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 Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?
I remember when I was a little kid, we got these little red tablets from the dentist that you could chew up and spit out to see if you were brushing good or not. I loved those things! I would chew ...

 I'm so scared..Wisdom teeth removal?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this friday and I am FREAKING out.

I'm probably going to have a huge panic attack right when I get in the little operating room..(i'm having ...

 How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?

 Bad Breath Cures serious answers only please?
I constantly have bad breath, I brush 2 times a day, floss, use mouth wash, I use a tongue scrapper and everything, I've even taken pills that claim bad breath is caused by something in your ...

 How should I deal with a chipped tooth?
I chipped a upper front tooth two days ago. Its not too bad, and you might not notice unless I pointed it out, but it is then pretty noticeable. It is also hurting a bit-how urgent is getting it ...

 Do a root canals really hurt?
I hear horror stories about root canals. Do they really hurt. I need to have one but dreading it....

 How can I take stuck chewing gum off my daughters dress?

 Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?
It's so unfair, my second fang hasn't grown meaning I couldn't get my braces on, so my question is, is it abnormal to have say your braces on at 15 and off when you're 16 and a ...

 Was your day good or bad today?
Just wondering
Additional Details
Mine was dandy. And why is this question in the dental category? Maybe its to remind people to brush ...

 Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth? It's true about a British Smile, but why?

 What is the point of having braces?

 Does anyone know any tricks to stop a tooth ach until i can get to the dentest?

 ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?
Ok i am going to the densit,i have to have a tooth pulled.what should i take befor i leave?...

 Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

Additional Details
oh dear

would he or she tell a parent?...

 What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it....

 Do you brush ur tounge?
do you brush ur toung when u brush ur teeth? i do.. :)...

 Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?
I saw on TV the other day where this lady gargled bleach to get rid of bad breath and i was wondering...could you use it to whiten your teeth?...

 Why do I feel a severe pain in my teeth when I have something chilled, any remedy plz...?
It was not so earlier... for the last one month I have got this problem..plz help.....

 Braces color???????????????
hi, i'm kinda sort, i have amber/gold eyes and short black hair. i am really tan, but not african. i'm spanish, brazillian, italian etc. what color should i get to make my eyes pop?...

 Is it better to pick a dentist closer to where you live or where you work?
i ask this because i have to be at work at 11. dentists dont always have early appts. so if i have a 10:30 appt near my house. i will end up being late to work. but at the same time. on my off days, ...

Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?
I take my toothbrush and toothpaste with me and clean them before I go in.

Yes. I want to leave a good impression *L*

yeah, do the same..

brush them before I leave the house aswell.. or work wherever I am..

not got the dentist for 6 months.. just bin whooo :oP lol

mohammed m
yeah why not

Unless you are Tracy Emin, yes.

no harm in it but dont brush too hard before you go

Yes, ...I never want to hear the words..."We're gonna have to drill ma'am."

Bethany Grace
ya definitaly

Yes! I clean my teeth every morning. Most of the time my dentist appt.'s are in the morning!

Its only me, again !

you got too, they wont want to see food stuck in are teeth do they,,,,,,

yes i guess just as to have a good impression but that's a good habit too.. esp if the clinic can't provide a gargle solution in your glass to gargled with before opening your mouth to your dentist.

Johnny D
Wahey Im not alone!!!

yes but at home before I go in - I don't take my toothbrush to the actual dentists


Kathy S
Yup so do I, mind you it's like putting the hoover around before the cleaner comes, to give a good impression!

andrew p
all ways. Hate the thought of dentist looking into my mouth with all sorts off thingsn in my mouth.
Personal hygine

Thankyou on behalf of all Dental staff everywhere...!!

Chris N
no way. I eat nothing but cheetos, taffy & Oreos for a day before I go. Let 'em work for their pay!

not straight before, u should clean them about an hour before because the dentist can otherwise tell and your teeth usually look worse straight after cleaning so you need atleast an hour for toothpaste to work!!

Yes, I normally do D.

Yes. My daughter has an appointment this afternoon..

Yeh, I always do. You never know what is left in your mouth.

I clean my teeth before I leave home and have chewing gum and take it out before I go in :)

I try to make an appt first thing that way you can be fresh without eating during the day.

Oh My What To Do!
Well if I am going from home then yes, if I am going elsewhere beforehand the I do what you do and clean them there. I remember as a kid going to the dentist and my mum pulling over in the same spot at the edge of the road everytime for me to clean my teeth!!

Yes. Good for the teeth, and much pleasanter for the dentist.

Yes, I also wash and shampoo my hair before going to the Barbers

Yep and I floss and rinse with Mouthwash:))

thanks for reminding me .I have a 2 thirty appointment.lol

Of course!

Away With The Fairies
Definitely! I can't think of a less appealing profession - yeuk!

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