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 What do you think when you see a sophomore girl with braces?
i just got braces and will be an upcoming sophomore. but it seems like everyone already got there braces off. do people really care and does it change how they think of me because i have braces? and ...

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Tell the truth.
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Gross!! None of you flossed or used mouth wash....

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 How Do You Get Rid Of A Bad Toothache?
i have had a toothache for 3 days now and i have tried everything to salt bag, tea bags, advil, asprin, nurporexen, bc powder, and crushing any advil or asprin and putting in my tooth! i need ...

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 If u had braces how long did u wear them for?

 Is tobacco good or bad?
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would you try it if put under pure ...

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 Does it hurt when you get braces taken off?
I am going for my appointment tomorrow. What should i expect and what is the process?...

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 Are you the owner of an electric toothbrush?
or not?...

 Is it really possible to get drunk off mouth wash?
i know it has alcohol, but i kinda find it hard to believe they'd put alcohol in something kids can use to rinse their mouth daily. what is the alcohol content in mouth wash anyways?


 How do I remove mouth odour when regular use of mouth wash and toothpaste have failed?

 Is it bad for your teeth......?
if you chew on ice?
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Well crap!!!! I love to chew on ice....

 Does it hurt to get a filling?
Im going to the dentist soon to get a filling on a REALLY bad cavity. Theres like a hole in it and everything. So, does anyone know from personal experience if it hurts? If so, how bad does it hurt? G...

 Does tooth extraction hurt ?
like during and after the procedure. im getting braces in 2 weeks but for that to happen i need 2 fanged teeth to be extracted. can anyone cope with me ?...

 I am 30 is too late for me to study for dentistry degree?

Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?
Ok I am 20 and I wanted to get braces, do you think its too late? I just personally think it will well worth it in life.

No, it is not too late. If you can afford it, it'll be worth it.

I have known many people with braces over their adolescent years. If you are looking for a professional job, it may make a huge difference in how people percieve you. If you look well-to-do, then they ASSuME you can earn what you're asking.

No, But I would get the clear braces.

fake a smile everyday
no it isnt too late. tons of adults have braces. if u have the money and ur teeth need fixed then go for it.

Delete THIS !!!
Never too late!! You will feel so good about yourself when you get them taken off...and now-a-days braces are cool no matter how old you are -it will pay off in the end! Plus 20 is not old! Good Luck Metal Mouth ;) Just kidin'!

Crystal L
It's definatly not to late, it's better you do it now then 20 years down the road thinking back and wishing you had. BTW I'm 21 and getting braces soon too :)

kadijah h

Not too late and most insurance plans have adult orthodontic coverage

no..ive seen people in their 30's with them

not relly if you can aford them go for it

No, it's not too late. Go see an orthdontist and get his/her opinion. I've seen people in their 40s with braces. (And actually, I'm almost 40 myself, and I had braces as a teenager, but my cross-bite came back, so I'm thinking of getting them again, too!)

Go for it. I plan on having some work done myself, as soon as I can afford it, and I'm 23.


Jennifer L
No my mom had them in her late 20's, early 30's.

A lot of people are doing that Invisalign type too as adults.

Mopar Muscle Gal
Its never too late

go for it if you have the money or benefits for it

song eeling
nothing is ever too late.....don't be too judgemental by your own answer.sometimes when u asked around,u will get unexpected ones. U

nope. its worth it in the end.

Heck no!

My best friend's sister got hers at age 46 and my own sister got hers at 41. It's never too late as long as your teeth are in good shape. And, if it will make you feel better about yourself than GO FOR IT!

nope, i'm almost 27 and am thinking about it also. its never too late to look good.

nope, it's not too late... dentists have their appropriate ways... good luck! c",)

no it's not. any self improvement is never too late.

No it is never too late.. my step mother-in-law had braces at age 40.. If you want better "Pearly Whites" then go for it!!!

no way


a women on my street with 3 teenage boys has them - they are invisible these days :-)
definitely a move you will be happy with the rest of your life

No, my dentist was telling me about a 70 year old woman getting them. Thats actually a pretty young age. People of all ages are getting braces now and I have to get them again when im about 18. I say go for it, the sooner the better.

no! as long as u hv the money.

tom cruise wore braces at 40 to get a more flashy, million-dollar smile.

Many people get them in their 40s. Never too late. Check into the invisible ones.

Getting braces after the teen years is quite common. Many people do not get braces in their teens due to finances and/or not needed until and accident or weight gain. Get the braces for aesthetic reasons are just as important as for dental/medical reasons. Go for it!

No, it is not too late. Go for it, you will probably be happy you did after it is all over with.

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