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[email protected]
Doe geting a teeth pulled ot hurt?
i am geting 5 pulled out

They give you pain meds. A little pain, later. If you are in pain, ask for another shot. I have 1 extra nerve most don't have.

:.Rocker At Heart.:
yea i got 6 pulled out hurt like hell lol have fun!

naw they numb you up pretty good. youll just feel the first of a few GIANT NEEDLES they shoot into your gums

jordan n
5........... good luck.............ask to get painkilers

Yep you better plan on pain and i hope it help you with your english. LOL

patrick k
yah it hearts like crazy

Ruchjat K
Yes it will hurt you But you can ask your dentist to give immunity injection on your gum to decrease your hurt.Do not worry,your dentist knows the best way for your teeth pulling.

they nomb it so when it happens it dosent hert, but later it does.

Good Luck, it hurts like a biotch!

depends, if its rotten yes you will feel extreme pain, but if they give you the gas and the shot then youll be fine, although its annoying having a gap where the tooth wuz

it does

Unless they use the needle and gas to numb your brain and mouth it does hurt like hell.


i don't think so!

i wonder y
yea it kinda hurts bbut they put numbing stuff on it any way so yea
i am a doctor so i kno this kind of stuff

I had 4 pulled at once. It didn't bother me in the least. I just made sure I took Tylenol EVERY 5 hours so it didn't have a chance to wear off.

I am watching your every move.
yeah it really kills. they can only give u the numbing stuff for 3 teeth, because if they gave u more it could really mess ur ur nerves, so the final 2 will be pulled w/o numbness, i had 4 pulled HURTS LIKE HELL

No!! they put some kinda filling in your mouth so u cant feel it when they pull your tooth out.

Ask them to put you to sleep.

1 doesnt, but 5, hell yeah.

if the tooth, or in your case teeth are dead, as in root canal dead, no,if the teeth are alive as in just needs make up, and make me hole again, hell yes it hurts, if you get them yanked out for no reason.

PS been there done that dead teeth, root canal dead I did not need a thing, live teeth split open shots first, I thought the dentist lied when he said you wont feel it on this dead tooth, when I yank it out, and I did not. and yes that was before the split tooth thing that I did feel.

oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

You'd better make funeral arragements


not for long.. it hurts the first 2 hours.. get some good old ice cream to make it feel better.

[email protected]@

It's not comfortable, the worst thing that I dealt with when I had one pulled was the noise it made when they were pulling it out..ouch!

and then of course I threw up about 15 minutes after it was done.

no...the shot might hurt that they numb it with but u cant feel anything else


o yea

Heather T
ok i had all my teeth taken out......well most of them...Don't ask for the gas tho it will make u puke when u wake up! Ask for the numbness it will work perfectly. For the numbness all u hear is little cracks which all it is is ur roots braking off....Just think happy thoughts not about ur teeth being pulled. It always works for me! :)

however, your dentist should/ would (if you ask him/her) write a prescription for 3 different medications to relieve your pain....

These 3 prescriptions are

1. Amoxicillin 500 mg for 15 capsules
2. Promethazine 25 mg for 16 tablets
3. Percocet 10/325 mg for 25 tablets

Your doc will tell you what they does to you as he writes out the prescription paper!

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