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Sarah Bouve
Do I need braces?
I absolutely HATE my horrible, ugly smile. It significantly lowers my self-esteem, but the dentist has never suggested braces, therefore my parents refuse to consider it. Our insurance doesn't cover braces, and my mom and dad tell me that my teeth look great. But I just want straight teeth. I'd be willing to pay partially for braces or Invisalign. Is there any more affordable way to have my "fangs" fixed? How do my teeth look to you?
Additional Details
I've had my teeth filed down once before, including those "fangs" (haha)... What I don't like is how there are obvious spaces when my teeth aren't together... if that makes any sense?

take it from me, i had braces for 2 years. it looks like to me that it would be best if u did get braces :) ur teeth are pretty and kinda straight but getting braces will help out ur smile alot and as u get older u will benefit from having gotten braces :)

beauty in the breakdown
i'd kill to have teeth like yours.
mine are way worst so you should feel lucky.
i can't afford braces either.

Jerry O
I think your teeth are fine but if you want straight teeth braces are basically the only thing you can do I think. I have braces and they really help. You should probably ask the dentist if it wud be possible to get braces and if it would help you.

^_^k a i t l y n^_^
There is nothing wrong with your smile. But if your not satisfied, I would recommend invisalign.♥

Jason H
Braces would work but go to your dentist. They are not bad at all and the dentist can probably fix them without braces.

You really don't even need them. Very white though and pretty smile. =D

I think your teeth look great. some people who have had braces probably have worse teeth than you.

sportz gal
you call that bad..?
then your calling my teeth horrible LOL.!
your teeth are like really good, and you have a wonderful smile =] xo.

k tricky♥
I dont think you are anywhere near needing braces. o.o
I actually think you have a pretty nice smile, especially when you can see your whole face in the last one. =]

And Invisilign is like $5,000 I believe. I don't think you need to pay that kind of money for your teeth at all. Beause your teeth may not be completely straight, but by no means do they look very crooked.

ANd you said "your fangs"
I believe that you can get your teeth filed, but i think that could make your teeth sensitive?
Ask your dentist. Maybe insurance even covers it.

Crimson pearl
you first gave a picture of your teeth only, then you brought your whole face, and you know what i thought: at first i thought well her teeth are not so bad but not perfect and then i saw you face, and i gotta tell there is something u should know, having what u want is not the answer, satisfaction never comes trust me, so what do u think will happen when u get your braces, it'll hurt at first, and it might change a lot in how u eat and makes you worry, not to mention that you'll be spending a lot of money, on what, for what, you'll take 'em off at the end and you'll realize that it doesn't matter, that you don't care, that there's no difference. we worry so much about how we look, your face is beautiful, and after all the smile comes from the heart it doesn't matter how straight your teeth are!

soggy waffles!!!
you have a pretty smile!!!
except for a little bit of an overbite, your smile is perfect!

I personally don't think that you will need braces, but if you think that you want to improve your smile you should see an orthodontist. I don't see anything wrong, but if your orthodontist sees something then your probaly will only need them for like 6 months to 1 year at the most.

OK Sweetheart! After Carefully looking at your pictures, I must tell you what you have already heard a million times=
They are beautiful!! My name is Angela and I am an Intern Dentist. There is nothing wrong with your teeth. Braces, for people who do NOT need them can do them more wrong than good. This is more of a "cosmetic" interest than a "recommended" procedure, which is why your dentist has not "suggested" braces. You must know this- Like I have said to many of my patients before-" if someone cannot see you past your teeth, than you are better off without out them. If someone sees you for your soul, and who you really are, than this is the person you deserve. Wake up darling- you have a lovely smile, and what looks to me like very healthy teeth, which is more important! Your confidence can only be brought up by you, and not "braces"/ However, if you do decide to go "cosmetic" Please do it for the right reasons, and not for the opinions of others. But guaranteed- the cosmetic dentist will tell you that you are out of your mind!!!
You are beautiful, with a lovely smile.........

Michael D

Your teeth look fine and there is no problem with your bite. If you got braces you probably would not have them for that long. If it lowers your confidence though maybe you should get them if you think it will make you feel better.

you have a pretty smile, but if having braces will make you more confident then go for it!

Ya get me?
I think your teeth look healthy and nice as they are. You are a cute girl. It is true braces would straighten them up, but I don't think it completely necessary. I just got out of my second round of braces......I'm not sure people even noticed I got them off. I think I look much better, but truthfully everyone is their own worst critic. I was probably much harder on myself than anyone else.

ask yr doctor well dentist

Your teeth are just fine! and your smile is adorable. I'm sorry babygirl but I have to go with your parents on this one. You don't need braces.

Wow......i wish i had your teeth.....no you dont need braces. those are actually the nicest teeth i have seen for someone who hasnt had braces.

You look like a freakin' Crest commercial - your teeth are fine.

If it's the 'fang' look that you have on your canines, your dentist can just file the point off of those - it doesn't even require a shot most of the time.

R u nuts. u have such a cute smile... and lovely clean bright sparkling white teeth. I am not just saying it, I am a dental assistant and I am telling u, u have really beautiful set of teeth!!

They look fine. You don't need braces.

They are really not that bad you have a nice set of white teeth and you don't want braces they can be more painful and embarassing than what you have now.

No they look really good, your crazy, lol

wow, sorry, but I can't see how you need them! You've got perfect teeth! They're even white! I'm actually jealous...

Are your teeth perfectly, movie star straight? No.

Are they un-attractive, horrible, fang-like, or noticeably mis-aligned? No.

Do you need braces? No.

wolfie j
you have a beautiful smile so quit whining

Fuzzy Wuzzy
You have a nice American mouth. Stop fishing for compliments it is not very becoming

But please put some tips to how to get such white teeth
Now thoes are something to worry about

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