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whitney houston fan 4ever
How much does it hurt to get braces?
i want to get braces but im told it really hurts and some times they have to take one of ur tooth out

my daughter had two teeth pulled and it hurts when they tighten them each time. After Insurance I had to pay about $4000.

it doesnt really hurt when u get them off but becareful because u get aches and food gets stuck in ur teeth and it get a little harder to eat but it isnt that bad whens u get use to them.

it will hurt a liittle bit

they dont hurt at all all these pepole sayin it hurts must be sum whimps

It doesn't hurt. When you get them adjusted your teeth are a little sore, but nothing a few Aspirin wont help. When you get them make sure to get some wax, it helps until the inside of your mouth gets used to them.

It doesn't hurt at all when they put them on. The most time your mouth is sore after they get tigthened, but with time you get used to it.


I just got my braces taken off and it didnt hurt when i got them only like the 1st time they were tightened and it didnt hurt when they were taken off either. i dont know why people says that hurts

kaitlyn w
i have braces the day you get them they wont hurt but the day after your gonna wish u never got them

my friend got braces and she said it didn't hurt that much.

dont know how much it cost...but mannnn i used to want braces baaaaaaad when i was younger...
good luck

Adi Lim
Not all of it hurts. Honestly.

I had braces too, it hurts, but it is not as bad as it sounds...It hurts the most when they are tightened but you'll get used to that very soon...And the result is worth it!

Kettlygold k
There's no pain whatsoever in the application of braces.After the braces are applied, there will be some mild discomfort for a couple of days as the teeth begin to move. that goes away quickly.

It really doesn't hurt. It only tightens your teeth. The braces pull your teeth closer together. My son got braces on and I was there throughout the whole process. It never hurt him. The rubber bands they put on your braces only feels like it's tightening your teeth. Your mouth might be a little sore for a day or two but other than that, you will be just fine. And just think, once those braces come off, you will have a beautiful smile. Yes, sometimes they have to pull a tooth or two depends on where the tooth is located and if it will cause a problem to get the braces on. Good luck

Lil' Mama
They do hurt like alllllllllllllllllllllot! But, if you close your eyes and ignore the braces. Do think about it. I promise you they won't hurt. Unless, if u go to a certain dentist they know how to put braces without making it hurt. Look on google.com and type in. Dentist.

The only time it is uncomfortable getting the braces, is when you have to have your mouth open so long. Other than that, when the orthodontist tightens them, it can be sore but I would say the pain is very very minimal.

They should only pull teeth when necessary and some orthodontists won't put braces on without having the proper amount of room needed. So a tooth getting pulled could be needed. Go in for a consultation and ask all of these questions, they will you their opinion. Probably better than any of us out here.

Gothic Girl
i think it depends on how bad your teeth are. i had them. they hurt some but not like pain that you would get if you broke your wrist or got shot.... when i had them. it was hard at first to eat, but you'll get use to it. (me it took about an year to a year and a half). i had lost weight during that time. lost probably 20 lbs.. not sure how much i lost since i didn't weight myself before i got them

My 14 year old daughter just got them. She kept bugging me to get them for her. It's been a week and she keeps bugging me about how much it hurts. I laugh because I went through that and before she got them, I had warned her of all the symptoms. The gum soreness, not wanting to eat, and the moodiness because of it. But you get used to it. Maybe even loose some weight. But the smile and self-esteem is all worth it! If you are a girl you put up with a "period", same thing. Remember pain killers!

Aliza, Queen of the Night
What you were told is completely true. But it's completely worth it. I am in braces right this very moment, and when I got mine on, I didn't have to have any teeth removed. However, both my sisters did when they got theirs on, so I assume it's very commonplace. When you get your braces on, I'm not going to lie- The pain is going to drive you insane. You won't be able to eat solids, or really chew for at least a week. Even when you can no longer feel a constant throbbing, it will hurt to bite into things for about a week after that. When you get a new wire and such, your teeth will hurt again. However, the pain will not be as bad as when you first get them on, and should go away sooner.

Braces sound like hell, and to be honest, they kind of are. But they are so worth it, because in the end, you have a beautiful smile you can be proud of- And teeth are something people notice a lot more as you get older. In the long run, you'll be happier you dealt with the braces.

They hurt when you are just getting adjusted to them. I suggest eating mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and soup for the first week. After that week, though, they don't really hurt that bad. I think the pain is worth having a beautiful smile for the rest of your life! =)

oh there is some pain

I had braces and just recently got them off. The little pain you have is well worth it. The only time it ever bothered me was when I got them tightened (every 6 weeks or longer) and when I got them off and it really isnt pain its just uncomfortable.

It hurts A LOT. It cuts into your gums and you HAVE to wash it after every meal and the dentists sometimes pull otu your teeth but first the shoot your mouth with a needle... oh, am I scaring you? Sorry. Just know that it hurts like hell.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
It only hurts when they get tightened.

chris_w conga
I dunno, but them spacers after a day, them hurt and even after they take them out they hurt for about a day I swear the next day at school they had nachos but I couldn't eat them my mouth hurt too much, but enough about me.

It hurts for a week after they're tightened.

It doesn't hurt much and the results are usually great! You should get them...

I had braces and teeth out when I was younger, and I am now so glad I did. It is sometimes painful (esp when they are tightened) but well worth it.

I also had a brace to make my mouth wider - that was much more painful, it had a key which had to be turned each night to expand it.

Pain is difficult to measure, but I didn't find braces too unbearable.

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