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varun k
I brush for about 15 minutes on an average.is this bad for my teeth?
everyone keeps telling me to do something about it

That's nuts, your not gonna have any enamel on them, then they turn yellow, I think 2-3 minutes is sufficient.

yeah your rubbing the enamel off, you should brush for 2-3 minutes at a time, hard to believe someone would stand there brushing there teeth for that long

15 minutes?? after how long you haven't brush your teeth ? 1 month ...?? make sense.

wow, you must have good muscles built up in your fingers and wrists. I think it's totally, 110% fine, don't change your ways if it makes you happy!

yea it will heart your teeth

Yes, 15 minutes will hurt your gums even if you are using a soft bristle brush...You only need a full three minutes.

Most electric tooth brushes are set for three minutes. Think about getting one. Use the extra minutes for flossing, gargling and using Mouthwash.

Brushing too long isn't bad for your teeth, its hard on your gums and your gums will start to recede as you get older. Since gums hold your teeth in place it will eventually be bad for your teeth.

15 minutes is way too long to be brushing your teeth. 2-3 minutes is enough, but if you do it for as long as you are, you're wearing away the enamel much faster and that's what keeps your teeth nice and strong

Old Mad One
Brushing for this long can do damage to the enamel of your teeth. In the long run your teeth will look yellow and damaged. Brush for 3 minutes max!

thirsty mind
Don't brush your gum away from your teeth. You want a sonic tooth brush. Same effect, less time.

It's a little much; can you do it for five?

My dentist says 2 min. total is good. I don't know if more is bad.

prescription from a doctor is to brush your teeth for just to miniutes but if you find it hard to minimize your time to this number just progress and day by day get lower and lower for example one day 13, 11 and get lower and lower

What is 'everyone' suggesting that you do, brush more or less?

I get work done at a dental school. They told me that it's best to go in circles rather than up/down or sideways, use a soft brush, and pay particular attention to the inside of the lower front teeth. That's because I smoke and drink coffee and that area gets stained badly.

Hayley B
yes it is bad for your teeth. i am a brushing teeth fanatic, and i have very clean teeth, but i also have a little nasty thing call recieving gums. extreamly painfull! its right at your gum line, and it feels like you have a cavity. i would not risk getting that. and if you do feel like you have to brush for that long, don't use toothpaste. it will lessen your chances

You could be destroying some of the enamel on your teeth? What does your dentist say?

yeah... you only need to brush them for 2 minutes...

you'll brush the enamel off, after time will cause cavities... Enamel protects the teeth from cavities

I think that would depend on if you are an overly agressive brusher. I used to brush my teeth that long as well. Since then I have gotten over it and lowered the time to about 5 minutes. It's alot more important that you spend time everyday FLOSSING.

Yeah, not so much for your teeth, but your gums. It wears them down, causing more sensitivity in your teeth. I know b/c I do this too. In the long run, you could require costly surgery on your gums so STOP DOING THIS now. Good luck.

professional professional
if you brush too much or too long you can wear the enamal off of your teeth or corrode your gums

Mike Hunt
No it is bad for your gums. I'm sure your teeth love it though.

country [email protected]@ luvs you!

x..SmiLe ItS LiFe..x
no but omg tht are plenty more things you could be doing than brushing your teeth

mustang mama
I WOULD THINK YOUR GUMS MIGHT RECEDE. same thing happened to my mom

it depends on the toothbrush that ur using and tooth paste!! but u shouldnt brush hard...but all in all...it is ok for ur teeth

technical difficulties
holy crap dude!

no no no bad for the enamel and gums.

brush the teeth for 4 minutes at the most.

there's no need for 15 minutes let alone a full 4 minutes.. just brush until the scum and dirt is off.. where you get that smooth feel with your tongue.. then brush the tongue... brush the gums gently and of course before all that floss.

floss is just a moment... all the teeth get the junk out... then brush... then rinse with Mouthwash..

that's it the whole process shouldn't take 6 minutes.

long term brushing can damage gums and teeth.

a kinder, gentler me
It's bad for your teeth and gums...you should only brush for about a minute or so.

Don't believe me? Go ask your dentist. As a matter of fact, that's who you SHOULD be asking anyway!

J. Charles
I was always told 2-4 Minutes (depending if you use an Ultra Sonic Toothbrush or manual)

Dumpy Poofus
probably good for your teefusses, but bad for your gums.

Ask a dentist.

╣China ♥ Doll╠
It's actually bad for your gums, not your teeth. You're brushing for way too long.

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