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Getting braces tomorrow!?
Tomorrow I am getting braces. Top braces first & then a couple months later bottom braces.

Should I get GRAY or PURPLE?

I just want one color.

Do you know how long will it take?
Additional Details
Will it hurt a lot?
I'm just getting top braces first.

Any advices?

Thank you :]

Bobby Don
it hurts so much i cried for 1 day straight and i had surgery no close to surgery

Izzay BABii!<3
they hurt really badd in the begining! how about pink and purple!?

id go for purple!
iur teeth wont look too great with grey on them Lol

mine took about 1 hour for both top and bottom doing!
and believe me it will drag lol
no it does not hurt when u r getting them done but it will hurt for about 2 days after
and you wll struggle to eaT! ♥

get purple, gray will look nasty. Take tylonal or something before you go. Its gonna hurt but not too bad. I suggest eating oatmeal to start off, I ate it for 6 months. It's going to feel REALLY weird trying to eat anything. My only advice is to take REALLY good care of them, the WHOLE time. Do everything the ortho. asks you to do! And when they come off. You'll love it.

I like the color grey so i would say grey

O and by the way I am also going to the dentist tomorrow , Im getting a crown put on .

So at least you can say someone out there feels a little bit scared too.

OMGoodness i hate the needles , they dont hurt that much anymore, but i just dont like them any where near my mouth.

st patricks day is coming up ... why not green & orange

the people who answered this question are out of their minds. it took me no longer than 10 minutes no exageration. it's completely painless and they will just be sore the next day. keep Advil handy!

Chocolate Queen14
same story for me. I've had braces since a few years ago.
I have a sensative mouth, so it hurt when I first got braces.
I just got them tightened today, and my mouth will be sore for about a week.
Your mouth will get used to it after a while, though.
the time depends, normally I ask my orthodontist how long it will take before i get in the chair.
i think purple.
good luck!

get purple. they only hurt when you get them on and when you get them tightened...but its cool becuase you get to eat ice cream!

I have braces and for the first 6 months or so it really hurt, on and off, there were times where all i could eat was soup. but now i've had them for over two years and i hardly notice i have them, neither does anybody else. As for the colour, thats up to you, i chose grey because it doesnt draw attention to them.

ok well i got braces like 3 months ago and sorry to tell you put they hurt just a liltte bit. and i think that u should get purple becuase that is the color i have. and like all of my friends have them to and that is the color they have. when i got my braces it toke like 2 hour or something like that
so good luck and i hope i help at least a little bit

Yes it WILL hurt. I hope you can take the pain because dentists aren't allowed to give you Anesthetics when putting on braces.

hello :)
no, it wont hurt. but you mouth will be sore for a few days. go to any drug store and buy wax if your ortho doesn't give you any. you can use it when the metal digs into your gums (you will eventually get used to it and wont need the wax) if your really worried about pain before you go take Advil, or something.

tips on color bands-
red & pinks-- make your teeth look whiter
white & clear-- stain easily
silver-- makes your braces a little less noticeable.

get purple. gray makes your teeth look dirty.
and it doesn't hurt but you won't be able to eat for a few weeks without it hurting.

Purple, Idk, but your head is gonna hurt like hell after you get them! OMG! You will start crying..

it takes like an hour or so and NO it doesnt hurt at all, only about a day after it gets sore, actually getting braces tightened hurts more then getting them on, OOHH but the worst is getting them off.

Neisa N
`Yes i have advces because most of my freinds have braces..>> ok when you are gettin them at first ur gunna have to keep your toung all the way back and open ur mouth its not going to hurt alot its gunna feel a little tight ..your teeth are gonna feel weird after their finsh . Your teeth feel weird because they tighten it, and also its going to hurt for like 3 days...NO GUM until 2 months ...and pikk GRAY>>//..

natraul is always the best trust me and why only one color if you want both get both and its takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes


peace love and harmony
not sure about every other question but the color I would say purple.

~Baby Girl~
yes they will hurt for like 3 days dont eat nething hard trust me but i would say purple and depending how messed up ur teeth are mine were on for a year and a half and mine wernt bad

Purple .....1 hour ....and it dont hurt til the next day

I remember when I first got mine 15 years ago, There is no pain involved only a little discomfort and I am assuming it hasn't changed much. They insert a device in your mouth to keep your mouth open and your lips off your teeth. They use a special cement for your teeth and place each brace on it's tooth. The color I chose to hold my wire in place was always ivory, I had this self cautious feeling people were looking in my moth all the time to see what I for lunch. Not only that but they matched my outfit day after day no matter what color I wore. So if I had a choice I would go for the gray. Good luck and take care of them things can go wrong if not careful. Don't toss the wax, you will need it.

Alex A
they hurt. its a fing curse

I have had braces you should get purple, the process takes an hour or so,I vaguely remember it was so long ago,it doesn't hurt to get them on it hurts when they tighten them .You might have a small headache and your teeth will hurt,my advice is to take an Aspirin or some other painkiller nothing too strong of course if your a minor ask your guardian first.

Umm it wont hurt that much, it will be sore after though and i wouldn't get gray i would get purple unless ur worried about them not matching everything...

okay. i say u get gray. u dont want something to stand out too much within ur first time of getting braces. ( trust me i have top and bottom fulll))
they do hurt! not when they get put on but about 30 minutes after
i recomend gettin LOTS of ice cream. and dont eat anything too hard!
the pain goes away after about 5 days. better and better each day
good luck and dont worry AT ALL! its totally worth it
and they work great!

If you want poeple to see it I reccomend purple and if not gray :)

I got my first braces last year too. It didn't hurt at first, but after few hours, it started to hurt real bad, and I couldn't eat anything solid for about 2 weeks. But once I got used to it, I totally forgot that I even had braces, so you shouldn't be worried about the pain.

Also, if I were you, I would go with gray. The first time I got braces, I chose turquoise for mine, and it was a huge mistake because they stood out way too much.

Good luck with your braces :) and Don't forget to take care of your teeth!

gray they dont show as much........about 45 minutes depending on how busy they are.......it doesnt hurt getting them put on but your jaw is sore for about a week from your teeth being pulled........gOood luck

Grey first. They can change the color later...but do you really want to bring more attention to your braces with colored bands?
If you have to have colored, then go with the school colors, or red, white, and blue.

Your ortho should have already given you an idea how long it will take to put them on...ask your parents, they probably know.

If your asking how long your going to have to wear braces, again, your ortho should have already given your parents an idea.

ETA: After every adjustment your ortho makes, your going to want to eat 'soft' foods. Remember this.

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