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Kirsty M
How do you cure a toothache without seeing a dentist?
HELPP!! Ive got a terrible toothache and I DO NOT want to go to the dentist (that place scares me). Any tips of easing the pain for the short or long run?

Wb thanks x

ibuprofen tabs

Yes l know how you feel l to hate the dentist For the past five years l have had 2 abscess and 4 fillings which need sorting
At the moment l am using orajel rapid relief of toothache (can be bought in tesco) and l have just got this Singapore medicine smells like Vic you just put on cotton ear bud and rub onto tooth or gums and this Will numb the area. Or you can bye some fresh Ginger and bit on the Ginger this will also numbs the pain other than that if really bad go to doctors say you have chest infection for 4/5 weeks then they will give antibiotics don't tell your doctor that it is your tooth as they will say see dentist as they don't like to give out antibiotics. Other than that take your chances with a dentist if you can find one!! and then when you do you will be lucky to find a dentist that understands you and speaks ENGLISH good luck

oil of cloves will work temporary

Try using Clove oil, dabbing the oil with an ear bud around the painful tooth and gum area. and that should ease the pain for a while.

Gary K
No way to get around it, the only way you are going to get rid of the toothache is to see a dentist. With a toothache you only have 2 choices. You can remove the tooth (not a good idea) or fix it. There are a lot of dentists that are sensitive to people with dental fear. Look for a dentist that does sedation. You can get the treatment you need and not care where you are or what they are doing.

pain killers

Some Guy
Tylenol should help. Also try rubbing some Anbesol gel on the tooth.

Well I work in a Pharmacy and dentists usually prescribe Co-codamol or Voltarol for that kind of stuff.

The best advice anyone can give you is to get to a dentist and get the toothache taken care once and for all. All the other "remedies" will only prolong your misery and won't get to the source of your problem. Call a trusted friend, ask them who their dentist is and go. Putting it off will only make it worse and harder to treat

jackie m
obviously pain killers, try nuroefen ultra but if that doesn't work get Victory V Lozenges - they numb your mouth up and you don't feel the pain.

Oil of cloves but, it is best to get it checked. I had really bad toothache last year which turned out to be an abscess and I was told I caught in time just before it turned Gangrenous and spread to my jaw.

Lots of alcohol lmao
Just been to dentist today
£152 for clean and 2 fillings

Potin, great stuff

If you have a filling that has fallen out then take Ibuprofen and go to Boots dental section - they have a small kit with a tiny pot of dentists filling material, a cotton bud and a toothpick! Its really easy to use and lasts for a few weeks until you can get to a dentist.

Also don't use Clove oil apparently it burns the gum tissue. (asked a dentist).

Raven Eyes JPA
Clove oil will help to relieve the pain. But masking it is really not going to help. You need to go and see your dentist, and the sooner the better.

karen w
rub ice between thumb and forefinger and thumb it will numb tooth,until ibprofen takes effect also my dentist told me to start with three 200 pills- still less than 800 mg she prescribes.

southern girl
you might want to see your family dr. sometimes an antibiotic can help..............not a permanant help! sorry

Temperance in flight
Paramol is fantastic for tooth ache

you don't you have to see a dentist there could be something wrong you're only making worse by waiting

Why would you want to go around in pain and end up with unsightly rotting teeth? Surely you will have to go to the dentist at some point in your life? Now would seem the perfect time. Go to the dentist............you won't regret it.

I have a tooth ache myself. I use colgate Orabase it is a paste and stays on the gum longer than a gel. I also take rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and put it on my tooth and gum. This works good for me.
Try to take Motrin also every 4 hours it will help.
Good luck!

jules vane
Only a dentist can "cure" it, but if you let an Aspirin disolve on the problem tooth, it will help for a while.

O.o any pain killers

It might be wise to check your teeth for cavities, and if you have any, then it is best to see a dentist. A toothache can be an indicator of more serious problems. An absessed tooth can cause an infection that can damage the brain, leading to death if not dealt with. I don't have anything against pain medication, but covering up a problem does not make it go away.

Outspoken but Honest
Going to the dentist is a lot less painful than toothache

Oil of cloves might help. Or if you think you have an infection rinse your mouth with hot water and salt.

Joseph G
Kristy, you have to go to the dentist.

If your tooth gets infected (which it will) youcould end up in serious medical trouble.

Infections can kill remember.

Make the call and go.


Try putting a paracetomol tablet on the affected tooth and let it do it's work. It won't taste too good though.

Wear a blindfold, ear stoppers too... have fun.

Andy W
Clove oil can be very helpful for this.
Know what toothache's like - had it myself and have rarely felt as uncomfortable

Tim F
Grab an ice skate and watch Castaway.

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