read My Lips
It looks worse on older people :)

Interesting to think you would even consider getting braces if you don't really need them.

There is a new movement amongst orthodontist that removing teeth prevents the true line of your jaw growing.
Don't let them do this. Accidentally this was found out on a set of twins one had teeth removed and the other did not. One has a strong jaw the other a weak jaw. The placement of the teeth in very important to the growth of the bones in the lower face.

If at all you do something then find someone who will give you a night plate. this could be all you need.

Do try to think about this one carefully.


Now, the later you wait the more set the teeth are and the more challenging the job.

My children both started at ten when the adult teeth are coming in and the Orthodontist can open the spaces to allow them in without major movement.

They were both all done by 16.

get it now
it's easier for your teeth to get better while you're younger
my dentist and my mom told me that [btw..she works in a dental clinic]

Now, it is better when you're 16.

When you're 40, you wouldn't have the:
(a) time; "I still have time, haven't I? I'm only 40."
(b) resolve; "Why bother? I didn't do it when I was 16, why now?"
(c) courage (due to embarrassment) "Look at that. Braces at 40? HAHAHA"

i would recommend you get them done now,then when you start clubbing you will have wonderful straight teeth.

Penny J
get them done now so you don't have to suffer with bad teeth when you are older and besides, braces at 40 is too embarassing.

If you teeth aren't that bad, why get braces?

Free on NHS 'till you're 19 if your dentists thinks you need braces he will refer you to an orthodontist, but remember don't try to fix something that's not broken.

if u need them get them now

if you need them, i would get them now. its much easier to deal with as a kid then as a grown up.

see an orthadontist, and if you need them now, then get them while your bones in your jaws are still pliable and easily shaped.

it probly would be better now the longer you wait the more crooked the teeth get and the longer you'll have to wear the braces what ever you do do not choose invisaline they really don't work my sister wore them for 24 months which is how long they are supposed to take and she still ended up with wires because they did not straighten her teeth completely also concider shes 35 and waited until she was 33 to start the correction of her teeth so imagine how much harder it will be at 40 good luck in your desicion

now if u get them when ur forty u might have to keep them on longer

defenetly now

Ocean C
It would be better for you to get them now.

16 no doubt about it. My Mom is around 40 and wishes she had got them at age 13-16 when she had the chance.

I got them a couple years ago, best thing ever!!

This is a very good question that most teenagers don't think to ask. I will offer you just a few of the reasons why you should.

It is better for the patient; teeth take less time and are easier to shift or move into their corrected alignment with younger patients, with older ones the teeth must move through the denser bone which will take more time for the movement.

Also, any malaligned or crooked teeth are easier to develop interproximal decay due to difficulty in flossing thoroughly.

The teeth, if left in a mal-aligned state, will also cause damage or wear to the occlusal and incical surfaces and can cause TMJ to develop and tissue recession.

Another reason to have orthodontic treatment early that may be over looked would be that you don’t really know where you will "be" in your life at forty and may be paying for your children’s then. The older you get the less likely you will find it possible to do. In other words, you may find the money well spent better in other places then.

Discuss this with your parents and your dentist, then set up an orthodontic consultation. Everything will be set up for you from there. Good luck, I hope I've been of some help to you today.

it's better to get braces when u're still young.. so tat the teeth will shift easily.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can (or should) do today! Seriously. What will you be getting braces for? Is it medically necessary? Probably not. You usually get them for appearance. Why wait until you are forty? Do it now. You will be glad that you did! Smile!

health buff
Braces can be placed at almost any age once most of the adult teeth are present. After that, the single most common reason a person CANNOT have braces is due to the presence of periodontal disease. This is a disease in which the bone around the roots of your teeth is diseased and deteriorating. Eventually, if left untreated, it results in tooth loss. If you put braces on a patient with periodontal disease, you significantly hasten the loosening and loss of teeth due to the pressure the braces are applying.

So, avoid periodontal disease and you can get your braces when you are 40.

That said, the bone around the roots of your teeth at age 16 is softer than it will be at age 40. This means that the entire process from start to finish might be shorter if you go now, but not enough to tell you to march into the ortho office right now and get it done.

I wish I knew what your actual concern is because I could have dealt directly with what is on your mind.

Remember, only get braces if YOU want them. Don't let anyone talk you into them. They are a huuuuge commitment requiring complete excellence in home care and dietary changes.

Only get them if you need them because they're a pain in the ****! If you need them get them now so you enjoy the benefits of good dental heath for a majority of your life.

Get them as soon as you can.

If you get them when your teeth are still "moving" you may actually disfigure your face and need surgery when you are older.

I had them at 12, and now people, almost daily, tell me I have a beautiful smile. I am almost 40.

When I got braces, they were metal, and I had to wear a head gear 14 hours a day and a retainers.

Now a days, there are more options.

Good luck !


Address the dental problem now! Good, healthy, strong teeth are a must-have lifetime asset!

like with any health problem, its best to correct the problem now, rather than wait till it gets worse. but you should get a professional opinion.


I've got braces, I've had them for two years and will need them for another 2, but my teeth are genuinely looking great (under all the metal.) If you get them done now, the treatment will be over in no time and you'll have a beautiful smile!

If you leave it, your teeth have a chance of getting worse and possibly even unfixable. It'll cause you more pain as you will have an older gum and your teeth will be 'set in' more (if that makes sense) and you won't need your smile as much at that age as you do now!

Good luck x

ay.bay.bay ;)

Its far better to get them when you're young than later in life. A young person's teeth are (usually) in the best shape they'll ever be. The Calcium content in young teeth (and in the jaw bones) are at a good level so that when the teeth are moved around the teeth themselves withstand the added pressure with resilience, and as the teeth shift in the jaw, new bone can easily be grown to "back fill" where the tooth once was.

My aunt, for example, is in her mid-50's and for aesthetic reasons decided to get braces late last year. Its been slow-going, and the process (in my opinion, having worn braces myself in the past) has been much more painful for her. Older people (especially women) often suffer from some form of osteoperosis (lack of Calcium) so their teeth/bones are less resilient to stress, and can crack more easily. Older bones are also more "set in their ways" (for lack of a better phrase) than the bones of a young person. This fact makes the process of moving the teeth around a lot harder...not impossible..but much harder than it would have been had they gotten the braces when they were in their teens/20's.

In short..get them while you're still young.

See an orthodontist for an evaluation. He/she will tell you whether you need braces.

I had braces at age 42. I don't recommend that you wait that long. Crooked, crowded teeth can cause bone loss in the roots of your teeth, which then results in tooth loss. Because I waited until age 42, I have one front tooth that is chronically loose and must be held in place by a retainer.

Do it while you're young.

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