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 I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?
im 16. i got braces on a few months ago and do monthy checks. i just went in for one today - i drive. the tops of my bottom front teeth seem to be wearing down a bit and they arent in the greatest ...

 Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?
I'm on antibiotics and Vicodins and as many Advils, Aleves and aspirins I can swallow. Can't get into dentist until Tuesday! What can I do to get through this? Any suggestions? Please ...

 What r some of the things u can't eat w/ braces?
I have to get them soon and I'd kinda like to know exactly what I won't be able to enjoy in life anymore:(...

 Getting Braces?
My two front teeth are uneven and i have an overbite and i have a tooth so far in my gum that i have a bump in my gum. Do I ahve to have braces?
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 Well answer me now plese?
hey people tommorow march 15 2005 im gonna go to the dentist and their gonna take 1 or 2 teeth out will it hurt????????????...

 Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?
I remember when I was a little kid, we got these little red tablets from the dentist that you could chew up and spit out to see if you were brushing good or not. I loved those things! I would chew ...

 I'm so scared..Wisdom teeth removal?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this friday and I am FREAKING out.

I'm probably going to have a huge panic attack right when I get in the little operating room..(i'm having ...

 How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?

 Bad Breath Cures serious answers only please?
I constantly have bad breath, I brush 2 times a day, floss, use mouth wash, I use a tongue scrapper and everything, I've even taken pills that claim bad breath is caused by something in your ...

 How should I deal with a chipped tooth?
I chipped a upper front tooth two days ago. Its not too bad, and you might not notice unless I pointed it out, but it is then pretty noticeable. It is also hurting a bit-how urgent is getting it ...

 Do a root canals really hurt?
I hear horror stories about root canals. Do they really hurt. I need to have one but dreading it....

 How can I take stuck chewing gum off my daughters dress?

 Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?
It's so unfair, my second fang hasn't grown meaning I couldn't get my braces on, so my question is, is it abnormal to have say your braces on at 15 and off when you're 16 and a ...

 Was your day good or bad today?
Just wondering
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Mine was dandy. And why is this question in the dental category? Maybe its to remind people to brush ...

 Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth? It's true about a British Smile, but why?

 What is the point of having braces?

 Does anyone know any tricks to stop a tooth ach until i can get to the dentest?

 ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?
Ok i am going to the densit,i have to have a tooth pulled.what should i take befor i leave?...

 Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

Additional Details
oh dear

would he or she tell a parent?...

 What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it....

Do you always brush your teeth twice a day?
I sometimes go to bed without brushing my teeth. Is it bad?

ice blu
not realy just plax or sumthing before u go 2 bed

I brush my teeth once a day if at all - not good for my pearly whites at all.


no. i know its good but i tend to get lazy

nice girl

Jennifer L
that's not cool. All that bacteria sitting undisturbed in your mouth all night long, reproducing, yuck.

I brush my teeth at least twice a day, if not three or four times a day.

Iron Man
I DON'T ALWAYS brush my teeth & comes 2 times a day. Yes it is bad it can cause bad teeth and gums by plaq building up.

That's the very minimum, morning and night, if possible, after all meals.

I brush 3 X @ lest & floss @ lest once a day, & still all my teeth except for the wisdom & one that got knock out.

Nepolean Dynamite
I do it too. But you really shouldn't. I brush sometimes once aday but i floss 2 or 3 times aday

once a day

i always brush mine three times a day morning, lunch and night and got told that i clean them too much so i suppose that 2 times a day is perfect

na not really but it is necessary 2 brush your teeth in the morn

yep except when i'm sick

baby dust for me
that babd i brush my teeth 3 times a day i never forget .

Annie M
Brush and floss twice a day. Yes it is bad not brushing before bed as that is when all the damage is done overnight, so get brushing every night!

Anne K T
It probably is but I do it all the time, I couldn't leave the house on the morning without brushing tho euugh.

yes i do and sometime three times if i'm going out or have eaten sugar. you need to remove the acid from your teeth before bed. you could get plaque problems and gum disease. good oral hygiene is a helpful discipline if you want to keep your own teeth

I try unless I am really sick..

Yes, I do. You must brush them before you sleep, if you don't want them to rot and have them removed one by one later.

suresh k
Hi there !
Two times is advisable !
It is bad to go to bed without brushing !
best wishes !

Brett G
Yup, especially in the morning.

Always have and now very old and have all my own teeth.

I brush my teeth after every meal. I carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. However, I don't think that forgetting to brush your teeth every now and again is going to hurt.

bubble tea
Yes. Not doing so increases your chance of getting cavities (the remnants of food rots on your teeth)

i brush more than twice a day. and yeah it's bad. but once in a while it's probably ok.

i brush mine after each meal too if im at home and encourage my children to do the same

Yep Im with you there, I often forget to brush my teeth at night. I am 45 and have most of my teeth intact ( a couple were removed when I was young due to crowded teeth!) and they are in good condition.

no but it is best to do it twice a day, just make sure u brush them at least once

don't want all your teeth to fall out or get bad breath do we?

Yes i always clean my teeth twice a day, sometimes three. The feeling of a nice fresh mouth is so much nicer that not cleaning my teeth. Once in a while is ok to skip brushing your teeth, but try not to make it a regular thing. Get some plax or literine mouth wash, then at least you have washed off some of the plaque without as much effort.

Well, it's not life threatening to miss brushing once in a while, but it's best not to forget.
(Yes, I do brush mine twice daily)
Always be true to your teeth, and they will never be false to you!

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