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Leo R
I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?
My right molar tooth has cracked open alittle and now anytime my tounge touches it it hurts... it hurts and its throbbing which keeps me awake at night =( there is a cavity on top of the tooth to. Are they gana remove it, if yes would it hurt badly? plz help!

Funny guy!
yes, it will hurt quite a bit!

→»€£ Çhî©Θ«?
thats funny cuz im getting all four out tomorrow. =[

Any teeth that going to be pulled out is going to hurt. The question is, "How much?"

---my site---

Hey. I've had 4 teeth pulled for braces, it doesn't hurt so long as you get the injections to numb your mouth. Go and see your dentist and they may not need to remove it as they may be able to do something else. The sooner you see your dentist, the better chance you have of saving your tooth :-)

first they give you either laughing gas and a shot to numb your entire face, or just a few shots in the mouth. you really just feel them pulling on your jaw, but no pain even when they get it out! You will probably have some pain the next few days, but shouldn't be anything ya cant handle especially if you are perscribed proper meds...Don't worry 'bout it !

yes, most likely they'll pull it out! if one needs to be pulled out i dont think will hurt that bad...i had all 4 pulled out at the same time! now that f****** hurts!

afterwards it will, if you are numb from the nova cane during the process, it shouldn't hurt then. make sure to take Advil and have alot of tissues in handy, it will honestly be a bloody scene, i'm nervous enough about my root canal tommorrow

lucy in the sky
I got 4 teeth pulled my front one and 3 molars and they gave me 2 types of sedative, one was a shot that didn't hurt and one was stuff they rub on, i couldn't feel a thing when they pulled it.
and yes, they probably will pull yours, that sounds like one hell of a sad tooth! don't worry, it won't hurt.

no... it won't hurt as they give you heavy sedative for 'low pain threshold' people like us. they give you several injections into your gum before the wrench it out. The worst bit is the sound it makes. Also, it might be a bit sensitive after.

btw get a fake tooth back in there. (so you can eat)

!!!Becca Roxx Yr Soxx Off!!!
if u get that laughing gas stuff then prob not but other wise u know it!

new in the USA
let me tell you that anytime you get any emergency situation like this ,the best thing to do is to call your dentist and tell him/her about it, the most you wait , the worst for you can be, if it is a 3rd molar you won't need it anymore, so they will pull it out, don/t worry no big deal, but if it 's a molar that is very useful, you better go right now to the dentist, they may do something to save that tooth,

hope you make that call and go to the dentist, asap!!!!

good luck!!

hurt like hell honestly

Numbuh 9.494
well, if they put this stuff in it to numb it and put you to sleep, no, but when you wake up, it will hurt for a few days after. if they dont...prepare for some pain.

I have had 8 teeth pulled at once, and one tooth pulled also. It isn't terrible. Let's be honest, having teeth pulled is never fun, but it isn't horrible either. I'd say that it is mildly unpleasant.

They usually numb you. I had 3 wisdom teeth done at the same time. I didn't feel a thing until AFTER they were out. But they give you medicine for the pain. You will be fine :)

It won't hurt... Trust me

Audi S
I don't know if they will remove it, but I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time using only local ansestheia (the shots). No biggie.

what i did to calm myself down,(because the nurses were acting catty with me and trying to psych me out "ooh it's going to be so painful") was look at the monitor that checks your heart rate and focus on the number. if it gets higher, make yourself relax so the number will go down.

if that doesn't work..remember what we say in Texas.."cowboy the f*ck up"


sort of depends if it's a baby tooth. I hope it is! If the tooth is REALLY badly gone (and I think this is worst case scenario* Your tooth could be sawed down to a stump, then they pt a crown on it (like a fake tooth) However, they might just be able to fill and let it fix itself. I would prepare myself for a crown if I were you, but stay hopeful, if it's only a little crack it's unlikely you will need a crown on it. I should also mention, if it's a baby tooth then there is no way you would need a crown.

Lrry M
I would think so.
Does it bring pain to the tooth or the tongue?

me for president!
shanaynay, you're rude!!!!!

To answer your quetion, they will give you a sedative so you can't feel it. I am sure it won't hurt any worse than it does now. Hang in there

they either gas you or give a needle

it doess not hurt but after a while the anastics start 2 wear off -take paint killers

Bill C
In todays age, nothing a dentist does hurts. They may fill the tooth, depending on how badly it's cracked, they may do a root canal depending on which tooth and they wouldn't want the tooth next to the molar to move, or they could remove the tooth. No matter what they do, they will numb your gums with a salve before giving you novacaine, the novacaine will numb the area, and you will not feel anything other than pressure in the area where they are working. Todays dentistry is pretty painless. They might even give you a prescription for when the novacaine wears off, in case there is some pain afterwards.

Don't ever worry about the dentist (just worry about the bill, especially if you don't have insurance).

If its cracked, most likely. It depends how deep the crack goes. I had mine filled like a cavity. It wont hurt though if they just fill it. If they pull it, most likely it will hurt some.

Yes , it hurts a little but it will eventually stop in like 10 minutes!!!!!!So it's not that bad.

Marissa C
if the doctors do it..then they will numb your mouth or put you to sleep... its not that big of a deal. When i was 7 i had 4 teeth pulled, didnt bother me at all...a "little 7 year old girl"

Mrs. Lovett
If they remove it, it will be way better then the pain you will have to go through if you let it stay in... Plus it can get infected and cause other serious problems.

Getting a tooth pulled isnt too bad. The worst part is getting the shot. Once that is done, the rest is cake.

I have real bad problems with my teeth. they might, they might not. best bet is if you ask them. they could also put a cap on it, or give it a root canal. but with any of these, you will be numb. it won't hurt as it's happening, but might feel some pain afterwards. it won'e be terrible. good luck:)

Taunte Rez
If they take it out it shouldn't hurt much. I was prescribed pain killers and only had to take them the first day, after that there was not much pain at all.

With proper meds, no.

You don't necessarily have to have the tooth pulled, you would want to see if the dentist can fix if, it is much better in the long run to keep the tooth and it does not hurt. The dentist will use a local anesthetic that is very effective, you may feel some tugging if the tooth is pulled, it won't hurt.

Magic Loo - the after pain from a root canal is usually minimal, Tylenol is usually sufficient and it is not a bloody mess either. The most aggravating thing about a root canal is that thing they stick in your mouth to keep it open.

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