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I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?
im 16. i got braces on a few months ago and do monthy checks. i just went in for one today - i drive. the tops of my bottom front teeth seem to be wearing down a bit and they arent in the greatest shape. the dentist didnt say anything but spent quite a bit of time cleaning those bottom front teeth, which she doesnt normally do. i was just wondering if dentists can pick up the fact that a person is bulimic and if they can, do they say anything about it?

! :)
no, i dont thinnk they can. brush your teeth well is all i can say! :)

Master Anarchy
Probably not say anything about it, but

a) bile is acidic, and full of digestive sugars, so
- best to brush after each meal...
- better to digest than out of chest.

b) lack of nutrition means lack of Calcium going into growing teeth. Also, anxiety, even if it be unconscious, bodily tension, can lead to unaware teeth grinding, compounding the problem. So, again, have the guts to hold it in - it ain't a sin, deliscious win.

Dentists may concern themselves only with teeth, not wanting to complicate their lives. Nor need you do so.


Easy Button
if they suspect it, they have an obligation to tell your parents, you are only 16, plus they are paying for your bills.

Annabelle G
well.. your teeth can rot eventually if you keep up the bulimia.. eventually they wil ask you questions. . . I think eventually you will want to fix the bulimia so... Its not there place to assume that so they may ask you what you eat, and how often you brush.

Yeah, they definitely might. It is dangerous for your health and that is good enough reason for them to say something.

Sleeping Beauty™
yes they can. its happened to my friend.

Julianne B
yes they can

me me
yes cause the constant acid from your stomach WILL wear your teeth down and plus the lack of nutrients your body needs (because of throwing up) to keep your teeth healthy WILL also do the damage. please try to stop doing this you are hurting yourself.

I hope you are getting help with your illness.I don't know if you realize this but Karen Carpenter died because she was either bulimic or anorexic.It is good that you realize it.If it has been quiet a while, your dentist should have noticed but it may take even longer to show up in your teeth. I know after so long, you may start loosing your teeth, have bleeding gums(not enough vitamins)and really start looking like he**. I wouldn't worry so much about her as how to solve my problem before it is to late. Good luck and God Bless you.

hi I'm a dental asst not all dentist will notice it some will some won't but by you being bulimia that very bad for your teeth because your teeth isn't getting enough vitamin's and brushing your teeth isn't going to help once their worn down their worn down unless you get cosmetic work done

Sweetie, it seems you should be asking another question and not this. You need to get this disorder taken care of so you take care of yourself. If you're still purging how can your teeth ever get any better? Do you know what you're doing to yourself?? Honey get help....right now it's your teeth...who knows what it will be next time.
Get help please, you're health is way more important then being thin. You'll be dead before you're thin enough. It is seriously a disorder that needs to be treated. GET HELP!!!

Good Luck my dear....

maybe. or they could think it's genetics or your not getting enough Calcium.
you should really do something about your bulemia.
I have friends who have it.

talk to me if you'd like
[email protected]

yes your tooth enamel is being eroded by your stomach acid. this leaves the teeth very weak. he will have seen this for sure if he's a good dentist

yes they can pick up on the fact...they can say something, and whether or not they choose to say anything is a personal thing...if you're worried about it, maybe you should talk to your dentist...and get help...for your bulimia...just a thought

They would probably know, because it really does damage to your teeth. I don't know if they'd say anything, I would guess not, but it would depend on the dentist. Most probably wouldn't comment on other aspects of your life. They're only in it for the teeth after all!

yes, yes dentists are usually the first ones to notice because teeth wear down
please stop thats not good and could threaten your life talk to someone or something

They will most likely say something asking if you have been eating acidic or citrus foods a lot.
They may not jump to the conclusion of you being bulimic, but they may suspect it.
You should get help for that though, because you will have no teeth by the time you are 20!

Yes, she can. And you don't have to be a dentist to figure it out.

The man who owns the hair salon had to cancel my appointment last week. Would you like to know why? Because the incredibly pretty, very talented 21 year old stylist he hired last year, whom I've had many pleasant conversations with, died on Tuesday of BULIMIA!! Nothing like killing yourself before your time. I can't help but feel so sorry for her family. How do you think your family will feel when the same thing happens to you?

Get a clue, girl. You need professional help. There is nothing attractive about a skinny dead corpse.

yes. im a dentist and ive seen what happens. you can tell a person is bullimic when their teeth are decaying due to stomach acids. You should seek help and not be embarassed.

Lara Lou
Yes, they can pick up on that... And your teeth will rot out if you do not stop... They really will. My aunt did this and before five years was up all her teeth were black and falling out. Read this at the link below maybe it will convince you... There are better, easier and healthier ways to lose weight.

big red
i knew this girl that i was sure was bulemic because her teeth were really rotted and gross.
i would definatley stop if i were you...

Kablam Kiddo
unfortunately yes
its actually quite obvious to a dentist hon

maybe your dentist should say something, do you realise the health risks you are taking? Esophageal cancer is not pretty. Please get help before you really hurt yourself.

They will wonder because of the extra acid breakdown, but who would you be afraid they might say something to. You? If you are ashamed, maybe you should seek help.

yes they can... so you should get some help before you die

inky the spider
Yeah. They can simply check the posterior section of your teeth for that. Not to mention the fact that the lining of your esophagus is considerably thinner compared to that of a normal person.

If you're lucky, the dentist will say something. It would sound like this: What the heck are you doing with yourself and your health? Don't you know people can make themselves so sick they die?

Why don't you get help for this problem?

Julia D
Yeah, they can tell that something acidic is wearing down the teeth, and the most common cause for that among teenage girls is bulemia. So it's a pretty logical conclusion to come to.
They may or may not say anything about it though, depends on the dentist.

Yes, the teeth are eroded or rotting, due to the stomach acid that comes out each time. As for whether they say anything about, it depends on the dentist's personality.

sure they can...he probably noted it in your chart.

yes. Bulimia is very hard on your teeth - and your esophagus. The acidity of your vomit eats away the enamal on your teeth, and the lining of your esophagus. I am sure you already know all the harm bulimia can do to your body, so I hope you get some help!

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