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Does it hurt when you get braces taken off?
I am going for my appointment tomorrow. What should i expect and what is the process?

It doesn't hurt at all. I was so afraid of getting my braces off because I remember how much it hurt when they put them on. Especially the metal rings they put around my back teeth, ouch.

But seriously, all I felt was a little bit of tugging, no pain, and the noise when the pliors clipped the wire and stuff. I'd say it felt the same as sitting in the chair and having them tightened.

Don't stress, it'll be fine, just wear your retainer and it will all be good.

Only if you're a wussy! It's worth every bit o' pain to see that brace-less smile!

When I got mine off it didn't hurt at all.It did take a while to get used to feeling my teeth and not the braces in my mouth.WEAR YOUR RETAINER if you get one. Also I am 35 an still eat pizza with a fork and am obsessed with checking for things stuck in my teeth LOL.Idon't remember the process but I can asure you that it's like being liberated.enjoy your new teeth.

Beach Bum
no its doesnt at all. when you get them off its amazing. you wont be able to stop rubbing your tounge over your teeth. but it doesnt hurt at all.

No not at all you will find your teeth in very good condition,and you mouth will also take a sigh of relief.

all you will feel is a slight tug and then they will be off..so just don't think about it..I was scared to when i got mine off 3 years ago but it is fine! plus the outcome is great. you will have a beautiful smile!

no but it will fell funny when there of like when you stay in bath and your body goes wrinkly

No, it feels great! It feels so fine, you won't believe it, I never had a greater joy in my life then getting 3 years of braces off!


Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable, particularly if you have sensitive teeth.
Other than that, no, it's quite painless.

It hurts a little but not nearly as much as when they kept tightening them. So don't worry it will actually feel like a relief and really good.

It is really weird and you lick your teeth alot, because you expect braces to be there.

u will feel RELIEF. Its hurts a little bit but it's all worth it

NO, but it's wierd. Your teeth feel really slippery. Very cool!

I'm sure you'll find it more of a relief. You shoudn't expect much - just to finally be able to see your teeth again.

It doesn't hurt, but your mouth does feel different for a couple of days while you're getting used to them being off.

No it doesnt hurt. They will remove you wire, rubberbands. Then they will remove your brackets, but it doesnt hurt. The worst part is impressions (again!) for your retainer... they will advise you to go to your regular dentist to get your teeth cleaned to remove all the glue that held the brackets on. No biggie! CONGRATS! Oh by the way, when you have your braces removed, your teeth will appear larger to you than they actually are.. No worries, you will get used to it!

Perry L
It feels great. You'll have hours of entertainment running your tongue over your nice smooth straight teeth. Hooray you're almost done with it.

Nope. I had them taken off last year (I think...), and it didn't hurt at all. If it does hurt, you'll probably be too excited to notice! Don't worry about it.

Linda S
My son had his braces off and I was just amazed at how quickly
they just popped off. It's not painful at all- Don't even worry about
it. Tomorrow at this time, you'll have a gorgeous smile.

You won't be able to stop smiling for a week. You'll probably be
smiling in your sleep!

Good luck!

It doesn't really hurt. You'll be fine. Your teeth will feel slimy afterwards though.


Megan D
No, it doesn't hurt- the orthodontist kind of pops them off. He may have to then buff (using some rotating tool) off any residual cement.

It's so weird after- your teeth will feel very slimy and smooth!

Don't forget to wear your retainer- I know a lot of adults who wish they would have been better about theirs now that their teeth are all jacked again. You don't want braces again at 30!

Nope,or so i've heard

No not really. It kind of is uncomfortable but I wouldnt go to the extreme of saying it hurts. It is surely better to go through the temporary discomfort of getting them taken off than the discomfort of what would have happened if you would have not gotten your teeth corrected! You can do it! Just say it to yourself over and over again "I can do it!" I can do it! I can do it! Im 18 now but I got my braces removed when I was 16.

Jason K

Doesn't hurt, you'll just be so excited to get them off. I always tell people to get a dental cleaning ASAP after your appointment. It'll clean all of the stuff from your teeth and make your mounth feel great all over. Congratulations!

a b
Not at all.

Μαѕκεδ Çђαηφσ
it actually depends on which type of braces u have...my mom had these braces and when they took it off, her gums were bleeding like crazy...the ortho didnt do a bad job, it was inevitable b/c of the type of braces they put on my mom...she got braces on in PR and took them off in PA...Puerto rico is a lilttle behind...that's why...

u shouldn't have a problem though...as long as u got them in the USA...

i hope i didnt scare u, just telling u what happened to my mom...my cousins had braces and the took it off in less than five mins...everything went well...

Piece of cake. It's not the MOST fun you've ever had, but it doesn't really hurt.

The orthodontist has special pliers designed to put just the right amount of force just where he needs it and - POP - the bands are off. They have something similar for the bonded brackets. They might have to use the "drill" to polish off some residue from the bonding agent, but it's not at all like havingn a cavity drilled.

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