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Rachel b
I got to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out in hospital,are you put asleep or are you awake?

If in hospital , then yes you will be put to sleep,as they may be hard to retrieve from the dark recesses of your mouth. Both myself and my brother have had it done that way, and apart from looking like a hamster for a few days its ok, much better than years of pain and discomfort as your teeth grow in and gradually push the others out of alignment. Although i hope you are ok with anaesthetic as it made me real weird, instead of four hours in and out , i had to be kept in twenty-four hours! Don't worry its so routine an op.

Since you are having them taken out at the hospital, I would assume you will be asleep. I had mine taken out at the dentist office because he said they were not difficult extractions and was awake (he was right) but very numb. Good luck.

In most hospital dental clinics they provide nitrous gas with IV sedation. Or your could be sent to the OR for Sedation. Either way is dangerous but common practice.

Depends how much of a wuse you are.
If they think you can handle it, they'll just give you a local.

If they think you'rea crybaby, they'll give you a general.

Take my advice, BE A CRY BABY !
It hurts like hell, and if they can't get the teeth out cleanly, when they start drilling through your jaw bone to Loosen the teeth, it vibrates all the way into your eye sockets...

Barking mad
Rachel, you will be on cloud nine and it is wonderful, fear not. Make sure mum has plenty of soup for you, cos you will not feel like eating anything for a while.

I had mine done 38 years ago. It was a full anaesthetic and I was in hospital three days.

Usually asleep, but some do it while still awake. Theyre just completely numb.

i presume asleep thats why they are doing it in the hospital

Wisdom teeth is usually general anaesthetic - i.e. asleep. Hence why it's done in hospital not in a normal dentist surgery.

asleep in my experience, luckily!

Oh I feel for you. I had all four out in June this year. I had a general anaesthetic. The reason for this is because they are very deep rooted, they can become impacted (which mine were). Trust me you wouldn't want to be awake for that. For those who are more straight foward you can have them out at the dentist. As you are going to hospital you will most certainly be asleep. Good luck. x

local i think on the NHS at a hospital if yre british

Every patient is unique. Once you explain your condition/feeling about dental treatment (or if you see dentists with fangs), hospital would know whether you are a candiate for just a local anesthesia or need to be blacked out for treatment. Expecting a mild to moderate pain for couple of days after surgery is best thing that prepares you to fight it with confidence. Just kick the pain out of your mind and you are through with bravety.

you will be put to sleep

My sister had them taken out while she was asleep. She was kept in overnight. Good luck.

Suzanne L
You should have already been told this by your Dentist, it could be either, it depends on what you have decided yourself, I cannot believe that your Dentist has not discussed this with you - how unprofessional. You should have a consultation at the hospital prior to the operation anyway, so you can at least discuss the matter with your consultant, I had all 4 of mine removed in hospital under general anaesthetic (put to sleep) and it was no problem at all. The most important thing is to keep them clean once you come home, or else you can get a nasty infection. Good luck.

That's for you and your surgeon to discuss and decide.

Michael D
i had it done a week ago..but at the doctors..i was put out..but not totally asleep..just had no clue what was going on..but i believe if u are in the hospital u may be put totally under...but if u are having it done in the hospital i guarentee you will not be awake...but dont worry..the worst is the first few days..just make sure you have the pain medication before the novacaine wears off and ask the doctor if you should take a pill before it wears off..i didnt get my medication til a little after it wore off and trust me, it is painful at that time...i have my follow up tomorrow..hopefully i can get off this soup and pasta eating spree i had to keep the past week..good luck

You'd have to ask...could be either... Had mine out under GA (asleep) so I wasn't aware of anything, only that I had a big, fat face for about a week afterwards (lol) You'll be fine though.

they put me to sleep . you will be fine dont worry

Melissa M
I had mine done at an oral surgery clinic. The doctor recommended that I be put to sleep, which was fine with me. My best friend was awake for hers, and she said she didn't feel pain, just a lot of pressure. I don't think I'd want to be awake to see the teeth come out though.

Best of luck to you. It's not fun, but it heals fairly quickly.

I was asleep when they removed mine but I dont know if that was because they took them out of the gum - they had not come through as there was no room. Was soon up and about. Much prefer to be asleep

well i slept and was only having one out, the guy next to me in the recovery ward had a bad reaction to the anasthetic and died right next to me....

More often than not its done with the patient asleep.

sleep normally

You have a general ansesthetic so are therefore asleep. When you wake up it will be like nothing has happened. You will just feel a little scratch and then nothing else so do't worry.

I had mine out and when I came round, the kind nurse had put the teeth, roots and all, into a pot in my hand so it was the first thing I saw! Nice!

i had two of them pulled. I had the option, and chose being put to sleep.. I had the dentist and I'm a chicken with pain!... it's the best thing before you know it you wake up and it's all over!

if they do all four then you will be asleep

Baby Doll
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. They did one side, then a few weeks later, they did the other side. I got mine done in a hospital, but I was awake the whole time. It really wasn't that bad. And when I hear people complain about their wisdom teeth I am sooo glad mine are out!!!

i was put to sleep but then mine hadnt come through so they had to be cut out the gums, i am pretty sure you will be put to sleep.

Jason S
your put to sleep. My girlfriends sister had it done a few months ago

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