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gerard d
I have a tooth ache can it can cause me serious troubes ??
This is my last radio ...
i have a tooth ache but i don't want to go to the dentist , besides i dont care to lossbut could it cause others problems like brain infection ?


taz c
Don't ask us - go to a dentist quickly & ask him!!!

mouth infection...eventually it will get into your gums

Best to go to your dentist

Agree. Go to the dentist, there really isn't anything to fear - they are there to help you.

Buy some Clove-oil from a herbal shop. If you put a few drops on the tooth, it reduces pain. And then go see the dentist.


David The Visionary
Yes long term effects can actually kill ya...

I just hate dentisits becuase of the price...

If it was free i would love it !!!

no, tooth aches hapen all the time. but it could be something more serious, so just in case i would go to a dentist.

Chris M
If the gum becomes infected it can lead to blood poisoning. It almost happened to me once when my wisdom teeth were coming through. I was then put on antibiotics. Go to the dentist as soon as possible.

kiran kumar mahaur
yes , u should definitely go for dentist.

tooth ache can be dangerous because you will loose your temper much more quickly than usual.

Only if an infection exists in the top front six teeth is brain infection a more likely possibility.

you should go to a dentist, a tooth can become abcess and infected, it will be even more painful and can over a period of time cause serious health problems, ive never heard of a brain infection though, it can really mess up you sinuses, GO TO A DENTIST

There is book with a very good title. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
You apparently fear going to the dentist, why? Because you fear the pain, and discomfort you will experience during your visit.
If you avoid going to see a dentist about your toothache, you will really know pain, not just for the 20 minutes in the dentists chair, but all day and all night. It will be so painful you probably will not be able to sleep, that in itself could cause you other problems.

I don't have an idea of your age, maybe you had a bad experience many years ago. Dentistry is not as painful as it used to be, it seems a bit intrusive, and there is some discomfort while
you are in the chair and the dentist is doing things in your mouth, but the relieve once they have dealt with your problem!

You need to go to the dentist for another reason than the toothache, you need to go to get rid of the fear you have for dentists. In that respect the toothache may be a good thing.

TOOTHACHE? And you don't want to go to go to the dentist? If you had toothache you'd be begging to go to the dentist. I hope you don't get it bigtime. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. As to other health problems, none that I know of as I'm still alive!

you could get a jaw infection,in which case you would have to have your jaw drilled into and a compound anti-biotic placed in! A jaw infection is very painfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't remember anyone saying that a toothache could cause Brain Tumours or problems, I just remember that Toaches usually mean that you have a cavity. It's not fun. If you don't want to see a dentist...use a toothbrush, and Mouthwash often.

seriosuly just go i hated the dentist well i still do and if i hadnt of put it off for 5 years i wouldnt have had to get a root filling done which i actually had today and it didnt hurt at all :)

I have had tooth ache for the last 2 weeks and couldn't get an appointment for another 2 weeks! the pain got so bad i had an emergency appointment! i thought i could have been a abs-es!!! luckily it was only a filling that had come loose!!!! only you'r dentist can sort that out with strong antibiotics! get ur self down to the dentist babe their not that bad!! i

Suzanne G
you could develop an abcess that could be infected. you may need the tooth removing and antibiotics. see a dentist.

What happens when you neglect your teeth is, during the decaying process, you accumulate a great deal of plaque! This plaque gathers in your blood stream and causes serious heart disease, it doesn't matter your age, it is the condition of your mouth. Brushing will not solve this problem, as you swallow a thousand times a day, and swallowing the plaque along with your saliva!See a Dentist you Fool! Don't you Value your Life and the ones who love you?

Sounds like you have a brain infection already. Go to the dentist.

Go to the dentist. The painful bit will be paying, but it will be worth it in the end. We only get one set of nashers, get it sorted.

to put it simply..... go the the dentist and fix it! If that thing really flares up, your gonna feel like your whole head is gonna blow and youll be begging to go!!!!! and unfortunately it always seems as though they get their worse when all dentists are closed, so get there, IM telling ya thats one pain ya dont want!!!!!!

[email protected]

Yup it could cause promblems..If you don't know what is causing it....Sometimes other things cause tooth aches..like an infection...If you have an ear ache it can cause your face/jaw to hurt...just an idea..your brain tells you something is wrong by making something hurt....if you don't listen..something else might hurt..so the first sign of pain you should take notice. It might be an abcess tooth....gums? it might be more serious like something is happening to your nerve....

If you don't go to a dentist....go to your doctor...or make a note where and when it hurts..these are ? they will ask...

You can take Tylenol/Advil for pain..also go to your local pharmacy they may be able to offer suggestions as well...

dentists are our friends....you can also check out your local colleges (anywhere that has a dental program) they have student dentists and they will be able to tell you what the matter is..and usually are much less expensive then a dentist..they are call clinics...

good luck!

Jenny from the block
You can get an infection. Go see a dentist!

Trust me; you have not seriously started to have a tooth ach yet! A toothache has been compared by women as worst than childbirth. Get it sorted before it develops into some thing diabolical, evil, and just bent on causing nothing but PAIN on an un-imaginary scale… welcome to the realm of The Toothache

i think that one of the Pharos died from a infection that started in a tooth.

I don't click on websites on answers or from anyone I don't know. Too much potential for viruses and who needs that expensive hassle? So if I missed your point by not going to that site, oh well.
To answer your question, a bad tooth can kill you, literally. Every year hundreds of people die from oral infections that began in the teeth. If your tooth is infected you need to be treated with antibiotics before, during and after any dental procedures. Choose a dentist and get going. Pain is a signal that something is wrong with your body. If you wait long enough the tooth will make you see a dentist! Let's just hope it isn't too late.

if you ignore your toothache, yes it could cause you serious problems...i don't know about it causing a "brain infection"...but you could get an abscess, and that infection could spread into your system...not good...you need at least some antibiotics, and yes, a trip to the dentist is called for...why suffer what is going to be ever-increasing pain...it can get VERY bad...and possibly a worsening infection, when you can go and get the tooth fixed or removed...don't give in to fear of dentists...do the wise thing!

[email protected]
Get to the dentist ASAP. I had a serious acute toothache several days' ago and went to my dentist for an x-ray. It turned out I had irreversible pulpitis (in other words, my tooth was dying). He happened to be able to do the root canal on me that same day (because someone called to cancel their appointment). The procedure was painless for me with a hint of laughing gas and numbing shots (I even fell asleep and started snoring), and now I feel 100% better. No more pain. I was eating even after the root canal (but had to be careful not to bite my still-numb tongue). This is my second root canal and I have never had any pain or after-effects.

Go to the dentist, trust me you'll be glad you did!

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