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nikki c
I had a tooth removed 5 days ago n im still in as much pain as i was about 12hrs after it was removed?
the pain is mainly in my jaw tho, and radiates to my ear. ive been taking anti-b's as precautionary measure as have a heart murmur so dont think it can be an infection. My partner seems to think i may have a broken, or very badly bruised jaw. its still very swollen. it really hurts to talk or eat and so im still on a liquid diet. Is this normal or not?
Additional Details
if it was dry socket tho, would the pain be in the socket. it doesnt really hurt there, its my jaw that hurts? oh, n the swellings centre is kinda on the edge of the lower jaw bone under a tooth i still have?

could be u have an exposed nerve i had this with wisdom tooth extraction and its solved by dentist packing the cavity. alternatively u may have an infection. best thing is to return to dentist to get it checked. u say ur taking antibiotics but they may not be correct ones to deal with tooth infection so best check.

Billy Shears
I had a tooth removed and it is NOT like loosing a tooth at all. It is very painfull because all the nerves that ran to the tooth are severed, which is very painfull.

It could be dry socket's!! I'd call your dentist or who ever removed your tooth and ask what you should do. If it is dry socket, you'll have to go in to get them filled with gauze. Good luck!

~*~ i ♥ blue ~*~
go call the doctor who took the tooth out and tell him/her what you are experiencing. this doesnt sound good.

You need to return to the dentist. Don't make an appointment just go and get him to sort it.

owwwww must hurt

Dr 8'lls
No, go back to your dentist.

This does not sound normal to me, an extraction wound should only be sore for 24- 48 hours if that. You may be bruised if it was hard to take the tooth out but if it sounds like a good idea to go back to your dentist, he should be able to help you but if he does not give you any definite answers thebn go to your A&E department and you should find out an answer one way or another.

try taking Tylenol for pain,and swelling, and call your dentist!!!!!!

Your partner could be right. Or the infection could have moved into the jaw bone/tissue. You may want to contact the dentist and have them do an x-ray just to be safe!

i would say go back to the doc, 5 days sounds too long..... good luck :)

yeah it's normal...happens to me every time. If it doesn't slowly start to feel better then I would talk to a doc but a lot of times to pull teeth they have to open your jaw more than it was ever intended to open. If you have a small mouth it's even worse. After getting my wisdom teeth out my jaw hurt for weeks, however, after the first week it did slowly feel better.

Sabine É
I think you should see a dentist. I had a tooth removed and the pain gradually subsided over 3-7 days. On day 5 I was feeling much better although it was still swollen, it didn't hurt nearly as much as before, so I don't think yours is "normal". You could have developed dry socket. Call your dentist and have it checked out.

Shaun of Egg
Two years ago, due to 80% bone loss in my jaw, I had 21 teeth removed in two sittings, first the 10 back ones, then 2 weeks later the remaining 11 front ones and woke up with the prosthetics already in place. I was awake for all the work although, as a "Dental Phobic" I had slight sedation. I was aware of everything going on, and felt no pain during, or indeed after. In this day and age you do not expect anything other than mild discomfort from dentistry. they should have sent you for an orthodontic x-ray on the tooth to determine the angle of the roots. This would enable the dentist to extract it at the correct angle using least resistance. you dont want to have an infection in your gums if you have any sort of problem with your heart, so go back and get this checked as a matter of urgency. and remember, even if you have thin bone to your jaw as I had, an x-ray would have shown that and if it turns out you do have a fracture to your jaw, and that was due to excessive force used to remove it, and you did not have an x-ray that could very well mean your dentist has been negligent. I do agree that water with a bit of salt as hot as is comfortable to rinse your mouth, is good practice in that it cant make matters worse....see the dentist a.s.a.p

I feel for ya, I would go back to the dentist for advice or a prescription if an infection has set in, or your jaw might just still be bruised.
I had the last of my wisdom teeth out a month ago and it was the only one to cause complications as the gum was also sliced to get it out.
On day 4 or 5 the pain got even worse and I sobbed for 4 hours. I got antibiotics for the infection but the open wound was still bleeding by the end of week 2 and I didn't eat a single thing during this time.
Its now been a few weeks and my jaw is still aching and the hole hasn't closed properly so it might just take a bit more time for ya.
I would go back to the dentist to put your mind at rest if your worrying though.
Good luck with it

I had a wisdom tooth removed 2 weeks ago and i m still in pain...it was a huge one and the doctor said that it would hurt ! and it does! i dont worry...i take antibiotics and stuff....but....i suggest you call your doctor...just in case! gd luck

joey h
you probably have some food in the raw hole that is causing an infection, go back to yuor dentist

[email protected]
No go back to the Dentist far too long to have pain there other than that cant help best wishes

It sounds like it could be a dry socket. Call your dentist they need to see you to diagnose the problem. If it is a dry socket they can put some medicine in the socket where the tooth use to be. Yes the jaw can be painful too, but it is possable it might be something other then a dry socket. Usually with a dry socket the patient says it started to feel better a day or 2 after the surgery and then like 5-7 days after the surgery it was really painful. Dry sockets can take a long time to get better, you might need to see the dentist several times. They might give you some pain meds to help.....

Dry sockets happen because the extraction site is not healing correctly (clotting process), and bacteria gets into the wound. Smoking, drinking through a straw, lower teeth being extracted are more likely to contribute to the likelyhood of a dry socket.

It will not go away on it's own.

Call Your Dentist ASAP!!!

Em x
Its sounds as though you may have dry socket - basically when the clot of blood that helps it heal comes out - go back to your dentist as you must be in agony!

Ask your dentist whether you have a 'dry socket'...

Army mom
This much pain, 5 days after the extraction, is not normal. the pain should be getting a little less each day, not remaining the same. Contact your dentist ASAP.

In the meantime, ice your jaw, take Advil for the pain and swelling.

Kelly W
i had 5 removed at one time the doc told me if the pain last more than 3 days to come back because it means i have a dry socket he said a dry socket is extremly painful

This does not sound normal. It sounds as if you either have something called DRY SOCKET which can radiate pain into the jaw area and other parts of you dental arches. Or you can have a fratured jaw line, which is possible also. What I would do is go back to the dentist and they could check for dry socket and if that is not the case, then go to urgent care to check your jaw for fractures.

Well, this is not normal, you may want to talk the whole situation to your dentist. If he/she can't help, I advise you to see a doctor.

Mary Jo D
i had the same thing mine was from tmg its when ur jaw is out of place get it checked out

go back to your dentist. It could be that where the tooth was removed the nerve hasn't been removed and is infected.

i think so when ur tooth was pulled out it probably hit a nerve and it will hurt sooo take some Advil or Aleve it will go away soon

WHO am i?
i had 4 wisdom teeth out 15 years ago and it still aches now.

Sounds like Dry Socket to me!! OUCH!!!! Not much you can do for it but wait, don't drink Carbonated bevarages or drink with a straw! no smoking!!!!! Try to keep you mouth moist at all times, keep food out of the whole! Some people take longer to heal, and you may need an antibiotic just incase of infection!

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