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How can I get my 2 year old to let me brush his teeth?
Everytime I try to brush my sons teeth we go through a battle. He cries and pushes me away etc. I have to literaly hold him down everyday. What do I do?

Spank him. you need to discipline him. It doesn't matter what the situation is, if you let him disrespect you like that you are going to cause major damage to him by letting him grow up undisciplined.

show him you are the adult and what you says go no discussion

Buy them a hip tooth brush...and make it interesting

1st rule out any medical problems (does he feel pain or is he just being stubborn)

Assuming he's just being stubborn, spank him. Then the next time warn him before you start brushing his teeth i.e. "you don't want me to spank you again so don't fight me".

Kids are stubborn so you will probably have to spank him 2 or 3 times before he gets the message.

You can also try a different type of toothpaste that taste better to him.

Remember you're the boss!

same as me.....my son also hate to brush his teeth....
he always run away......ha....ha....ha.....
he's 3 yrs old now......

Dwan Treader
Give him a reward for brushing, or try fun toothbrushes

My daughter is 19 months and she loves to brush her teeth because I make it fun.Make up a fun song and make it more interesting than just brushing your teeth.Let him pick out his own cool little toothbrush and also let him pick out his own toothpaste.

buy him one of those musical fun tooth brushs and tell him that it wont hurt him its fun to brush your teeth keep talking to him he will soon to realize that brushing your teeth is a healthy way to live..

Gommie B
I would get those kids toothpaste and those musical toothbrushes. And let him do it, but closely monitor him.

Jay's Girl
When my little one was two, I would brush my teeth with him. I would hum the Happy Birthday song while he was brushing his and I was brushing mine. Afterwards, I would play a "game" with him. I would say, lets check to see if you got out all the sugar bugs and then I would brush out the sugar bugs.

let him pick out the toothbrush and tooth paste..

♥ Joey ♥
iuse the finger tooth brush and my boys love it and it works!and make sure you let him pick the toothpaste flavor that helps alot.......my older son now uses a light up tooth brush it tell s you how long to brush

Terrible two's. I think you should get his favorite flavor toothpaste and start off by letting him brush his own teeth. Explain to his why he needs to brush them. Let him try it on his own and then tell him you have to inspect them like the dentist. Just something that makes it fun for him

dental asst
Aren't the "terrible twos " great!!!! Usually brushing once a day is good enough if you remove all the food and plaque. At bed time, give him the brush - toothpaste isn't necessary at this age -, and let him brush while you brush yours. Then check his. I always told my kids there were cavity bugs in their mouths and we had to get them all out before bedtime, 'cuz they would have a party and invite allll their friends to eat food left on their teeth.
Did the trick for me.
At any rate, be consistant and don't cave... This is only the beginning... once they know you are gonna stick with it ; they remind you to brush before bedtime...... (now this same trick works with the grands!!)

Make it fun and turn it into a game. My daughter is 3 and was giving me the same problem. Brush your teeth at the same time. See who can make more foam in their mount from the toothpaste. Stuff like that!!

"if u let mommy brush ur teeth, i'll read u TWO bedtime stories tonight!!!"
it works for my cousin

Jungle Jane
Tell him when it's NOT toothbrushing time that you talked to the dentist and the dentist said that the mommy HAS to help with toothbrushing. Act like its news to you and that you 2 are learning this together. Get him a cool new toothbrush and some yummy toothpaste, and tell him the deal is he can do it first, then you get to do it. Let him help you with yours too. Try to make it fun and happy and silly, name the teeth, whatever...avoid tension and yelling and screaming, and if that doesn't work take him with you the next time you go to the dentist and have the dentist talk him into it.

ispy somthin blue
radiopim has a good idea, buy him a cool and effective tooth brush and let him brush his teeth.

remember to praise him while he's doing it.

[email protected]
Don't stop! continue to brush his teeth, until he can brush his own. Who is the parent here?

make it fun a game get him a cool toothbrush

My 10 month old enjoys sticking a toothbrush in her mouth. Although if I tried to do it she wouldn't let me. Don't use Fluoride toothpaste it's a toxic mind control agent! Just get him used to using the brush on his own and it might work better for ya. Remember they lose those teeth anyway so just get them started on a good habit and don't worry too much about doing it well. Practice makes perfect !

they say forcing them is wrong.....try not to get into a battle..but those fruity coloful toohpastes and get one of those tooth brush that when you put it in their mouth it plays music that only they can hear...there is one that flashes too to tell you how long you should brush for...
persistance...his teeth wont fall out if you miss a day here or there...he will come around eventually

Rebecca P
make it fun, with a "cool" tooth brush and let them see it as more of a game then something thats boring. Make up noises and pull funny faces!!

Maybe buy him an electric toothbrush and tell him he is grown up enough now to learn how to do it himself like the big boys?

I think there is this tablet for kids to chew to make their teeth purple, then they brush until the purple is off...

Let him brush yours first.

Fireus Fighterus
stop pushing him or he'll get more aggressive if you insist just buy him one of those fancy colorful tooth brushes :)

try letting him brush your teeth first. Tell him if he lets your brush his teeth he can brush yours after.

My mother bought my son a toothbrush with a one minute blinking light on it. It seems to help. :) He likes brushing so he can see the light. :)

Maybe you can make it a game for him, get flavored toothpaste and let him do it himself. They make that toothpaste that turns colors if spots are missed, maybe something like that. Praise him for being a big boy for being able to brush them by himself... Good luck!

1) Get a nice young person toothbrush.
2) A stool of somesort so they can reach the sink
3) Show your child how to
4) A nice cup for his toothbrush and toothpaste
5) Get Children's toothpaste and the design is nice of the tube
6) Put a chart up in the bathroom and everytime your child brushes his her teeth put a sticker or mark ( Twice a day hopefully) Then reward after a week ( 14 Brushes ) with whatever you want
7) Stand at the bathroom door for the first few times and dont let your child leave until your child has completed and only do this a few times to make sure you let your child know your serious.

Need any more help please feel free to message me.

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