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How can I stop grinding my teeth? I do it without thinking and even in my sleep.?

The dentist tolled me its because you are nerves or depress!!!

Amy lynn
Wear a mouth guard. It helps you to not grind your teeth at night. You can go to a sport outlet store i'm pretty sure.

talk to your dentist

if you go to the dentist then they can give you something to put over your teeth

Vellie J
Go to your dentist and have him fit you for a nightguard. It looks like invisalign but it creates a barrier between your two sets of molars and stops you from grinding... It usually comes from stress or anxiety!!!

Wear a night guard for your teeth while you are asleep, and focus on your grinding when you are awake. Determine if you grind out of habit, or because you are stressed, nervous, etc. Try to identify the cause and then focus on stopping. I would also suggest checking your temporomandibular joint with a dentist, perhaps some adjustment is needed.

girl i wonder the same thing cuz i do it too

♥Yasie♥ <3
i used to do that all the time there;s no easy way to stop u just stop when u stop

Put those nightgaurds on... .... ... ...

Teethgrinding is related to other things ---anger, gallbladder issues, and one of them could be parasites.


my doctor recommend a mouth piece for my mother and it really works

Violet Pearl
try 50-100mg of 5HTP a night (if you're not on any antidepressants)

i do the same thing i do not notice when i do it

Mizz SJG
My brother wears a football mouth guard at night...dentist recommended.

Your dentist can give you a shield to wear at night.

durring the day you will just have to be more concious of it. I bite my nails sometimes without thinking so I know where you are comming from. The best thing for night time is to get a sleep guard from your dentist.

You can go to the dentist and they will make you a splint. This doesn't stop you but it helps protect your teeth. I didn't want to pay for one so I just got a sport mouth peice molded it to my mouth and cut it to make it a bit shorter so it would only cover my front 8 teeth about.

Problems Caused by Bruxism
Bruxism can either directly or indirectly cause many problems. Grinding can cause teeth to become painful or loose. Patients can literally grind away parts of their teeth, leaving them with worn surfaces or fractured enamel.

1. Wearing of teeth.
Wear occurs from the movement of the teeth harshly against one another. Although all teeth may show this type wear, it is especially noticeable when a person has front teeth that appear having the same length - as if they were filed down.
2. Breaking of teeth.
As teeth wear, the edges of front teeth and the cusps or corners of back teeth will begin to show microfractures or cracks. These cracks can not be seen on x-rays. It takes magnified vision and/or an intraoral magnified image to diagnose them. Where this becomes especially important, is that teeth with these type of fractures will either eventually chip, break a corner, or yet require root canal therapy. The reason for root canal therapy is that the fracture begins on the surface of the tooth and eventually deepens until the crack enters the area of the nerve.
3. Sensitive teeth.
Usually a generalized soreness and/or a cold sensitivity..
4. Receeding gums and/or teeth with gum line “notches”.
Most people have been told or assume that receeding gums occur because of age, using a hard bristle brush or the occurence of gum (periodontal) disease. In fact none of these reasons are correct in a majority of the cases. These are referred to as abrasion areas. When teeth grind hard against each other year after year, they flex at the gum line and the enamel (which ends thinly at the gum line) microfractures away. The end result is an area at the gum line that you can catch your fingernail in and may get extremely sensitive to touch and/or cold.

brux.jpg (11239 bytes)
Exposed root surface and advanced abrasion areas.
5. Loose teeth
Teeth Loosen because of the "rocking" back forth that occurs. The best analogy is the example of getting a fence post out of the ground by rocking it back and forth.
6. Periodontal pockets (loss of supporting bone around the teeth).
Sometimes instead of the tooth getting loose, there may be a generalized horizontal loss of supporting bone and/or localized areas of bone loss.
7. Bony ridges (tori)
Instead of losing bone support - some people actually form "extra" bone to support the teeth (this appears as bony ridges that can be seen and felt on the jaw bones as a smooth raised area about at the level of the roots.
brux1.jpg (11419 bytes)

Lower jaw showing extra bone in the "floor" of the mouth by the tongue.
brux2.jpg (6742 bytes)

Cheeks pulled back and the ridge along
and above the upper back teeth.

Cheek irritation - A ridge or line of fibrosed (toughened) tissue on the inside of the cheek that corresponds to where the teeth come together. Sometimes a person will actually bite themselves along this line (especially in the most posterior molar area).
9. Sore muscles (especially in the cheek and temple area) When these two muscles are overused. They may get sore - just like when you over exercise, your other muscles get sore.

10. Headaches (especially upon waking in the same muscle areas mentioned above).
Instead of soreness, the muscle aches will appear as a headache.
11. TMJ problems (jaw joint pain / soreness / etc
The jaw joint may be over loaded and resulting problems occur.

These signs take time (usually decades of years) to show themselves.

Does everyone show every problem? No they don't, we are all very different. Some of us will exhibit none of these problems (thank your genetic code for that), some of us will exhibit severe problems (curse your genetic code for that). So any combination, or NO problems may exist for any one person.

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Treatment of Bruxism
There are a number of ways to treat bruxism. Your dentist will determine which single treatment or combination of treatments is right for you. When stress is the major cause of bruxism, people need to find ways to relax. People who have difficulty handling stress may need to seek counseling or the dentist may prescribe muscle relaxants to relax jaw muscles. To help alleviate muscle pain, physical therapy may be needed.

It would be logical to think that an acrylic nightguard is simply a piece of plastic used to cover and prevent the teeth from coming together while sleeping at night. This is true - BUT - most importantly, when in place it provides a correct bite so that muscles will relax and problems in a persons bite will not trigger the bruxing action. Making and delivering nightguards correctly is very important. A point needs to be made that tooth wear still slowly occurs when using a nightguard. The reason for this is that a person (especially severe bruxers) will clench and very slightly grind during the day time when their guard is not being worn.

A nightguard is NOT a solution, rather a method of greatly decreasing the damage caused by bruxing. It is possible to alter a bite so that a guard may not be needed - the method varies from case to case.

The following tips can be helpful to prevent grinding:
bullet To help break the habit, place reminders around the house, or try repeating phrases that help you relax.
bullet To help relax clenching muscles, apply a warm wash cloth to the side of your face.
bullet To relieve stress, cut down on caffeine, take warm baths and ease up on yourself.

Because it is thought that an abnormal bite may predispose a person to grinding, treatment may involve removing the "high spots" of a tooth. Another treatment involves wearing a plastic mouth guard at night to prevent tooth grinding. A bite plate is a removable plastic device which prevents teeth from coming together. In some cases , such as with an overbite, it may eventually improve the bite. A method used to treat the damage caused by more serious cases of grinding involves reshaping or reconstruction of the biting surfaces with crowns or inlays.

Grinding is a common occurrence among many people at some time or another. If you develop facial pain, fatigue or other problems, treatment may be needed. Talk with your dentist if you suspect that you are grinding your teeth. We will help relieve you from the daily grind of bruxism.

Uthman B
If you do it in your sleep, try mouth guards. Otherwise, i don't know what to say.

I don't believe you can stop. Even when I'm not stressed I still gnash and grind. You need a nightguard from your dentist/orthodontist pronto. The longer you wait the more damage your teeth will have done to each other. I didn't even realize I was doing it until my dentist noticed the wear and asked me about it. And then I started getting headaches and I couldn't eat cold food without getting toothaches. Just need to get a nightguard made. Smaller than a retainer and they just fit on the top teeth and don't even cover the tooth. I've been wearing mine for the past two years, hoping one day the gnahsing would go away. Stress triggers it. Good Luck! Also don't buy the cheap mold to your mouth ones. They are way too large and bulky. Waste of money. Go have a proffessional one made!

i went to my dentist and got a mouth shield i wear at night not attractive but it really helps wear on my teeth and jaw being sore....

well i don't about during the day but you can go almost anywhere like walmart and such and buy a night(mouth)gaurd so that you dont do it when you sleep.

dorkus maximus
Many ppl grind their teeth at night, it's normal and occurs in people and other animals. Occurence varies with stress level and depth of sleep, but there's no reliable way to stop it. Would not recommend medical options unless it is giving you physical problems (like TM joint problems, chewing problems, or pain).

Probably the easiest thing you can do is to get yourself a mouth/teeth guard for sleeping. You can get one from a dentist/orthodonist or a generic one from a pharmacy store. It will seem uncomfortable for a little bit, but once you are used to it, it'll make that teeth grinding much less of a problem.

I grind my teeth at night and constantly clench my jaw during the day. I have found that wearing a NightGuard while I sleep is extremely helpful. This device is a plastic piece that fits around your upper teeth and is actually quite comfortable if you are careful to form it correctly. It relieves the pain and pressure from grinding. They are about 18 dollars a piece and last for about 3-6 months. You can find them in the toothpaste isle at Target or any department store. Teeth grinding can be very harmful to your teeth enamel and jaw, so it is also a good idea to talk to your dentist about any concerns you have. Hope this helps!

Josh B
If you go to the dentist he will tell you the best way to keep from grindig your teeth at night is to wear a mouth gaurd before you go to sleep.

Mary O
You can go to the dentist and talk to him about it and get a mouthgaurd and i think drug stores carry something for it.

They actually make a mouth guard type thing designed for people who grind your teeth. I was having jaw problems a few years ago and my dentist told me it was because I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and gave me one, which I wore for a couple of months and now I don't do it. When you're awake you just have to be concious of you're doing it and make yourself stop. But really the mouth guard is great it retrains your mouth not to do it.

you can go to your dentist and get a nightguard. I think they have cheap ones at some drug stores.

You go to your dentist and let him know this. You could wear a night gaurd during the day and night and when you eat you can take it out. Griding causes discomfort. You don't want any discomfort. It really hurts.

Hannah C
There are little things you can buy that you out over your teeth to prevent you from grinding them.

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