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 Whats the best cure for toothache?

 My gums bleed when I brush my teeth...?
...and have for the last 20 years, almost every time I brush. I don't know why, they don't particular hurt. Maybe twuice a year the swell a little, but nothing serious. What's going on?...

 Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?

 I am getting braces tommorow do they heart when you put them on and after?

 Getting braces tomorrow!?
Tomorrow I am getting braces. Top braces first & then a couple months later bottom braces.

Should I get GRAY or PURPLE?

I just want one color.

Do you know how ...

 Braces and Pain?
I am 32 and my daughter is 11, we are both getting braces this year - we have great insurance and I have always wanted to get my one crooked tooth fixed! Anyway, I'm wondering how painful it ...

 What Color Braces Should I get?
well.......I'm getting braces.....SOON......I'm really scared, and I don't know what color braces to get. So what color braces do you think is the best.

Please Help!...

 Whats the kind of toothpaste you use?

 I'm shy to smile because my teeth are yellowish :(?
The thing is I talked to the dentist and she said my teeth cannot be whitened, plus it’s my natural color of teeth – yellowish. I’m trying to smile less as I’m getting older, plus I’m ...

 Do braces hurt and do they bother your mouth?
Well i'm getting braces on the 21st and I don't know about them that much. I don't no what 2 eat or what. i was wondering what colors i should get too. i like maroon and black would ...

 Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?
Ok I am 20 and I wanted to get braces, do you think its too late? I just personally think it will well worth it in life....

 I got to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out in hospital,are you put asleep or are you awake?

 Is the tooth fairy real.?

 Do you floss?
I don't. but I just want to see if other people do....

 I got surgery on my mouth 4 days ago, do you think it is okay to smoke now?
all four of my wisdom teeth were surgically removed, i haven't smoke at all in the past four days, and i need a cigg, if your just going to tell me to quit smoking dont even bother to answer ...

 Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
The bottle doesn't say. And yes, I could be an idiot for not knowing....

 How many times do change your toothbrush in a year?

 Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?
i get braces in 3 weeks and im a little nervous. HELP!...

 Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?

 Do braces hurt??
i might have to get braces do they hurt?
Additional Details
thanks you for you ...

How old is too old to get braces?

i think when you go to high school which is probably around 15 or 16.

doesnt matta

~Gods Property~
You are never to old to get braces...You can be too young tho...Some STUPID people give their children braces when they still have their baby teeth and when their baby teeth fall out they need another set of braces also If you are old and have false teeth you don't need them....MMMKAY

I'm 25 and have invisalign, they are working out great so far.

The Did

[email protected]
to me it doesn't atter because I know lots of people and see lots of people in their 30,s wearing braces. But I'd probably have to say if your 50 than it is too old.

For me, I'd say 14, cuz in high school people may make fun of you...but then like some previous answer had stated, you could just get invisalign, I might get it too...after high school, people dont really care what you dress like or if you have braces or anything, so I recommend you get braces between the ages 5 to 14, then 18 to whenever...5 cuz I know this girl who got braces when she was 5, might've been ultra painful...but my point is is that it doesnt matter with the age, its whether or not you want your teeth to be straightened...and that getting braces at an earlier age'll be a lot less painless to you both physically and mentally

I'm in need of braces. But I feel that by 23 years old, it's a little late. My smile has been good enough so far, it'll carry me all the way. Of course, I would say every person has his or her own opinion on this matter.

You are never too old to get braces. My english teacher is in her 50s and she just got braces. They have really non-envasive braces now so often times you can hardly even notice unless you're looking for them. And some braces you can get you only have to wear at night when you sleep.

Your never too old to get braces. I see cashier of 20 and once 30 having them. You can aloso get invisalign.

your never too old to get braces my step sis got braces at age 21

You are too old when you lose your teeth or die.


I don't think that any age is too old to get braces my old kindergarden teacher who was at least 40 had them. She wore them well. There is too young of an age to get them though.

if you're worried about being too old to get them, keep in mind that there are a ton of options nowadays. there are invisalign braces that work great for people who need braces but dont want other people to know they have them.

I don't think you're ever too old. My mother got them and she's 46. If you're self-concious about ask to get clear ones.


You're never to old to get braces. There isn't an age limit.

The doctor told me it doesn't matter but in public, u would want to get it before 17.Trust the doctor.

Actually there's not an age that is "too old" for braces. The techology with braces has really advanced. There's a type of braces called Invisilign that you can (from what I remember) you can take out? There are clear braces too, instead of picking the color elastics to hold the wires together.

It is never too old. The new generation of braces are clear plastic that no one will notice unless they are face-to-face with you.

Fancy You
I would think it is too old to get braces when your teeth are starting to fall out. Until then, it's all fair game!

♫♪♫ PINKY ♫♪♫
Never to old.

ms osagesacramento
there is no certain age bracet. If you need them at 45 or whatever, its okay. Who cares what others think anyways? You would be taking care of yourself and that is great!

youre never too old to get braces, its just better to get them while you are still in elementary school

It is never too old to get braces. If you are worried about how you will be viewed, think of it as a way of bettering yourself. You should not be ashamed of making yourself feel better. Also, they have new types out there like invisallign (I know I spelled that wrong, sorry) which are not as noticeble.

You're never too old to get braces. You just need to ask yourself why you want them. Is it vanity or dental / oral health?

It's probably easiest to do when you're in your teens, since it's more common. The most important thing is that you take care of your teeth while you're in your program so you don't end up with extra cavities, gum disease, etc. because you weren't flossing or brushing as much. Having braces is a pain, literal and figurative, but it's worthwhile, or at least it was for me.

For people considering braces, especially adults, the best source of information and support is ArchWired, below.

Kimmy <3
you are never too old. i have them, but I am only 14.

your never too old because if you need them you should really get them.

Don`t worry about what others thinks, if you need braces use it. If you don`t ..........

☆ Mrs. L ☆
You are never too old to get braces

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