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Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache? Ouch!?

Just get a strong pain killer from your chemist - creams and gels don't work when it comes to toothache.

dab it with whisky works a treat every time

bob r

oil of cloves .or if you can take medicines then you take brufen (as long as you dont have asthma)its analgesia plus antiinflammatory and works a treat

Strong piece of string tied to the offending tooth & to a door handle, then slam the door!!!

Dr. H
Clove oil or anbesol will work temporarily for toothache but you should see a dentist so that they can treat the cause. Good luck.

Mary M
I understand Clove oil is supposed to be a good pain Reliever for toothache. Any form of painkiller is really only intended to be a temporary solution though as this could mask some other problem. So consult the dentist A.S.A.P. The toothache is a warning, and the cause should be treated before the problem gets to far out of hand.

The best and most natural relief is to have a dentist fix it. Bu in the mean time, you could try what others are saying about Clove oil, or some say baking soda.

I pesonaly found ibuprofin to work best (especially if taken with caffeine).

clove oil, though it taste really really bad

Clove oil, or get the dentist to pull it.

If you can't get Clove oil put an Aspirin on your gum by the hurting
tooth it really helps !

rub the palm of your hand in a circular motion

My husband swears by Clove oil. I cant stand the stuff Id take the pain killers anyday

Clove oil is good, but my gran used to give me actual cloves wrapped in tissue. Leave between tooth and gum and let it seepe in natutally.

Salt water. rinse your mouth out with it every two hours.

Sexy Red
Go pop a pill thats the only way you will get rid off pain co-proximal are strong amd ibufen

Immediate pain relief would come from something like 500ml of Paracetamol 2 x 4 times a day, the other thing I have used is Clove Oil. Then get yourself of to the dentist.

punch f**k out of it then get pissed quickly i.e doun a half btl of voodoo in 30mins.repeat for 2 days mabye three and the nerve that gave u the ache will b dead so no more toothache in that tooth

pull the darn thing it will never give you a problem again

Not called Katie
Oil of Cloves.

I just heard on television yesterday how helpful rubbing Clove oil on your sore tooth is.
I just looked it up, and found this:

Toothache can be a sign of tooth decay. Only a Dental doctor can find the real cause of the pain. But let's try out some ways at home to control the pain.

Gargle with warm water or warm water mixed with salt, each time after food or after brushing every night.

Apply a little alcohol or Clove oil or nutmeg oil to the effected tooth or area.

When there is pain, take a piece of ice and press it against the skin between your thumb and forefinger.

If you have severe pain, keep a piece of ice inside the mouth between the tooth and the cheeks for 15 minutes. Repeat four times a day.

Have lots of milk and leafy vegetables and Calcium. Avoid sweet, sour and cold things which causes tooth decay.

When you have pain , never apply heat on your cheeks. If you are having an infection of the tooth applying heat will aggravate it.

Toothache is usually a sign of decay, and even if you found something natural to suppress the discomfort, the decay would still be there, and getting worse. You need to see a dentist.

Allen C
My grandmother always put black pepper on a piece of cotton and put it on the tooth.it worked for me.

Place a tea bag on affected area and leave in. The tea bag will draw the infection to the surface and you can take a needle and "poke" the site to drain it. Afterwards gargle woth a mixture of peroxide and water.

terry m
I suffered terribly with bad teeth, Calcium deficiency, teeth pressing forward breaking, extractions ect,so with that in mind
when we hurt ourselves the first thing we do is to touch or rub the area that we think is damaged,bare with me you will see it's worth it !!.I studied SHIATSU or finger pressure it can be applied
in a massage or by simply touching using fingers or hands. OK
now to your tooth ache, when you cut your finger your bodies natural reaction is to send white cells to repair the damage,the pressure of this is why we bleed.With tooth ache the same thing but the cells have nowhere to go, hence the throbbing you are feeling now,put your finger where the throbbing sensation is, you will feel it like a pulse. If the ache is on your lower jaw the throbbing is coming from the veins running under your jaw, a finger length from your chin back,press and the pain will go,if on top jaw just in front of your ear, this is only temporary relief you must get to a dentist,be-ware although shiatsu is good at releiving pain please read up on it.

you have a cavity. go to the dentist before they have to do a root canal or pull it.

clove oil. smells but does the job

Go to the dentist and get some treatment as you could have a tooth disorder.i lost all my top teeth with not going to the dentist and i now regret not going and i have had to learn the hard way and i am in my 50

clove oil - sounds disgusting but if you put a few drops on to the tooth it should heal the pain

You could dab alcohol onto the affected area this would help clean it and may numb the pain, the best thing to do is gargle with a good Mouthwash from your local pharmacy or bondjela and other liquids you dab on. I swear by it... the only cost a few pond and work
why the natural way?

clove oil - available from pharmacies tastes minging but does the job

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