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Is it best to floss your teeth after or before brushing?
i usually floss after i brush.. however it seems like it makes sence to do it b4 i brush.. not sure... if you know for sure please tell me.. the more answers the better...


don't floss it's bad for you

I know for a fact it's better before because it's good to take the stuff out of your teeth first (with flossing) and then when u brush and rinse you're left clean. it also just feels better that way.

After, and I'll explain why. While your brushing, particles of food or/and bacteria get pushedin betweenen your teeth, and it'll stay ther untill you floss again, and it may lead to cavities. It's much better to flosafterward :D

I'd say before because when you brush your teeth it'll help to get the residue floss leaves! ^o^

Georgia A
i'd say before

It's absolutely better to floss afterward. The whole point of flossing is to clean up the areas that your toothbrush didn't reach. If you floss before, you're just pushing particles farther down below the gumline that may have been brushed away by the toothbrush had you waited until after. It's definitely not a good idea to floss before!

Famous Star
hahaha i used to do that and still had the same after taste!
it's DEFINITELY better to Floss before you brush that way all the bacteria and food particles and removed! then after you floss rinse with regular water spit and then brush your teeth! that way everything will be gone! OH & mouth wash could be put to use as well.
H0PE this helped

It doesn't matter ALL too much, but it makes more sense to do it before because all of the stuff you pull out gets washed out after when you brush your teeth instead of staying in your mouth were it would just cause more bacteria to form.

There is no right or wrong answer here. You should just make sure that you floss at least once per day.

I am a dental hygienist and I teach my patients to brush first then floss. Why?

It is the procedure we follow when we clean teeth. On patients, we were taught to polish first then floss so that some of the Fluoride in the polish gets between the teeth and then we rinse.

So basically I teach the patient to brush their teeth with the recommended toothpaste, spit out the toothpaste but don't rinse just yet. Floss so that the interproximal surfaces get some of the benefit of the toothpaste--Fluoride--then rinse with Antibacterial rinses. This is especially important for my patients that have issues with cavities.


Kristine G
after for the left over germs in your mouth after brushing!

Before. When you are flossing you're dislodging food particles in between the teeth. When you brush and rinse afterward you get them out of you mouth. Flossing afterward may leave food particles in your mouth.

Really, it doesn't matter when you do it, as long as you're doing it.
Brushing your teeth eliminates plaque build up on the surface of your teeth and bacteria.
Flossing gets rid of any food or plaque caught inbetween your teeth.
Just always do both, theres no real order required.
Personally however, I do it after.

Abbey M
i always floss before i brush my teeth because when you floss, there is alot of gunck (maybe) that comes out and when you brush after that, you brush the gunck away..and after you brush.. Mouthwash, it will help alot and i should whiten your teeth!!

♥♫♪☺~I Like Chocolate Milk~☺♪♫♥
after or before doesnt matter because

if u do it before it gets the big chunks out then a few small ones then u brush it to get a few small ones out and shine it


after because after u get all the big chunks out its time to get all the accsess stuff out

I always do it before, but I rinse before I floss. Think about it you get the remaining food and stuff inbetween your teeth...that comes to the surface...then you brush the surface stuff away.

happy flossing


Charlie W
Before. You remove the plaque from all the nooks and crannies of your teeth so your brush can get into those places and clean them properly, which the plaque would usually be blocking. Always remember to use Mouthwash too!

Paul E
After. If you do it before, you are flossing, then brushing food back in to the gaps you have just flossed.

John I
before brushing, get the gunk out first, then brush and rinse it away.

Sue S

Dog Owner
I say after you eat.

before, gets the stuff outta them before you pollish!

Oh ytcgj now you have got me thinking, im always after....


I do it before just to make sure that any of the plaque that could have gotten flicked out of my teeth onto my teeth is gone:)

after...or before and after............................

Jimmy L


both. or just after.

Trisha heart
I don't really think it matters. I do it before.

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