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How to get natural looking white teeth without bleaching or whitening?
does anii 1 no anii natural remadies or really good toothpastes
that work well to achieve a great smile??? xxxxxxx

Writers Instincts
Brush daily

hmmmm Strawberries have a natural bleaching effect and are loaded with vitamin C, so you simply can't lose. Rub the pulp over your teeth and then rinse i heard it works...good luck and smile :)

Rinse your mouth with peroxide and brush with baking soda..it works amazingly!

well i heard dat if u eat onions its good 4 ur teeth and it will clear da plauqe and it will make it whiter.but u have 2 eat it raw wit like rice or somethin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im not so sure tho and 2 clear da Onion breath u can brush wit da whitening toothpaste or eat like 5 ticktacks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brush with baking soda. I do then I rinse with an alcohol free rinse. My mouth has never felt better and my teeth are getting nice and white. Not to mention clean!

tina l
Believe it or not. Eatting raw veggies and friut such as carrots and apples, will help remove stains and tartar from your teeth. Biting into a lemon for a about 30 seconds desolves stains. And the best for last. Brush your teeth with baking soda and rinse for 30 seconds with peroxide. I hope these tips help.

Accidentally in Love
brush your teeth when you wake up...

brush your teeth after breakfast

brush your teeth after any snacks

brush your teeth after lunch

brush your teeth after dinner

brush your teeth before bed


A lot of people respond with the answers of brushing your teeth more, staying away from sodas, not drinking coffee, not smoking, ect... however...
in my case my teeth have always been an offcolor for as long as I can remember... I never tried 'bleaching' but I dont drink alot of soda, never smoked and dont like coffee. So I think it just depends for some folks.

Brush yo teeth

just use colgate total wightning it has natural ingrdients to whiten your teeth in 5 days keep sendin!!!!!!!!

Swift Wings
Good nutrition (eating well).


do NOT use the baking soda method. it is the worst possible thing you can do to your teeth, it wears down the enamel and sometimes makes your teeth hella sensitive. try BlanX, it uses natural ingredients to whiten teeth


Avoid dark drinks and foods. Our teeth absorb the coloring from coffee, tea, cola, beets, blueberries.

Here are several whitening treatments you can try at home.

First, brushing your teeth with baking soda.

Get Arm & Hammer or another baking soda brand in a small box especially for use in brushing your teeth. Get your own personal box of baking soda; as you will see, this will help prevent waste and keep you from spreading germs as well. To use the baking soda in brushing, first clean your toothbrush thoroughly. Now, shake your toothbrush fairly dry. Next dip the toothbrush in the baking soda so it is completely covered in the white powder. Now brush your teeth thoroughly, scrubbing all sides. It is not really harmful to brush until there is some slight and occasional bleeding of the gums or from between the teeth. This practice after each and every meal can whiten teeth remarkably in two months. You should then continue this habit throughout your life.

Or, try brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide.

You can try brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide. I would recommend you not swallow any. Put a small puddle of peroxide into a Dixie cup. Cover the brush in peroxide by dipping the brush as you tilt the cup. Now brush thoroughly as with the baking soda. This type of brushing can be done once a day. Spit any fluids; don’t swallow at any time while brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Check with the Hydrogen Peroxide manufacturer for degrees of warning for this use. Though brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide is in common use, you should be well informed of any concerns there may be given the amount of peroxide that might be used and therefore that there would be any risk of swallowing. Rinse completely after brushing with water and then a good Mouthwash. This habit will help whiten teeth in a period of two to three months or more if kept in a daily regimen.

Combine baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide for a double tough whitening formula.

A few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with a heaped teaspoon full of baking soda will make a paste adequate to control the further yellowing of teeth and bring back their youthful and lustrous white in just a few months time. Brush thoroughly with this paste after mixing on a tissue or in a Dixie cup. Rinse thoroughly after with water or a good Mouthwash such as Listerine.

Here are some diet recommendations for proper maintenance of tooth whiteness:

Eat more fruits, especially apples, to clean teeth naturally.

Stay away from sweets and sugars to keep teeth from decay.

Drink tap water to get a good source of fluorides in your diet.

Quit smoking and drinking to keep teeth strong and free from yellowing.

Drink plenty of water to naturally rinse the mouth throughout the day.

Milk is for strong teeth, too.

Take a good multiple Vitamin such as the time-released brands found at GNC to keep teeth well nurtured from within.

General mouth hygiene is a great defense. Brush and floss after every meal.

Whether using a combination toothpaste or one of the recommended substitutes above, you should brush and floss thoroughly in the following manner after every meal each and every day.

Floss first to Loosen food debris logged between teeth. Brush the front and sides of teeth, bottom and top, outside first. Brush them side to side, then up and down, then repeat. Brush the inside surface of all teeth in the same manner as much as mechanics here will allow. Brush the bottoms and tops of upper and lower teeth as well, that being the actual biting and chewing surfaces. Now rinse and, if needed, floss again to make certain you haven’t jammed something back between teeth. Check the job thoroughly with a mirror and a smile.

Jeremy T
back to basics...brush your teeth properly.

i used crest whitestrips this summer its only for 7 days and twice a day for both the top and bottom... it worked excellent, my teeth are really white. but i still want them whiter! haha im clean obsessed..

eat sour granny smith apples. those green ones. they taste great and make your teeth feel the same way!


Hmmm. . . Well a while back a friend suggested I'd rub my teeth with strawberries, and I swear it really did work. All I did was get a strawberry and scrubbed it on my teeth then rinsed and my teeth were ALOT whiter. Sounds crazy, but it really did work. But if you don't have strawberries then rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide 2 times a day for about a minute. If you don't have Peroxide, then you could make a toothpaste yourself by getting a cup and putting baking soda and a bit of water in it, then just put some on your toothbrush and brush. I guarantee these will work, or at least they really did for me. I recommend you try them. Goodluck! =]

I must warn you though that Peroxide does damage your enamel (My bad if I spelled that wrong) so you might want to stick to using it once a day or once every other day. Again goodluck! =]

Teeth are grey, yellow or brown for many reasons.

Unfortunately, they're "naturally" discolored. White teeth are rare after you're 40.

Yes - Tom's all natural toothpaste. you can find it in CVS type stores usually. It has dramatically whitened my teeth so much that my friend wanted to try it too - it worked really well for him too - it tastes different the first few times - but it is safe, good, and really helps whitening your teeth just by brushing.

Try the toothpaste COLGATE TOTAL PROFESSIONAL WEEKLY CLEAN.You use it only once a week & it has the same cleaning ingredients in it that Dental Hygenists use to clean your teeth.

colgate has a "plus whitening" in one of their toothpastes that works good, and also has a "pre brush" Mouthwash that is whitening (which works GREAT!)

I have always used baking soda and peroxide mix. not the best taste but it works well. You can always brush with tasty toothpaste or Mouthwash after. Stay away from staining foods and drinks coffee, cola..... and most of all DONT SMOKE.

i have been told my my orthodontist that if u mix just enough peroxide and baking soada it will make our teeth a whole shade whiter in just one week! this is the same technique they use. trust me, if u do this it will work, he said it is the best way. i hope this helps

[email protected]
I have never used whiteners on my teeth and my teeth are very white. All I do is pre-rinse with a solution of peroxide and water half and half of both. Rinse for 1 minute, then spit, but do not rinse with water. then brush your teeth with normal toothpaste your favorite brand will work. then rinse with your choice of mouth wash. Do this every morning and every night before bed and within one week you will notice a difference. Keep it up and before long you will have naturally white teeth.

Use peroxide, just swish it in your mouth like mouth wash, Works Great!

Avoid having soda, coffee, tea, etc. contact with your teeth. Drink these liquids through a straw or stop drinking them altogether.
Brush your teeth regularly with Crest PRO-Health (my favorite) and floss to keep your teeh healthy for a lifetime!
Also, avoid eating too much candy!

There are no NATURAL products that will achieve today's blinding white teeth as teeth are not naturally "that" white. However today people want the major white smiles and I understand why. The bleaching can best be achieved with whitening strips which are made of concentrated peroxide. Baking soda will wear away the enamel and it major rough on the teeth my dentist says to stay away from this. Making sure you have regular dental visits will keep your teeth healthy. Listerine pre-brush rinse is basically peroxide that helps keep your teeth white between the treatments with the dental whitening strips. Avoid coffee, tea and soda as these will stain the teeth. If you must drink tea or soda try using a straw as this helps avoid the teeth.

I must address the poster below that stated that lemon juice and strawberries whiten. NOT so. Lemon juice will melt your tooth enamel
See this link

I don't really know, but the only thing I do know is that stripes to help. However, that crazy answer at the couple of drops of lemon drops or the strawberries, that dude is trippin. That acid on your teeth will eat away at your enamel and damage your teeth. That's a crazy answer. Consult a dentist. Whatever tooth paste you use, make sure it's ada approved, your Mouthwash should be too. Also, sometimes tarter build up along your gum line and under your gum line will hurt the whiteness of your teeth, if you get this cleaned by a dentist, it could improve the whiteness of your teeth. Stripes don't hurt your teeth either, I asked the dentist. They said it helps for many people!

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