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Can you actually die from tooth absess?
My friend said u could die if your tooth abcess leaks out poison. Is this true? I think I have a tooth abcess, so could i drop at any moment or is there a warning sign or something?

[email protected]
no, thats crazy!!...... im hungry

Yep, you can. You can get a generalized infection called septicemia. Or, the abcess can move to your brain and cause meningitis.

I don't think poison comes out. Then you would die about a week after your tooth started coming in! I think blood will come out but thats about it. So no you can't die from that.

yeh go the docs thats why it is so important. It gets infected really quickly.

Floyd S
The ugly fact is...YES...you can die from an abscessed tooth as well as other issues involving the need for invasive procedures in the mouth. Abscesses, and many other issues, have infection (poison if you will), as a part of their existence. When a procedure is performed to deal with such issues, blood vessels are severed and bleeding occurs. The bleeding allows the infection to invade the blood stream, and that's where the danger lies. "If"...you are a person with a known or unknown heart condition as an example, that infection poison heads straight for the weakest part of your body, if that happens to be your heart, you face possible life threatening results. There are a lot of graves in many cemetery's because of this, especially prior to the medical and dental professions learning of the danger in such dental procedures. Now however, it's standard practice to put a patient on preventative antibiotics prior to any invasive dental procedure.....I doubt very much you will just up and drop over, but the longer you wait to have the situation dealt with, the more damage you do to your body and some of that damage can be permanent. See a dental professional ASAP.

*Amanda Leigh*
yes you can die. you need to go to the dentist or doctor as soon as possible. the infection is poison. watch for signs like high fever, and when the pain feels like it is shooting through your head and body. go to the doctor. as soon as possible. my boyfriends close friend died because of this. feel better.

Edward Sutton
an abscess is an infection. the infection can spread to your ears, eyes, brain , blood which can lead to sickness and yes death.

*Starlight Magnolia*
To be truthful, Yes !!

if it gets infected

Magdeline C
I had a tooth abcess while i was pregnant for more than a week and didnt know it until I saw my dentist. I was put on antibiotics. I was never told that i could die if I didnt take care of it. I do know is that the pain was one of the worst pain I ever felt besides labor. Your pain will get worst and nothing will help unless you see a dentist.

maybe if the infection spread to your brain..but even if you don't die it will feel like your going to...go to the dentist

Since an abscess is a localized infection, there is a chance that if you don't get it taken care of, that it could make you pretty sick, but thats if the infection spreads into your blood system.
Get to the dentist, they can take care of it for you. My sister had one on the roof of her mouth once. The dentist know what they are doing.

Well, technically you probably could...if you didn't seek medical attention and the infection spread and made you sicker and you didn't seek medical attention...

You'd get so very ill that it is unlikely you wouldn't go to the doctor that this is almost impossible.

yes you can, it is a bacteria infection and if not treated it is poisoners

yes...but from an infection ... that happened to a little boy in philly...his mother never took him to the dentist...and he had a really bad one...then he got an infection....and died

Yes you can get Septicaemia something like 40% of cases are fatal.


the abcess is an infection, and if it gets bad enough, that infection can become systemic (which means it enters the blood stream and infects all other body systems!)

Lil Devin's Mommy
Yes, you can die from it.

A blank!
Yeap infection in your head enters your blood poisoning your entire body and you can die,

antibiotics need to be taken and the a surgery on the tooth.

Angie T
Yes - it's an infection and left untreated could kill you - after making you very sick.

Any infection you let go too long can turn into septicemia -- a blood infection -- which is deadly

so my advice see your dentist before t gets out of hand.

Alexis .
if it's infected it could go to your bloodstream

fortune cookie
Yes, the bacteria can get to your brain and kill you. Get to a dentist. STAT!

I wouldn't worry about the death part, because its probably pretty rare, but I would get it checked asap because the pain can go from - to 60 in no time at all and you will wish you were dead. Check it out now while it is still tolerable.

yes, you can die. You should seek medical help, get the tooth pulled and go on antibiotics.

An abcess IS an infection. If you go too long without medical attention it IS feasible that the infection could enter your blood stream which would cause you to become septic (sepsis= blood infection) and you will die.

Any infection you let go too long can turn into septicemia -- a blood infection -- which is deadly.

Could you die at any moment? Sure.. We all could. If you do, I doubt it'll be from your abcessed tooth, however.

Do get it looked at, though. You don't want to become septic.

YES, it's nothing to mess around with

I had one on a broken tooth and the infection spread and before they could pull the tooth, I had to go to the ER for an IV antibiotic (per the dentist as they said my throat could close up).
I work in a hospital and a young guy came in with an absess and he did die - the infection spread to his brain. YES, it can be very very serious.

Michael G

It's called bacterial sepsis. That tooth abscess you have is actually a little balloon of bacteria, all growing and feasting on your connective tissue and even your jaw bone. If that balloon bursts and those bacteria seep into other tissues or your blood, you could end up with blood poisoning or at least a severe sickness. It could even leek into your mouth, whereby if you swallow it, the bacteria could begin to divide and multiply in your gut.

I had a tooth abscess from nowhere a few years ago that developed very quickly over the course of two or three days. In that time, the bacteria did so much damage to the underlying bone and tissue, they had to inject a concentrated Calcium solution to repair the damage, as well as a hefty dose of antibiotics. The doctor who performed the operation actually gave a lecture on technique later that month.

You should get it looked at ASAP!

you can if you let it go too long its an infection....but before you die you get really sick ...you will start running a fever eventually

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