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Do braces hurt and do they bother your mouth?
Well i'm getting braces on the 21st and I don't know about them that much. I don't no what 2 eat or what. i was wondering what colors i should get too. i like maroon and black would those be good? But most of all i just wanted to know if they hurt?

they only hurt for a week or 2, then you just get used to it

Yes braces hurt, they're going to hurt the first couple of days you get them, then it goes away. When you go in every month and they tighten the wire it's going to hurt for a couple of days.

Your not allowed to eat sugar gum, Gummy things, Caramel, Or Hard food. They'll give you a list of foods you shouldn't eat.

Colors don't matter, no one stares at your mouth anyways.

Your going to need to brush your teeth much more now
at least 3 times a day.

They will tell you what you can and cant eat.
DONT GET BLACK BANDS!!! They make your teeth look dirty.
They hurt a little bit but just take Tylenol after and they wont hurt as bad. You will get use to them.

Alex S
No they dont hurt. The first 2 days it will be a little irritating, but after that you get SO used to them ;-). You can eat w/e you want.....if you try eating somthing and ir hurts then dont eat it. You get get a temorary numbing gel to numb it for an hour....then take Tylenol. Hope i helped :-)

Heck yeah, well they hurt at first and rip your gums open some times but careful at ice skating if you go my friend tripped and ripped em right outof his mouth but he is really used to them but theres a down side.. you can only eat and drink certain stuff!
and they can irritate your mouth some times

Im Getting braces on Feb. 7th! So Im Not Too Sure On The Whole Hurting Thing. My friends tell me that the spacers are the worst part of the whole thing! Also your orthodintist Should give you Do Not Eat list.

Yes, they can hurt or be uncomfortable, especially when you first get them and when they tighten them, but it is worth it when they come off. You look sooo good.

the first oh what idk 4-5 days they are very tender, so eat like noodles and pasta and bread etc. and then they wont hurt AS bad so you ccan start eating harder foods after that. and same as when you get them tightened they will be tender[2ish days] i got mine tightened yesterday so yea... anyways for colors get w/e you feel [ i have black and pink].

Michael XD
when they tighten up your braces it causes ur teeth to slowly reposition, so yes, its going to be a little sore.

You can eat anything you "can" eat, lol. Sometimes you may feel like a chip is to hard to eat and other times you'll be fine to eat anything.

its all part of the process, your teeth will be perfect.

some times like my friend has them she says they don't hurt

braces, don't hurt, unless they tighten it, really it's just a uncomfortable feeling, i don't want to scare you with details but don't worry for the past 1-2 weeks you're mouth will feel weird and probably some midnight teeth grinding but you'll get use to it, and also be cautious that your lips/gums will get cut by the braces, so just be prepared.

michelle o

kaitlin.< 3
Well, I have braces. When you first get them on, It feels weird since your body isn't used to it. I suggest after you get them on to eat like applesauce or any other soft foods, your teeth will hurt a lot if you try to eat harder foods. I don't suggest any colors since no ones really going to be looking at your teeth all that much. There is also pain when you get your braces tightened.

They hurt a bit the first week but for me the pain wasn't really severe it was just sort of uncomfortable. If you want to get maroon and black get them but black can sometimes make your teeth look yellow so...Ask the dentist if they can give you some orthadontic wax to put on your teeth so the braces don't rub against your gums.

they hurt like they are sore and they give you olsers but u get used to them and the olsers go away... have fun!

no you dont normally want black or yellow because of the way they look id go with white or silver or pink or blue if your a girl. Sometimes its a dull pain i took IB profin when it hurt but they also give you wax to put on them if it starts to cut your mouth

relax they only hurt for like the first few days you can eat anything execpt that would stick inside your braces

Mine did. The worst pain I'd ever experienced up to that point (13). Only soup for 3 days, and everytime he tightened them, another 3 days, for 3 years. I think nowadays they have it down to a science to there isn't so much pain, but don't quote me.

not so much(i have them) but in the beginning they bother you cheeks but when your more used to them you wont even remember you have them you can eat almoast antthing and they say " dont eat sticky/chewy food" you probobly will try not to (but eventually you will im chewing gum as we speak

Hemisha P
Do braces hurt?
They'll be pretty sore after they're on for 4 days to one week, they might also feel tough on your teeth when they're put on

What to eat?
Stick with soft foods, such as rice or even ice-cream - don't bother eating ANYTHING sticky they'll definitely get stuck in the braces!

Its best not to choose any color since the color wears off as you eat food, though you still can choose any color you want. I'd advise clear or metal ones, black is horrible! The color comes out when you eat!

Erin K
they are not bad. sometimes i got rips in my mouth but they give this really nice gell stuff for that. it hurts like the second night just while they pull the most but after that it is just normal. And its all worth it!!!!!!!!! the feeling after i got them off is what i live for haha! its great and if not for striat beautifel teeth do it for the feeling after word! haha

graceful thinker
yea i have braces. when they put them on it doesn't hurt at all. make sure you put on Chapstick beacuse they strecth your cheek to get to the back it really doesnt hurt at all. but after the put it on it depends on the arrangment of the teeth. mine did hurt. make sure you only eat soft food. and not hard after a week.take some Tylenol or Advil to ease up the pain...

Haley L
no there not that bad after a ehile u dont even notice them but it hurts kinda when u get them tihgtend

They do feel a bit tight to start with and sometimes, the wire at the end of the brace can cut into your inner cheek. However, they are easy to adapt to and soon you'll forget you're wearing them. The only thing you really won't be able to eat is anything hard and chewy like toffee. Even with braces, I managed to eat practically everything, including chewing gum.

They take a little time to get used to. After all, it is a foreign object in your mouth.

They hurt for the first week and then they won't bother you anymore. For the first week, you'll have to stick to only softer foods.

Your mouth is sore and tight, you cant chew anything for days.
You wish you never messed up your teeth.
They'll say you'll only have it for 18 motnhs. Ends up being 3 years

Nd its not worth all the pain
I'd rather go with messed up teeth

Loh L
only when you get new bands for the first 4 months or so...my dentist told me what to do if they hurt...(take some Tylenol)...and if they're hurting my cheeks like cutting (orthodontist wax...)

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