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I have a fever blister in my mouth like in the area that you would put chewing tabacco in what can I do for it
It hurts pretty bad and it on my lower gums what should i do?
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I never have chewed tabacco I just couldn't describe the area in the mouth that was bothering me so i used it as an example

This sounds like an aphthous ulcers. Most times this is cause by a local viral infection, and will heal with time and good oral hygiene.

As far as controlling your symptoms, the above suggestion of Benedryl and Maalox is a good one. I also would suggest using Oragel, available in any drug store, and applying it directly to your sore just prior to eating in order to numb the area and give you some relief.

Do you chew tobacco? You should stop if you do.

They make over the counter medications that will help with the pain of the sore by numbing it. You should probably go see a dentist if it doesn't clear on its own in a few days.

Put some blistex on it and stop using your tabacco for a week or two.

Nevada Pokerqueen
Do you Chew? If so get checked. Ulcerations could be cancerous. Chew diffinately causes mouth cancer.

If you dont chew, wait it out. Cold sores go away with a little time. You can rinse your mouth with salty water couple times per day or use the new Peroxide Mouthwash by Colgate.

Talk to your dentist.

do you have honey at home? put honey all over the blister. it will help you.
get well soon.
dr lie

Try putting some ice or something cold on it. Leave it on for a few minutes.

Go see a Doctor...

Nicole H
Do Not Dip- at least for a while. Rinse with Mouthwash every morning (and if you can remember every night) for a week. It should help to get rid of it. Also, yogart puts the healthy bacyeria that we need in our bodies back in and can help to heal mouth sores. If it doesn't heal I'd go to a doc so as to not get n infection

it could be a bacteria infection of the mouth if it has a white head you should go see the doc right away because if it moves down to you throat you could be put in the emg room i hope that i was of some help

larryt t
rinse with Listerine before sleep, and salt water during day every 3-4 hours, to kill germ, and put aneseptic pain killing mouth sour balm on top to seal off the wound. it will heal faster.. you might have the teeth grow sharp too outward, and it will cut a wound..

If you know that it is a fever blister, you can try numbing it with Ambesol (you can buy it at any pharmacy). It tastes bad, but it really works. There is also a type of pill that you can buy in Walmart that is right next to the lip balms in the health section that will help get rid of it. If you get fever blisters often, you might want to talk to your doctor about getting some medicine for it. I get them all the time and my doctor prescribes Zovirax and the fever blisters only last about a day or so.

Try rinsing your mouth with Listerine or salt water. If that doesn't help after a couple of days, then you need to see your doctor. You could have an onset of oral cancer.

Quack doc
If it is white, it is a canker sore and will go away. If it is red and scabby, it is Herpes Type 1 and you it will come and go life. Since it is on the inside, my guess is that it is white and a canker sore. It hurts and will go away in a few weeks.

What to do to make the pain less, rinse with salt water and use ground up cloves. Cloves are very effective for numbing pain in the mouth. Works much better then ambersol (sp) with teething babies and lasts longer. Don't believe me try it. Cloves are only a $1 in your spice section.

I would say "quit the chew". It causes mouth cancer.

Easier said then done, I guess. Maybe a smoker's anon. group can help. That can teach the dangers of smoking along with helping with the chew.

I"m not trying to sound like one of those "anti smoking people", though. I don't mind being around smoke or smokers, myself.

OK this will hurt but you need to put backing soda right on the spot till it all is dissolved and keep doing it as many times a day as you want until it is gone. Like i said it will hurt the first few times but then it wont and it will heal up Good luck hope i helped God Bless

If it is only a canker sore, read my instructions carefully. my dentist of 19 years told ME to do what I'm going to advise you. Its an old home remedy and it WORKS. Take a teaspoon of liquid Benedryl which only comes in childrens and mix it with equal amount of Malox or use off brand. DO NOT DRINK ! Rinse affected area for a minute or so and spit out. The benedryl will numb the pain and the Malox will dry up the canker sore. Let me know if this helps you. Usually goes away in few days.It works for me , , ,My 15 year old says it works for him also.
If you dip- STOP !

yvonne t
Have a doctor examine you. It could be an allergy, fever blisters or something else like herpes or precancer. Good luck

Queen B
are you sure its a fever blister and not a canker sore? if it is a canker sore, try using Rinsol on it. you can get it at walmart. my dentist gave me some when i bit my tongue really bad. it helped heal it up really fast

This is going to hurt, but gargle salt water.
What you have is a cold sore, did you just get over a cold or stomach ache, thats when they usually arouse. The sail water will take the unneeded moisture out letting it heal faster,
But if you do chew, that is going to delay the process.

Oh and don't swallow the salt water, unless you wanna puke too.

Dap some glycerine on cotton and apply on the blister.It heals them quicker.

That isn't a fever blister that is a canker sore. You get those from something in your stomach. Either you are getting too much of something or not enough. You can get medicine from over the counter. Orajel makes one and there is one called Kanka. It numbs the spot for you. I know it can be painful when you eat with one of those.

Gary D
Rinse mouth out well with lukewarm salted water. Also gargle with same. Apply Bonjella( child's teething cream) found in any drug store/supermarket. Repeat until symptoms disappear.
Do not smoke or chew tobacco and avoid acidic food and drink. If symptoms persist see a dentist.

It Sound petty much like your wisdom tooth is about to come down. I had the same kind of problem and went to the dentist he told me to get a good mouth wash, and rinse everyday. Its very sore i bet. I feel for you as i know what its like. Hope it clears up soon for you

Take an antacid like Tums and put in on the sore. It will help get rid of it sooner. Also, chloroseptic spray will help make it less painful.

Get a bottle of V-8 juice. Sip it and allow the juice to get to the sore. It only burns a little bit and only for the first instant. Do this and the sore will be healed by tomorrow. I guarantee this works.


This is totally safe just don't swallow it , it feels awful in your stomach.

I have done this for 40 years after flossing or for any mouth tenderness. It came from my Dentist and it still works great and is quick and cheap.

I recommend using Campho-Phenique. It numbs the sore and also sterilizes it at the same time, helping it to heal. All you have to do is dab a little on with a cotton swab.

If it doesn't go away in a couple of days, though, you should see a doctor or dentist (depending on how it feels).

swish salt water around your mouth in that area as well as brush teeth more than normal. b4 bed swish with peroxide careful not to swallow. sounds digusting but it is effective.

Married and loving it!!!!
Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide and water 3 times a day. I have to do it when I bite my cheek. And to the people that said to stop chewing when did this person said that they actually did chew? Its a fever blister!!!

Its probably a canker sore. You pretty much just have to wait those things out. Keep acidic foods away from it in the meantime. I get one everytime I go to the dentist and the last time it took a week for it to go away.

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