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ndr rox
Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?
i get braces in 3 weeks and im a little nervous. HELP!

Lauren S
dont worry!! they are only sore for 2 or 3 days. you will be OKAY! my brother skiped school for the top braces and went to shcool the day after he got the bottom. besides,youll get to pick any color.

Amy H
You'll be fine. It's not that bad.

I have them, so I know, and I was not as sore as I thought that I would be. Yes, it hurt, but it wasn't going to keep me home from what I was doing that day. Besides what can you do at home, that you can't do at school to help your teeth? I can promise that braces will hurt, but it's not a good enough excuse not to go to school. You will be very capable of going to school, with the braces on, and I promise people will actually be like, "Wow, she has braces!" It's funny that people notice and get a little excited about it, but for some reason people notice, and they tell you how exciting that it is, because the result of braces is so worth it, and I know that that is how people reacted towards me, when I went to work, everyone came up and was saying things like, "Wow, you have braces! How cool, you will be so excited when you start to notice how pretty your teeth are going to look!" So seriously it's true, and you are going to like having the braces! Weird I know, but seriously! Things will look great! Just be happy, and don't worry about how they hurt, they aren't that bad! Smile big! (:

When you first get them, there will be alot of pressure on your teeth
I went to school the same day I got them and my teeth hurt a bit and I ate SOUP at lunch. And your lip will hurt a little for the first day or 2 cause it's not used to the metal pushing against it. BUT on the pkus side, your teeth get ALOT whiter when you have braces, people ask me if I got them whittend but its natural! It's crazy cause there pitch white.

Sara B
they do hurt but only for about a day or two. when you first eat you won't be able to chew. What i did was just eat reallysoft foods, like puddings, bananas, jellos, cake, sandwhichs, and anything else. Or you can try cutting up youfood in small peices and eat it that way! Hope this helps!!!

Thirty Seven
They hurt, but you can go to school.

Well Kind Of For Da First Few Day'z N Yes GO 2 SCHOOL!!! Who Care'z Wht They Say It'z Ur Life Live It Freely!!!


Jessica B
yh they hurt a bit bu i had to go to school an hour after i got them it was quite funny because i couldnt talk to the teachers

they might hurt a bit but not enough to put u in real pain an dit goes away eventually

yeh theres nothing stopping u from going to school and everyone will want to see them

eating and talking will be a little different but ull get used to it quick

braces only hurt for a little bit. U can go 2 school,I went right from getting them on to school. U may just not ba able to eat.

oh bby.â„¢
they hurt just not that badddd.
you will need pills if you can handle pain.

They will hurt for only a couiple of days! and yes you can go to shool the next day! I know some people who have gone the day they got it if there was still like a couple hours left of school!

Cat Loves LIN 300!
They hurt at first and they're uncomfortable when they get tightened, but it's not bad enough to keep you out of school. Just take a Tylenol before you go in to get them put on. You'll be fine, though.

Mo R
your teeth will be a little sore because they will be tight and moving, but yes there is no reason you should miss school and it doesnt hurt very bad... don't be nervous at all... if your teeth are sore the next day take a couple Advil and go about your day.

Kelsey T
i got mine a little while ago. about 5 weeks.

they told me i COULD go to school.

i didn't, and i sure am glad!
they are painful the first week or so.

take Aspirin every time you can(dont overdose.haha jk)

its ok. you dont even feel them.
make sure you get wax for your braces ok?
they sometimes rub the inside of your mouth its good to have those things.

shorty luvs b
Im getting mine off in 3 weeks! WOW! this is fun...braces are a new experience and totally unnoticalble after a while. as for the going to school thing, i went to school the day i got mine on. brave it up, youll be fine. for like a week it will be sore but it will wear off TRUST ME! and you can chew gum and stuff just no caramel. thats about it! good luck!!!!! ; D

They certainly will hurt for a while, maybe up to a week. After this they become only an annoyance, depending on your view on them. you can go to school the day after you get them, I don't see any reasons why you couldn't. Don't be nervous though. Its not as bad as they all make it sound. Try 2 think about how your teeth will look after they're off, and the time will fly by fast.

â™ Alex Evansâ™ 
My braces did not hurt when they PUT THEM ON.
but your teeth will be sore after an hour or two.

don't worry. braces make girls look cute :)
and you don't even feel them after awhile.

Plus, i have a pallete expander, which looks like this on the top of your mouth:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/594138025/

i barely even notice that anymore!
don't worry! it will be FINE.
and you can go to school after you get them :)
mine come off next May

you'll be very fine and yeah you can go to school

no they do not hurt at all..one thing though after u get them you will not like the way they look..when i first got them i wanted to cry cuz it looked so horrible but then after a few days of getting used to them they didn't look so bad..u will be able to go to school the next day..dont drink soda because soda causes the braces to get loose and your gona have to go back to the dentist to re-glue the bracket.

I wish I didn't have to, mine hurt really bad. Not to scare you, its not to bad after the first day. Just stock up on soft food like yogurt and see if you can talk to your parents about taking a day off if its bad. I didn't and was miserable ALLLLLL day.

Young Keyshia
yes for a while, but you'll get use to them after a couple of dayz. you can go to school the next day if your teeth doesn't effect your school work.

Jacki O
eat lots and lots and lots of ice cream for the first 3 days cuz you WILL be feeling pain! but yeah you can go to school.

A P 3 K S H A
im gettign braces in may16 (8 days later)
gues what i heard they hurt for 2-3days
im nervous myself
but alteast i can act like i got grillz on
silver and gold is mah colors

i don't have braces, but my friends didn't complain much. and i'm pretty sure you can go to school the day after you got them, my friend lisa did.

Taylor D
they only hurt the day after u get them but u still go to school

u can go 2 school, ive had em 2x there on rite now. the 1st nite i woke up crying, but that wz cause my teeth were TERRIBLE, so it depends on how bad ur teeth r! TAKE Advil!

they hurt like the first 2 days. yes u can go to school. i will hurt to eat but u can still talk. after a week it will seem like they where always there

-Miss Blake-
they hurt like hell, but honey, they are WORTH IT! you'll be fine the day after you get them. Just take some tylonal before you get the braces and then follow the directions on how often to take them for the next 3 days, cuz they will hurt while to shift your teeth into place. Also do that after you get major rubber band changes! but going to school the next day will be fine! plus you get to show off your sweet smile!

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